This is a massive subject.

I am providing information based what I am healing in the animals, and the fact my dog died one month after being vaccinated. This forced me to dig into what I thought I knew.  To begin questioning.

This is why I started digging into this area so extensively, to understand why we are doing what we are doing.  At the time I had no idea what was happening to the children around the world, but this is where my research led me because of the documentaries and the dramatic increase in the vaccination schedules which is just not logical.  The information below, is what I see.  This is bigger than just our animals, this is happening to all beings. This information was consolidated prior to 2016. What this section covers is the following:

“Anti-Vaccination” | The Propaganda Label

I wanted to cover this subject first, so the reader does not think this is what I am promoting. The phrase/words “Anti-Vaccination” is propaganda.

It is a label, to purposely ostracize those who do not follow.  This kind of “labelling” is actually marketing-bullying by the industry because they do not want anyone to question.  It is a known propaganda tool.  When you are trying to direct the masses and there is push back via questioning the “go-to” strategy is “Make them wrong” so they lose credibility.  This is a tactic designed to keep people “not thinking”, “not questioning”.  It is effective and also very dangerous.  Followers equals power and enormous revenue streams.

Questioning the SAFETY of vaccinations and whether they are truly doing what they supposed to do is very different than coming from a place of Anti-Vaccination.

Aren’t we all entitled to question? To have real, intelligent, science backed information provided to us? To have discussion about what we see and feel?  To be treated with respect, and dignity, but most of all to have our freedoms honoured?

The damage being done to the planet’s children and to our animals is irrefutable.  Autism is skyrocketing and is directly linked to vaccination.  Please keep an open mind and read on.

What is happening to our animals?
About the Vaccine Industry

Before reading on about the vaccines, one must understand the industry.  The industry is protected from liability.  No one can sue them.  They are not accountable to anyone.  This they have made sure of because years ago when they almost went bankrupt due to massive amounts of litigation due to damages reported from vaccines, all the vaccine manufacturers went to the US Congress and threatened to shut down their facilities.  Clever business people.  What they negotiated was “zero accountability” if they were to remain open “in case of an epidemic” (more fear generation).  [Regan, Nov 14, 1986]   So, what we have now are corporations producing lethal toxic substances, who have direct access to the market, and actually “market freely their dangerous products” without ANY fear of recourse.  And they are heavily invested in the CDC who establishes the vaccine schedule which all doctors refer to, check the boxes, and DO NOT QUESTION.

This translates into the following:

  1. There are no safety standards, as they are self-regulated.
  2. None of the vaccines have gone through rigorous testing to make sure they do what only what they say they are supposed to do
  3. Most have not gone through a placebo control group testing; study manipulated to make the vaccine look good
  4. There are no studies comparing the “vaccinated” to the “unvaccinated”. Pharma instead uses other more damaging drugs as their comparisons to make the vaccination in trial look good.  This is therefore not science.  This is science for profit
  5. All kinds of contaminants, heavy metals are used in the vaccines without any safety standards what so ever, including those designed to travel ACROSS the brain barrier (Autism!)
  6. Absolutely no testing has been done to see what happens inside an organic body when one is injected by several different viruses and bacteria at once
  7. Internal reports by manufacturers have surfaced proving that it is cheaper to take the risk of hurting a being than actually do the right thing no matter what the science says, this is cost vs benefit analysis. It is really like these people are not human?
  8. You can guarantee what is happening to your animal is worse than what is happening to all children in your country. As all of the above occur in pediatrics today, where do you think the importance of your animal’s life sits amongst all this in this industry chain?
  9. And now – the deadly concoctions, are sold to you under the guise of “we must protect your pet”.

Vaccines are all about money, there is no safety and no science behind them with respect to doing what they are supposed to be doing.  There may have been years ago, but even this is becoming debatable now because so much manipulation and cover up has been going on within the Big Pharma corporations and the government “protection” agencies.

To place a vaccine on the CDC schedule, Big Pharma is projected to make in ONE year, 30 Billion USD.


Documentaries | Andrew Wakefield

These are fabulous documentaries explaining the history of vaccination, and what has been happening since Big Pharma received “liability freedom” from their products.  This has allowed the tremendous lack of accountability in scientific research as the companies are left to self-monitor.  Yet profit is the driver, the big driver.  When the companies do a “risk-benefit” analysis, how many “hurt humans” do you think are risked for their benefit when there is no liability? How many injured can afford the legal fees for the taxpayer funded “Vaccine Court”?

“1986: The Act”
“Vaxxed | From Cover Up to Catastrophe”, & “Vaxxed II | The People’s Truth”

I invite people to take the time to watch these documentaries.  To fully understand what is happening to the planet’s kids and subsequently, to all our animals.  Every being is being damaged, with a lot of our kids dying.  “Unvaxxed” beings NEVER have ear infections, or need antibiotics EVER, for instance.  Please take the time, all our animals are being impacted by these procedures too.

The Corruption

The lack of accountability leads to corruption.  Everyone is paying everybody.  And this includes the organizations which were established under the guise of “protecting the public”, like the CDC and WHO.

Dr. Judy Mikovits explains how tainted blood supplies knowingly were used to distribute vaccinations which was linked to the AIDS epidemic. Please view this video.

The Link Between Human Retroviruses and Chronic Disease – Dr. Mercola Interviews Judy Mikovits


What is so hard to understand in all of this – is that these humans running these organizations, are doing these horrible things to humanity for money.  They all must have children and grandchildren of their own, AND Pets.  It is so hard to conceive that the mind wants to dismiss it.  But this cannot be dismissed any more.

We are wiping beings off the planet with our lack of questioning.  There is way too much information out there now.  And I see the damage in the pets all the time, so it is happening.

About Bill Gates and the World Health Organization:

VAERS |The Damage Paid Out in the USA

The CDC and FDA established VAERS, “The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System” so anyone may report adverse effects from vaccines. However, the process is not easy.  They have made sure of that.

In case of damage, every vaccine, this means each virus, and each bacteria, injected into a being, $0.75 is charged to the consumer and these funds are placed aside into the “Vaccine Injury Compensation Program”, the VICP.

This fund to date has paid out over 4.2 billion USD for vaccine damage.

Now, the question becomes, is this happening for animals too?  I would think not, because it would take a lot of effort and documentation to go to court for your animal.  But this shows that the responsibility for damage has been shifted from the pharmaceutical industry to the consumer.

