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This page is all about investing in the pet owner, you! These are some of my favorite resources, the ones that propelled me forward, for balancing my body, mind, and spirit. Moving me beyond what I thought I knew, beyond my ego, to help me to be a better me. I am a constant work in progress, for sure. Please note though, all information on this website pertains to all life – not just our animals, so humans are not limited to this page of course, as we are one.

By consciously investing in ourselves, we are consciously investing in all. 

In some of the categories, the themes, and information are very transferable to our animal kingdom, as we are all organic beings, with cells, organs etc. and we all have a body, mind and beautiful spirit connection.

We are all connected too, so how pet owners look after themselves impacts their animal family immensely.

Some people may think, as I used to, to look after oneself was selfish, this was not okay to do.  But this is so far from reality.  The more you look after yourself, and this means nurturing the inside to outside, honouring yourself and being who you are truly meant to be, then this vibration – vibrates!  It vibrates high, and in a positive energy kind of way which is attractive, life changing to others and so good for your animals to be around as they know you are looking after you and this then leaves them in a place to look after themselves.

A lot of our animals are being drained because they are giving their attention and energy to their humans.

This may be a bit of their journey, but do you, as a human want them to have this job?  As we are enormous energy suckers when we are “not okay” and this is very draining on the body-mind-spirit connection of any being.  We know this when we witness or come across someone who is all doom and gloom and full of anger. From an energy stand point and health stand point, we innately know this is not good to be around.  And this is the same for our animals.

The more you look after you, from the inside out, the better decisions you will make, you will be more conscious, more on top of your game, ATTRACT the same vibration from others.  Ultimately, your animal will know and feel this, and relish in your good energy, your good vibration, regardless of your geographic location.

A lot of this has to do with negative thought patterns, negative language, adopted belief systems which no longer serve you, and the human ego.  I invite you to explore this page, I am pretty sure your animal would be thrilled you took the time to invest in you.


The body needs help detoxing I believe because everything is just too toxic for what our systems are designed to cope with. Some fabulous tonic programs may be found on the Herbs page of this website, as well as resources mentioned below, which are specific to detoxing the body via minerals, food, and sweat.


Healer, The Pioneer Nutritionist & Prophet, Dr. Hazel Parcells, In Her Own Words at Age 106 by Joseph Dispenza
This is book is an amazing read.  It is also referenced below under Healing.  What is very important is the Parasite Purge Program at the end of the book which spells out how to purge all parasites from the body in a 5-day cleanse.

Heavy Metal Detox by James Lilley
James book is concise and to the point about what metals do what, where they are found in our consumables, what organs are affected and what tools will help detox the body.  He healed himself after being confined to a wheelchair.

Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices by N. W. Walker, DSc
This book was written in 1970.  It is a gem full of valuable information matching ailment in the body to a juicing regime, and explaining why, Dr. Walker lived until he as 114 years old!  All of his books are amazing, easy to read and deal with diet, water, the colon etc.
Water Can Undermine Your Heath by N. W. Walker, DSc
Colon Health, The Vibrant Key to Life by N. W. Walker, DSc
Become Younger by N. W. Walker, DSc, explains about all our organs and how to look after them properly

Liver Cleanse and Cleanse to Heal by Anthony Williams
Fabulous amount of information in these books about healing.  I would suggest muscle testing first any products suggested. One would also test how long, how much and the frequency for your body versus just adapting a one fits all plan though.

The Ultimate Guide To Red Light Therapy: How to Use Red and Near-Infrared Light Therapy for Anti-Aging, Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Performance Enhancement, and Brain Optimization by Ari Whitten

Red Light Therapy: Miracle Medicine by Mark Sloane


The Truth About Detox by Ty Bollinger
The series supplies heaps of information about what the doctors and health experts are finding regarding toxic load in the human body and especially heavy metals in the brain.

It matters what we eat, and where we live, and what we support via our buying patterns.  As we are contributing potentially to the increasing toxic load on the planet, making it potentially inhabitable for all its beautiful beings.  And our animals are indeed being impacted.

The docuseries covers the following:
The History of Disease, Detoxing the Colon