It goes back to the risk-benefit analysis.  Does it cost more money to make a product that is safe? or is cheaper to just let the damage happen and payout.  But in this instance, the payout is not even coming out of industry’s pockets, the consumer is paying out on industry’s behalf. This is completely unethical, undemocractic, and irresponsible business practise to put it mildly.

The “Vaccine Court”

This is truly unbelievable.  Because here is so much damage, a court was established which is funded by the US taxpayer.  So, the US taxpayer pays for all Big Pharma’s damages.  I am not sure how it works in Canada.  One might wish to read the book, “The Vaccine Court 2.0”, written by Wayne Rhode who delves into the workings of this institution.

The “Vaccine Damage” Codes

Every time a patient sees a doctor he must assign a reason, a code, to the visit.  This is how they get paid.  These reason codes sit in a registry called The Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems.  This list is established by the World Health Organization.

In the USA, you can find the codes here: In the province of British Columbia, Canada, you can find the codes here:

Looking up vaccine damage in the list of codes in the British Columbia Registry, they can be found under Section 960-979.9 POISONING BY DRUGS, MEDICAMENTS AND BIOLOGICAL SUBTANCES:

The above is for humans.  And look at the damage.  Can you imagine what is happening to animals?  Our animals? Our family?  The damage to animals is not even tracked, no codes, nothing established by the veterinary industry.  Why?  Well, they are making a tonne of money from all this, why do they care about damage? 

Our pets are a part of a $9 Billion projected industry revenue stream by 2025.
Please question, protect your pet, by allowing their natural immunity to thrive, not be destroyed.
Current Protocols | The Vaccine Drive

This is a MASSIVE topic, so I will try to be very concise. Then the rest is up to you. The immediate focus is on the canine as an example of what is happening to all animals.

The body, of course, needs to be vaccinated. Or does it? Perhaps your puppy was born with antibodies? Has anyone checked? As there is no money to be made from this, I imagine no one has. But before humans got involved, were the animals being born with the antibodies? Nature’s pups in the wild are—so what makes our animals so different? The answer is they are not.

Our animal’s systems are born with divine intelligence. Their bodies are designed to look after themselves by developing immunity naturally. Yes, naturally. Like yours!

A vaccination is an assault on the body.
“Anytime you inject anything into a patient you have the potential of killing them,” reports Dr. Patricia Jordan, DVM

Focusing on a newly born, when the little body is injected, all the body’s resources will go to fight this virus and / or bacteria, so it is a BIG, BIG deal. When you have a little being growing, all the body’s resources should be going to growing!!

Yet when these viruses and bacteria flood into this little being’s system all at once, where do you think all the body’s resources go? Not to developing a strong healthy system, but to combatting and surviving potentially five+ deadly viruses / bacteria at once! This is why the body begins to break down—the vaccines attack a once healthy growing system and send it into chaos.

And the viruses and bacteria will produce symptoms of the specific disease in the body either acutely or chronically for years to come shortening the animal’s life span and damaging its quality of life.
So much damage is done. This assault would never happen in nature. What we are doing is damaging the species and the DNA of the being(s) we so love.

Health should be about building and maintaining a strong natural body. The standard vet protocol, however, continues to administer vaccines regularly throughout your pet’s life, if you agree to it.

Dr. Deva Khalsa, a veterinarian for more than 40 years, who has many YouTube videos on line regarding this subject, explains in this one, “Are vaccines dangerous for your dog?”, how dangerous the vaccines are:

Dr.Khalsa | Are Vaccines Dangerous for Your Dogs?
It is also very important to understand – veterinarians have no education or training in vaccinations or immunology. Yet this is their largest revenue stream.
Informed Consent
May you please list the ingredients in this product which you are proposing for my animal?
I would like to know – every ingredient, what it does to the body, and the amount of it in this product.
I would like to know what harm it can cause my animal, and if, this practise is responsible for all costs if this animal is hurt by this product? As I know the vaccine industry is legally not liable.
So, I ask again, can this practise be held accountable for any / all vaccine damage?

Actually, getting them to sign a document attesting to this would be brilliant.  If they cannot do this, then DO NOT PUT ANYTHING IN YOUR ANIMAL.  Walk away and do your homework or better yet, ask them to do theirs and come back to you.  They should know all this stuff, but I am pretty sure they do not.  Perhaps they ASSUME it is safe, because the PHARMA REP has told them so, or they do not really care.  This is ALL sales, this is again ALL REVENUE GENERATION, this is not safety, this is not protecting your animal, and this is NOT “do no harm” being practised.

These steps are CRUCIAL to your animal’s survival, their longevity, their health.

Apart from the deadly viruses and bacteria – all the other ingredients, called ADJUVENTS, are literally contributing to their early deaths.  It is interesting. A lot of my clients trust vets so much that they do not understand or even question what is actually in each vaccine going into the body. They often can’t explain why toxic vaccines and /or drugs/chemicals on their invoices went into their animal at all. Again, this is not vet’s doing no harm, as all clients should be informed and consulted before anything goes into their animal. This is a vet’s obligation.  We must advocate for our animal and not be so trusting. Most of what I see on my clients’ vet bills is not necessary, has no healing effect, and yet is very toxic. Actually, I can usually map the animal’s system collapsing based on vet records. To provide more insight and perspective:

Former Pro-Vax Pediatric Nurse Speaks Out About Her Kids

Is this happening to your pet?

Study Comparing Vaccinated and Non-Vaccinated Children

Relative Incidence of Office Visits and Cumulative Rates of Billed Diagnoses Along the Axis of Vaccination

Dr. Paul Thomas, a pediatrician in Oregon, has had his license suspended as a result of this study

What is happening to the planet’s children is also happening to all animal life. It is all connected.

The Vaccines for Our Dogs

The vaccines are broken down into CORE and NON-CORE. Did you know this? Have you been informed? The core vaccines are virus based, with the exception of parainfluenza. The non-core vaccines are bacteria based.

It is important to note: the non-core shots are causing just as much damage to our animals as the core and are not effective. And more importantly are NOT NEEDED.

I would suggest people read up on articles written by well-informed vets and others who have been advocates for our animals’ health for 30+ years now via Dogs Naturally magazine. I would also read/own “How to Immunize Your Dog from Vaccines” by Aleksandra Mikic, DHHP, DVHH, D.Ph. and Don Hamilton’s fabulous book, “Homeopathic Care for Cats and Dogs”. These sources explain how vaccines work, how to vaccinate naturally without the harmful effects of pharma and how we are contributing to the illness of our animals and the whole species. More resources are suggested at the bottom of this section.

T H E  C O M B O’ S

Combo packages are where the vets put all four or more viruses into your beautiful being’s body at once. They could be called DAP, DAPP, DHPP, DHLPP, DHLPPC, DA2LPPC, 5-Way, 6-Way, 7-Way etc. This is very important to understand:

No combo vaccine should EVER go into any being’s body. This did not used to happen. There is no science behind this. The ONLY reason these are packaged this way is for MONEY and CONVENIENCE. Please stop COMBO’s going into your pet! The DAMAGE being done to the body is massive.
The Core Vaccines

All “vaccine-virus” symptoms of the disease will show up in the body either immediately, acutely or chronically. I have listed below each. My source for most of this information – virus specific with the symptoms listed is from “How to Immunize Your Dog from Vaccines” by Aleksandra Mikic, DHHP, DVHH, D.Ph.

T H E   V I R U S E S
2021 August | Virology

I am digging really deep on this subject currently, the truth about viruses.  It is reported by doctors that no virus can be isolated.  That it is a natural body process called an exosome that cannot live outside the body, as it has no nucleus, A virus is part of our own natural immune defense system which helps get rid of toxins. This is why it is found in our mucous.  It is dead and helps clean our body.  Without viruses we would die.

Of course, this is shocking.  If this is true, this means everything regarding vaccination is fraudulent.  This is backed here.  Another extraordinary bit of information is that contagion has never been scientifically proven.  What we think is “contagion” is actually the poisoning of the body.  The same response is therefore, exhibited by all organic beings.  There is not one clinical study that can prove transfer from one “infected” being to another.  What we are really witnessing is the uniform bodily response to the same toxin.  Our current toxic load in the body, depends on who shows the symptoms of cleaning simultaneously.  Thank you, mucous!  More to come on this.  Please be open minded and do your own research.  All of our animals are depending on us to do so.

D-Distemper Virus

It is the “D” in part of combo: DHPP/DAPP etc.

How to protect: Use homeoprophylaxis. This means expose the dog naturally to the virus so immunity is built through the proper channels in the body, versus a “shock” injection, which is full of harmful, deadly ingredients.  More information about this in the Resources section below on this page.

Who is at risk really? Puppies are known to have maternal antibodies passed down from the mum yet the distemper vaccine is still pushed. Apparently, what is going into the canine body is the measles virus under the name “distemper”. Can you imagine?

Behavioural symptoms of the virus – seen any change in your animal? Obsessive and destructive behaviours, disregard for pain and injury, fear or aggression without visible cause, sudden screaming, extremely sensitive to sensory stimulation, inability to bond with owners and other dogs.

Physical symptoms after shot: Young Pup: diarrhea, with blood potentially, loss of appetite Older animal: Comes in two waves: Wave one: Sick and fever for a few days Wave Two: Symptoms more severe, lethargy, fever, rash, bloody diarrhea, discharge from nose and eyes, conjunctivitis (redness and sensitivity to light, pneumonia, seizures, hardened and cracked foot pads and nose, mental confusion, twitching, encephalitis and the list goes on).

Moving forward: If your animal has received this vaccine, they are good for life. If your animal has any of these virus symptoms, you need to find a good homeopathic vet to clear the remnants from the vaccine and rebalance the body. Do not let your animal continue to live in this condition. Get proper homeopathic help. Applied Zoopharmacognosey will also do the trick.

P-Parvo Virus

It is the “P” in part of combo: DHPP/DAPP etc.

How to Protect: Nosodes.

Who is at risk really? Parvo attacks dogs under 8 months old. Puppies is the virus’ target. Dogs over 1 year easily survive the disease. Only older dogs are infected if they have compromised immune systems. Which most dogs may well have due to toxic food, chemicals and over vaccination.
Fecal tests show virus active 2 weeks after shot. So, we are effectively distributing the virus constantly all over the planet.

Physical Symptoms after shot? 1. Cardiomyopathy and 2. Intestinal form of parvo diarrhea known as Irritable Bowel Syndrome [IBD]. Both these conditions can show up years later.

Canines number one cause of death is Cardiomyopathy! See the connection? My Lab only vaccinated as a pup once, almost died of Cardiomyopathy at age 5!!!!! I see the connection now, I just could not explain it before because I thought I was looking after her so well. But here we have it – 5 years later – BOOM!

Rabies Virus

This is not part of the combo but I see it being given at the same time as the combo on vet records. THIS SHOULD NEVER EVER HAPPEN. This is a major virus and should be closely monitored when given, nothing else should be going into the body for the body to have to deal with much less 6 other deadly viruses and bacteria. This is not practicing do no harm. This is completely irresponsible healthcare. Again, driven by money.

This is legally required in some areas; some animals are dying within 24 hours from this vaccination. Surprisingly when I was looking up how damaging Bravecto was, I came across a veterinarian who explains how dogs in her clinic, in one day, continue to drop to the floor after giving them the Rabies Vx, yet she proceeds to give the shot regardless.

How to Protect: Nosodes

Who is at risk really? Transmitted through saliva via rhabdovirus. Neurological disease.

Physical Symptoms after shot? Muscle spasms, inability to swallow, gagging. seizures, loss of coordination, paralysis of limbs or death, mental confusion, tumors, wasting away, fever, difficulty breathing, hives, vomiting, diarrhea, internal bleeding, bleeding out all blood vessel including the eyes, degenerative myelopathy which is the deterioration of the spinal cord [showing up in all species around 10 yrs. of age]

Behavioural Symptoms after shot? Clinginess, staring, fierce aggression as attacks the nervous system, fascination with water, fear of light, increased sexual desire, increased sensitivity to sensory stimuli, fear, desire to eat wood, cloth, and other indigestible items, desire for solitude and desire to wander – always looking to escape from home

Aggression issues surface within 24 hours of vaccine resulting in euthanizing the once happy balanced being. All in the name of “pet healthcare”.  One article which has shocking information about the shot:

This shot is a BIG deal. And I believe ALL animals are showing symptoms after the Rabies shot and the majority of vets are not picking up on this, because why? They have NO TRAINING in vaccinology. And money! This is a major revenue stream.
Vital Animal Podcast
I invite the reader to listen to the Vital Animal Podcast by Will Falconer, DVM interviewing Dr. Richard Pitcairn, DVM. Both, originally conventional doctors who have been practising medicine for over 40 years, use homeopathy to protect/reset their patients. They talk about what they are seeing in the animals.

Why the One Year versus the Three Year?

The 1-year and the 3-year vaccine are basically the SAME PRODUCT. 1-year why? – makes more money!! Please read about how the “3-year” came to be below.

This is very important to understand. So, if you are legally bound to have the rabies vaccine, always choose the 3-year vaccine, and make sure this is in your records and definitely on your invoice as such. By the way, all states in the USA have 3 year minimum, it may be the county within the state which needs to change their laws. You, the pet caretaker MUST drive change locally. This is the only way this will change. Please watch this video below

It is important to know, no studies have been completed beyond the 3-year mark as studies ran out of money so no one knows literally how long the vaccine lasts. Hence, the “adopted” / “promoted” repetition.
There is no science behind all these repeated vaccination laws or vet schedules.
It is all financially driven purposely with a lot of fear.
Also, no rabies vaccination should be given with a combo or any other virus within a month span of each other.
Dr. John Robb on Protect the Pets Movement

I have listed a lot of fabulous resources for one to reference at the end of Vaccination section.  Please educate yourself well.  Your pet’s life and quality of life literally depends on it.  Dr. John Robb, DVM speaks out about how he is stepping out to Protect the Pets his industry is vaccinating.

The Non-Core Vaccines
A/A2/H – Adeno Virus, A2, Hepatitis

It is the “A”, “H” or “A2” in part of combo: DAPP or DHPP etc. They are the same thing. DAPP identifies the Hepatitis virus as the Adenovirus, whereas the DHPP combo identifies Hepatitis as Hepatitis. This is non-CORE yet it is treated as CORE by vetsAdenovirus Intranasal exists as well.

Why A2? The A1 version had too many “severe side effects”. This is hard to imagine when one sees the “side effects”, effects of A2.

How to Protect: Use Homeopathy. Completely curable through homeopathy, if ever contracted.

Who is at risk really? Contracted by foxes and dogs via urine. It is believed this virus does not exist anymore. Shedding of the virus can continue for months infecting other canines.

Physical symptoms after shot:
• mild: rise in temperature;
• severe: loss of appetite, increased thirst, swelling of tonsils, vomiting, pain and sensitivity of the liver and abdomen, conjunctivitis, blue eye, small hemorrhages, clotting difficulty, throat swollen and tender to name a few.

C-Corona Virus

How to protect: DO NOT GIVE THIS TO YOUR ANIMAL. This is a pharma creation. There is no “canine virus” in the vaccine – this is actually from a feline virus packaged for you to buy. It is dangerous and it is again, a man-made concoction.

Who is at risk really? This is a respiratory imbalance which is not vaccinatable. Good diet, homeopathy and Zoopharmacognosey will work. Stated on the resource link below – the AVMA states “canines will naturally develop the antibodies” What you are being sold in the “C” is literally “board room revenue generation”. This is not recommended by vet schools. It is called jokingly within the vet industry the “vaccine looking for the disease”. The shot is reported to be more dangerous to your animal’s health than what it is imagined to be protecting the animal from. Completely unethical and definitely not practising “do no harm”.

This was never licensed in Europe. This is like the flu – eat well, and get the body super healthy so it can naturally do the job it is intended to do. Use nature’s gifts to heal – allowing your animal to direct you. Do not buy into toxicity and place unwanted “creations” into your animal. You will be destroying their immune system.

And regard to the latest outbreak of COVID-19
And on this Mercola link below – a lot of the ingredients suggested are what is interestingly offered to the animals in our Zoopharmacognosey sessions:

THIS IS A HUGE RED LIGHT to all of us because THIS HAS BEEN ALLOWED through all the “protective” industry channels. And is coming via your vet without any real knowledge or understanding what so ever. Purely criminal. Watch out for more vaccines like this. Again, this all about revenue generation. Protect your Pet!

T H E   B A C T E R I A
None of these are needed and are doing immense harm to the body.

It is the “P” in part of combo: DAPP or DHPP etc. Should not be, as not CORE, and is not needed. It also does not do the job it is designed to do Again, this is all about money.

L-Leptospirosis (Lepto)

Separate vaccine referred to as Lepto on vet records. Over 200+ strains or serotypes. Vaccine only represents 1-2 strains and is geographic based; has a short duration of 1-3 months – absolutely useless!!! Yet very dangerous!

How to protect: This vaccine is redundant! The scare around leptospirosis is promoted by BIG PHARMA. Animals are dying from this vaccination. Feed a healthy, species appropriate fresh human grade food diet instead.

How transferred? Through rat urine

Symptoms of the bacteria? Acute: Fever, vomiting, oral ulcers, dark urine, diarrhea [dark and bloody stools] and lethargy. Stiffness and pain in the abdomen area with dry coat and potential coughing. Attacks the kidneys, damaging them! Some puppies die.

Danger: Vaccine responsible for 70% of anaphylactic reactions in canines and death due to kidney failure! (So much damage) Reference: ”When the Damage is Done ….” By Catherine O’Driscoll, Dogs Today, January 2009

Bordetella a.k.a. Kennel Cough

This is the flu. The body should be allowed and expected to deal with the flu, naturally. It is called kennel cough because dogs are placed in close quarters, are stressed, and get the flu!! Naturally!

Bordetella: Respiratory infection from virus or bacteria! Vaccine bacteria based only. This is not a vaccinatable imbalance.

How to protect: Fresh, alive food diet, no chemicals, support a strong body

What does the vaccine do? Induces the very thing it is supposed to be protecting the animal from. Completely ineffective, and borderline fraudulent. This is the flu and the body will kick it usually within a week. The cough sounds horrible but totally healable with homeopathy or Zoopharmacognosey.

It is labelled “kennel” because the animals are placed in close quarters in a highly stressful environment with other animals they would never normally choose to congregate with. They are away from home and usually the place smells of fear. So, they under a lot of stress. I have yet to visit a facility where I thought – wow – I would like to stay here.

Stress depletes the immune system and allows invaders to visit. So, they get a “cold” when they are kenneled. Because they are stressed. Sort of like us taking a long flight and the whole plane gets the “kennel flu”!

This does not mean you pound system with a highly toxic vaccine full of who knows what from where knows what? You take high doses Vitamin C and sleep!! This is how we should be supporting our canines too! Please see below.

So Dangerous: Vaccine responsible for whole host of problems including anaphylactic reaction and liver failure. Also, PROVEN – the more you vaccinate the more likely the animal will continue to contract the virus or bacteria. Stay away from the intranasal which gives respiratory disease and makes the dog highly contagious! Some vets have mistakenly given the intranasal as an injection – causing liver death, tissue failure etc. Can you imagine? Protect your pet!


Real-Life Experience: Bordetella, healed naturally without FEAR

My little lab pup came home from a walk in the forest coughing hard. I knew it was kennel cough, or Bordetella, which is dog flu. I had at this time become more educated, and did not vaccinate against this, nor was I worried about it. I believed her system should do its job.

To support her immune system, we gave her Sambucas, which is made from the elderberry fruit, heavy in Vitamin C, 5cc syringed directly into her mouth daily from my lovely homeopathic vet. When she coughed, I gave her manuka honey to lick off a teaspoon to soothe her wee throat. Manuka honey is full of goodness to support her immune system. My holistic vet also made a homeopathic immune supportive remedy, and she kicked the Bordetella in under one week. We also had a nine-year-old Golden Retriever at the time, who had never been vaccinated for this. She shared the same area and the same drinking bowl, even though I did try to separate the two, and she did not even show one symptom.

On the last night of the bacteria’s visit, my little pup had a massive healing crisis, where she belted out the bacteria via vomit and poop during the night. (The body cleanses itself, when we are resting during the nighttime hours.) The next morning, she was soooooo proud of herself and was back to normal. Her system had triumphed, it had done its intelligent job! Without any toxicity entering her body. However, my kitchen was another state of affairs.


And here we have MORE FEAR!!! Lyme disease is not contracted how you think—it’s about many viruses acting together. Vaccine ineffective. Fabulous article here:

If your animal’s titer tests positive for Lyme, then they have the antibodies. There is no conclusive evidence the vaccine is effective. Please reference here: “95% of exposed dogs don’t get sick, but they become Lyme antibody-positive on tests, which may scare people into thinking they need to be treated.”

The potential damage this vaccine is causing: fever, lethargy, loss of appetite, fainting, nausea, digestive issues, issues at injection site, swelling, hives and perhaps anaphylaxis shock = weakness, rapid heat beat and death.

The larger issue is we are pounding the body vaccine after vaccine consistently that we are weakening the system tremendously to the point of collapse. All driven by fear – no science what so ever. A one-off vaccine the body might be able to deal with – but this is not what is happening, it is vaccine, booster, vaccine, booster, every 6 months until the body dies of system collapse. We are literally killing our animals in the name of prevention. So many animals are dying young, this never used to be.

How to treat tick bites and what to do if Lyme contracted? Read here:

Canine Influenza

It’s the human flu shot. Wow! All about money again! This has nothing to do with health and does damage to your pet. Especially the adjuvants! Completely ineffective.

Please do not buy into this, your animal’s system is remarkable and is designed to handle all viruses and bacteria.  The more you put in the body, the more cripple nature’s defences.

and there are heap of resources at the bottom of this page from many independent sources regarding pet vaccinations and what they are actually doing to your pet

“ADJUVANTS” | The Carcinogenic Cocktail

This section is the most critical on this website.  Because what people do not understand is all the toxic garbage going into the body to trigger the immune system to re-act AS THE VACCINE IS NOT EFFECTIVE.

What science is doing is manipulating the body.  What people may have trouble believing is there is NO SCIENCE behind this.  Laboratories are literally having direct access to your animal because vaccine manufacturers have zero liability.  They are protected by the courts, you can not sue them for damage.  And they are so powerful, that they don’t care they killed your pet because they are doing this to kids, so your pet is not even on their “scope of care”.  Funds are not spent to make sure anything is safe, because they do not have to.  There is no “check and balance in place” to make sure any of these products are safe in an organic body, much less all together.  This is not even tested at all.

And vets believe what they are told.  It is easier than questioning.  It also makes them more money.

They have NO IDEA, NO KNOWLDEDGE of what is in the vaccine they are proposing, and in some cases pushing into your animal.  They are following a schedule they have been given literally in vet school which is updated constantly with new proposed vaccinations.  And those that have no moral code are more than happy to put this into your animal so you may “protect” your animal just in case.  Meanwhile, your animal suffers immense damage, and sometimes death.  There are so many cases if you care to search for them.

Inside the Needle

The vaccine has other ingredients besides the virus and bacteria, which no one is informing you of. All extremely TOXIC, carcinogenic, and have no place in any organic being’s body.  I have included links and partial screen shots of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) where applicable.

Cancer cells
  • Source: Vital Animal, from other animal’s DNA, monkey’s, mice, you name it
Dr. Larry Palevsky – Dangers of Aluminum in Vaccines
  • Mercury—toxic heavy metal) do not believe claims of “thimerosal-free.” No one is checking, this is a sales pitch.
  • Changes DNA
  • If a vial of Mercury is dropped on the floor, this is considered a lethal Hazard. First Aid responders would wear a HAZ MAT suit to come in and deal with the problem, and the building would be evacuated.  Does this provide perspective on how lethal this is? And that should never, ever, ever, be going into any organic being’s body?  Yet, it is!
  • From pigs. So, your animals’ body will then attack all PORK products
Sorbitol and other stabilizers including MSG (toxic)
Emulsifiers:  Polysorbate80, Carrageenan
And yet, Polysorbate80 is in vaccines.
  • Toxic; may also include heavy metals
Egg Proteins
  • This is why your animal may not be able to process chicken
  • Toxic – this is not broken down in the body at all; if this was externally inhaled, then the body knows what to do with it – but not in this form – this remains whole inside the system causing immense damage
  • Below is a portion of what the MSDS sheet reports. It is highly toxic yet being injected all the time into your animal.
Bovine Products
  • This is why your animal is most likely allergic to beef
  • Toxic to all animals
And trace amounts of other substances, are reported to be not TRACE at all; this is all manipulated data / numbers
Adenovirus Vaccine Example

Below is a list of what is in the human adenovirus vaccine.  I have highlighted what I know to be extremely detrimental to the human body.  Sugars, aluminum lake dye, acetone, and MSG have no place in any organic being’s body.

I invite pet parent’s read this article and the comments below the article from readers, too: 

And watch the documentary “The Truth About Vaccines” found here  The information is overwhelming.

The links below refer to human vaccines, but a lot has crossed over into animal vaccines:

Vaccinations are NOT calibrated to weight.

The same amount is given to a small Chihuahua as to a Saint Bernard. This is why so many small dogs are dying really young. Their systems are being blown apart by all these vaccinations.

Damage | All Man-Made Symptoms

A dog vaccinated with a virus will shed the virus for at least 2 weeks after their shot. Therefore, they continually expose a lot of the canine population to the virus consistently. And all wildlife.

What we are doing is perpetuating the virus’s life. We are doing exactly what we do not want to do. Breeding disease in the name of prevention.

All “vaccine-virus” symptoms of the disease will show up in the body either immediately, acutely or chronically.

Vaccination damage to the body may show up within 24 hours, but a lot of it festers and shows up within a month’s time. The following symptoms start becoming apparent:


Anorexia [dogs and horses]
Anterior cruciate ligament rupture
Appetite gone, stopped eating
Cancer, terminal [Rabies vaccination in cats. This research has been supported for 20 years now.]
Colic [horses]
Conjunctivitis, chronic
Corneal Lesions
Cystitis [cats]

Ear infections
Hind end weakness / lameness
Inflammatory Bowel Disease [IBD]
Kidney disease
Laminitis [horses]
Liver disease
Musculoskeletal issues
Thyroid and adrenal issues
Urticaria [dogs]
UTI [urinary tract infections]


Demeanour changes
Sexual Overdrive – Humping everything
Phobias – example: chasing tail

Over-Vaccination | Where is the Science?

Dr. Jean Hofve, DVM states, ” boosters do not increase immunity only increase harm”. This is all revenue driven, and it is killing your animal.

Just wondering, do you boost your Polio shot? Your Measles shot? Your small pox shot? Etc. I imagine not, and why? Because there is no need, you have the antibodies. So, does your animal, please protect your pet.

All repeated vaccination is driven by money and fear. There is absolutely no science behind this protocol.  This is pharma selling directly to vets.
This is corporate greed in action.
This is not “do no harm”, it is not even logical, much less ethical.  This is completely irresponsible healthcare.
Expiration Dates

It has been reported that old vaccines for humans are then rerouted into the pet industry. Some of the vaccines are way past their expiration date. So, again we have to wonder, what exactly is in the needle being injected into your loved one? The truth is, I believe, no one really knows. The vaccine manufacturers are not accountable to anyone.

What Vaccine Protocols do Veterinarians Apply to their Own Pets?

Ask them. It is reported that they all give ONLY the initial CORE vaccines, and nothing else for the lifetime of their own animal. So, the protocols within their practises are not being implemented in their own households, on their own pets. Why? They know the damage they cause.

Economics $$, It is All About the Money

This is because the BUYER is not QUESTIONING. Vaccines are the bread and butter of the vet industry and the vet profession. It is incredible as this is not what they go to school for. Yet – this is what they are making money from.

The vet profession is an industry operating as a subsidiary of big pharma.

Vets pay an average of 0.50 cents per vaccine and charge you, the pet parent, anywhere from 15-30 dollars. So, using $20 and 0.50 cents as an average charge, this is a 4000% markup per vaccine! So just in one visit, if they have injected, say 4 vaccines at $80 + vet visit of $35 minimum, it adds up to $115 dollars. The cost to them is $2 dollars. This is why they call you and pester you to come in to see them. They get to charge the visit + inject revenue into your pet.

Corporate Pipeline | Your Pet is a Constant Revenue Stream by Design

And there are MORE vaccinations in the corporate pipeline coming to you, the consumer.  Because vaccination is such a lucrative business, big pharma is dreaming up more and more vaccinations to sell you! So, this has become a full-fledged “business plan” – to pump as much garbage into your animal in the name of “pet healthcare” because you love your animal so much.  And it will be funnelled through your vet in the name of “prevention and protection” SO, BEWARE.

I suggest you watch your animal closely if you have to go to the vet. Do not let them out of your sight into the back room. Please make sure you are working with a vet that listens to you and respects you.  I cannot emphasize this enough.  Please do not let FEAR drive anything into your animal’s body. Or be bullied into it.

This is all about money. It starts with a spreadsheet and how many animals can be sold this “new invention” and at what maximum cost. And then the CEO’s of these corporations rub their hands together and go out and buy another private jet!!! Unimaginable – don’t you think? Protect your pet!

Example of Damage | Bone Cancer Vaccine for Canines

And here we have an example–a new vaccine for canines, to try to fix the damage all the vaccines that gave your canine cancer in the first place.

This is not a vaccinatable imbalance.

First of all, anyone reading this who has experienced cancer or someone with cancer, I am very sorry. Because of course, we all wish everyone to be well and happy! And have a great long, pain-free life. My goal is to support this, of course. I, however, operate from the perspective in healing, that cancer in animals is created by our choices.

Cancer never existed in animals the way it does today. What has changed? Our participation in their health. Our interference. We are creating the cancer through the following toxic protocols:

1. Industry Pet Food and Treats: Full of toxic processed garbage and chemicals labelled “food” when actually “human industry food waste product”

2. Vaccinations: we are pounding the body over and over again with disease – crippling the body into cancering – we are relentless!

3. Flea and Tick / Pesticide: Again – forcing the body to breakdown – we are relentless here too

4. Microchipping: cancerous device delivered into the body directly at 6 months

5. Neutering and Spaying: messing up the Endocrine System which controls mostly everything in the body

We are literally forcing the body into a cancerous state.
And crippling future generations with incredible toxic loads. Which, of course, creates more cancer.

Cancer is a signal the system, the body, is under duress and either diet, environment or lifestyle or all of the above need to be changed.

Cancer is a “symptom” of the body saying it is not okay. This s not a vaccinatable issue. This is not a virus or bacteria. This is the body giving intelligent messaging that changes need to be made else the body will die.

This does not mean pump the body full of more toxins to block the process and keep on doing what you are doing. This is not healing, this will not stop the intelligent body giving more signals.

Cancer is intentionally marketed as EVIL, DEATH, and something “contracted” versus “created”.Ask anyone who has healed their “cancering” body the non-toxic route. How did they change their life? What changes did they implement to finally start listening to their inner guidance system? It is all connected.

It is not about more toxicity, in a needle. This NEW creation, by pharma, and those who are looking to “cure cancer” means your animal will literally be experimented on.

What must be questioned and researched is:

1. What is in this vaccine? Every ingredient? What is in the mix?

2. What does it do to the body specifically? What organs does it damage?

3. What is the expected life span with the treatment? I imagine it is all about experimentation – so none what so ever.

4. And you might want to know, have innocent animals been experimented on during this creation process?

I do not agree with this vaccine, or anything like it – at all. I think it is extremely dangerous to all animals BUT extremely lucrative to BIG Pharma, and all those in the pet industry pipeline who stand to profit from YOUR FEAR in the name of prevention or “fighting the disease”.

What humans must start doing is honouring nature. Stop living in fear, and actually begin questioning what they are being consistently sold as “pet healthcare”. Our decisions, our trust, and our lack of questioning, is driving cancer, disease in our pets.

Healing MUST first and foremost start with a change in diet and stopping and draining all the toxicity from the being’s body. 

Cancer exists in dogs because of all the vet protocols followed from such a young age.

In the span of a year, the little body is so pummelled and destroyed in the name of “medicine” that it is absolutely amazing the body survives. Actually, we are seeing death in one year of age now.

Clinical Trial Example: University of Florida, College of Veterinary Medicine

This is just one example of what is going on out there in the world of vaccine creation. This is a clinical trial which is asking for canines to participate. This is what they are suggesting on their website, and there is no mention anywhere what is in either the chemo mixture or the vaccine mixture:

Treatment: The vaccine will be given over 6 visits approximately 3 weeks apart in addition to 6 chemotherapy visits. If appropriate you dog will also receive boosters every 6 months. The chemotherapy visits will be scheduled 2 weeks prior to each vaccine visit. At each visit, blood will also be drawn to measure the immune response for study purposes.

This visually translates to delivering poisonous unknown substances into the animal consistently for 16 weeks straight. How is this healthcare? This is POISON. This is not medicine.

And they want to boost the vaccine also – every 6 months!!! So, POISON your dog every 6 months – “if appropriate”. Meaning – if they live?

So, here we have a sick animal, where the immune system is really compromised. It needs NATURE. It needs fabulous food, natural healing protocols, and a fabulous healing environment. What the body does not need or will not be able to cope with is all this POISON. And the fear. How is this animal going to cope going consistently to such a horrible environment? Knowing it is being poisoned. And –

How MUCH PAIN will all this POISON cause?
There is no way to monitor this.
And how is all this poison going to deliver a healthy, long living animal?
It will not. It will cause immense harm and suffering to your beautiful being.

I emailed the University, September 9, 2019, to ask what was in the vaccine – this was their response:

Therefore, the ANIMALS ARE BEING EXPERIMENTED ON and you, the pet owner, have actually no idea what is going into their body.

“Mandatory Vaccinations”

Where MORE harm is done.  Please do not frequent facilities or hire services which require “up-to-date vaccinations.”  This includes boarding kennels, groomers, training facilities, vets, dog walkers, etcetera. Again, this is fear at work, revenue generation for some, and / or complete lack of knowledge and awareness.  This stipulation does immense damage to your animal, to their body, mind and spirit.   Without a doubt, shortening their life span.

Please protect your pet by sourcing wisely.
Cats | What is Happening to Our Beautiful Cats?

Cats are all dying of kidney failure! Why? Because feline vaccines contain feline kidney cancer cells! Why would this be? We need to stop all this lethal vaccination and instead use nosodes and titers. And it blows my mind that indoor cats are vaccinated! Why would this be necessary? It isn’t. And I bet the animal has the antibodies anyway, but no one is of course checking.

Did you know cats used to be injected in the back of the neck? But because so many were developing tumors and cancer, and dying, the veterinary world decided perhaps vaccinating in the leg was better, as this is easier to amputate.
Actually, this is now being done with canines too. Absolutely horrifying! But true. Where is the oath of “Do no harm” being practised?
Are Vaccinations Dangerous for Your Cats?

Please view this important message. Dr. Deva Khalsa has been practising world-wide for over 30 years. Vaccines are destroying your cat’s body, literally. Not protecting, as one is led to believe.

Kidney failure is the leading cause of all cat’s deaths – why? Because the vaccines are created in kidney cells, so when injected into the body, the body then begins attacking kidney cells, and then continues to attack all the kidney cells in the body. Until your cat is dead!

This is why kidney failure is the number one killer of cats.
We kill their systems, literally.
Dr.Khalsa | Are Vaccines Dangerous for Your Cats?
Dr. Becker | Chronic Kidney Failure in Pets

Please find additional resources regarding these procedures and products. This is about site injection This is an interesting and informative read, about each vaccination proposed for cats, even though I do not agree with everything written, there is a lot of great information And why not to vaccinate is explained here:

Protect the Pets movement, led by a veterinarian with the noble intention to educate the public, and prevent the continuing damage caused by the veterinary industry:

Protect your cat by exposing naturally!
Travelling with Your Pet

People LOVE to travel with their animals. I think this is lovely too as long as you are not compromising their health in the way of multiple vaccinations. Your local vet might not be informed so it is up to you to do your homework.

Please do not go and pump your animal full of toxic waste and depilating viruses in the name of “holiday travel”.

If you cannot get your animal across borders with a health certificate then leave your animal at home with a great sitter. All these chemicals and vaccinations affect your animals’ body, and definitely their brain. It is not about “injecting”, ticking the box, and jumping in the car and travelling. This is not in your pet’s best interest at all. This is soooo damaging to their body. You would of course love them to travel with you but not at the sake of sacrificing their well-being and contributing to a horrible early death. Leave your pet at home. Keep them safe. Protect your pet.

Regarding travel across USA and Canada borders:

How to Proceed and Protect

First thing I would do, is have no FEAR. I would then do a lot of homework. Part of the homework I suggest would be to read these three books:

How to Immunize Your Dog Without Vaccines by Aleksandra Mikic, HHP, DVHH, DPh
Stop the Shots! Are Vaccinations Killing our Pets? by John Clifton
Homeopathic Care for Cats and Dogs by Don Hamilton, DVM

These books include real history and stories of how people have healthy animals and then horrible deaths directly as a result of the current protocols. And these beautiful animals suffer and die for literally no reason.

Included in this book, How to Immunize Your Dog Without Vaccines by Aleksandra Mikic, HHP, DVHH, D.Ph., is a vaccination schedule via homeopathic remedies. It is spelt out to cover your animal against what you think is necessary.

I also invite the reader to listen to this podcast by Will Falconer DVM, “Breeders Please Stop Doing This”
Dr. Falconer explains in great detail the possibilities of looking after your animal naturally.

Everyone will have an opinion. But these are opinions. It is up to us, as pet parents to protect our pets and make informed decisions that are based on real information not “the norm”. The “norm” has to change, has to be challenged because it is doing so much damage. I personally believe with everything I have read and understand, we are annihilating many species of animals through “pet heath care” prevention which is all based on “false beliefs and actually NO SCIENCE.” But it sure does not make a lot of people wealthy!!!

Julia Henriques, DVM in Dogs Naturally Magazine states: “If your dog has had any of the CORE vaccines at 16 months old, then he is most likely protected for life,” as per clinical studies by Ronald Schultz, Ph.D. But again – we do not need to be putting these lethal vaccinations into the body when homeopathic nosodes do the job without harming.

I recommend using nosodes and titers as a way to best support your animal ongoing.

My Goal for all Our Animals?

My goal for my animals, my client’s animal’s, and all animals for that matter, is to have a strong, healthy body supported by a fresh, clean whole foods, organic human grade diet backed by homeopathy, and zoopharmacognosy, where I honour the animal’s innate healing intelligence.

I want to promote strong, beautiful, non-toxic bodies, whose immune systems can fend for themselves from nature’s organisms. Like they used to. Where they live long pain free lives and their bodies do not break down at such a young age.

I wish to honor the being – their beautiful, intelligent body, their wonderful mind, and magnificent spirit.

Things to think about and consider:

1. There is absolutely no accountability

You would think the Veterinary Regulatory Bodies would do their due diligence and make sure these products are safe prior to their profession using them on our pets.

You would think they would make sure there is a report-back system within their profession to monitor what is happening out there, so changes are made immediately when damage is witnessed, but this is not the case at all. Not even close. It is not even on their radar to do anything like this.

2. No one cares about the damage to your animal

This vaccine system is all about money. Not about the welfare of your animal.  A vet on average is making 4000% on each vaccination given, hence, the push on coming in for the annual check-up.

This has nothing to do with “do no harm”.  This is no longer practised.

And if your animal gets sick? Yes, this is what Pet Insurance has been created for.  Pet parents are being forced to buy / participate just through market pressure.

This is a system well designed.  Just criminal.

3. The manufacturers of the vaccines hide their information

They are not required by any laws to report “required / need-to-know information” to the public, and actually are not vetted by the veterinary boards before the products are allowed to be marketed to us. So literally, these are corporations making ACTIVELY LETHAL products, which have direct access to the market, to our pet via your veterinarian. .

The vaccine literally goes on the schedule and the vet multiplies this by the number of patients he/she has, and then buys a new house!  Something like this anyway.  This is not health care.  This is an assembly line “push” system, all pharma creation health care.

Just a thought: I imagine many vets are purchasing vaccines based on price too, on what makes them the most money. What is actually in it etc., is not even a thought process. It really is unconscionable.

4. Pet parents need to stop being so trusting, and start questioning everything

We have all been propagating a system of disease and death through our lack of questioning. White coat used to equal trust. This is no longer the case because Big Pharma “owns” the white coats now, and there is no thinking.  The practise of medicine has changed where it is all about Big Pharma making a lot of money through vets and doctors, and the majority of them are happy to oblige.

Your animal needs you to QUESTION everything.  Do not place yourselves on the “pet healthcare assembly line”.  Your animal should never be ill, this is all our creation, it starts with us, and our participation.  Please do your homework, protect your pet. QUESTION EVERYTHING! 

Your  animal’s life literally depends on it.
Please protect us by not injecting us!
We have the natural antibodies. Our innate, intelligent, systems are designed this way.
Please protect your pet, as nature intended!
All the animals, are waiting for humans to do so!
Books | Vaccination in Animals

Stop the Shots!: Are Vaccinations Killing our Pets? by John Clifton
Shock to the System – The Facts About Animal Vaccination, Pet Food and How to Keep Your Pets Healthy by Catherine O’Driscoll
Mark of the Beast: Hidden in Plain Sight by Dr. Patricia Jordan
Dissolving Illusions by Suzanne Humphries, MD and Roman Bystianyk
Trust Me, I’m Not a Veterinarian!…No Dog Before His Time! by James D Schwartz
How to Immunize Your Dog Without Vaccines by Aleksandra Mikic, DHHP, DVHH, D.Ph.
Vaccine Guide for Dogs and Cats, What Every Pet Lover Should Know by Catherine J. M. Diodati, MA
Homeopathic Care for Cats and Dogs by Don Hamilton, DVM

Books | Vaccination in General

The Vaccine Court: The Dark Truth of America’s Vaccine Injury by Wayne Rohe
Plague, One Scientist’s Intrepid Search for the Truth about Human Retroviruses and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS), Autism, and Other Diseases by Kent Heckenlively and Judy Mikovits, PhD
Good-Bye Germ Theory – Ending a Century of Medical Fraud and How to Protect Your Family by Dr. William P. Trebing
Vaccine Injured Children: 21st Century Tragedy: Treatment, Prevention, Reasons by Dr. Isaac Golden
The Complete Practitioner’s Manual of Homœoprophylaxis: A Practical Handbook of Homeopathic Immunisation by Dr. Isaac Golden
The Solution: Homeoprophylaxis: The Vaccine Alternative by Kate Birch
Vaccination Proved Useless & Dangerous From Forty-Five Years of Registration Statistics (1889)  by Alfred R. Wallace, LLD by
The Poisoned Needle, Suppressed Facts About Vaccination by Eleanor McBean (1957)



“The Truth About Vaccinations 2020” by Ty and Charlene Bollinger

Vaccines Revealed” by Dr. Patrick Gentempo


Everyone needs to watch these. It is mind blowing the damage going on.

“Vaxxed, From Cover Up to Catastrophe” by Dr. Andrew Wakefield

Vaxxed II, The People’s Truth” by Andrew Wakefield

1986:  The Act” by Andrew Wakefield

Homeoprophylaxis Expert & Author, Dr. Issac Golden


Andy Wakefield Podcast
Andy Wakefield’s podcast explains how viruses and natural life-long immunity is achieved, and the history of viruses and vaccines.

Vital Animal by Will Falconer, DVM
This is a fabulous way to learn about what is good and not so good for your animals.  Amazing people interviewed.

This specific podcast is about vaccinating puppies and kittens:
“Breeders Please Stop Doing This”



Dr. Karen Becker interviewing Dr. Schultz. [4 Parts]–bGthNN8

Question, investigate, research, without fear.
Please protect your pet from these debilitating, system collapsing, products.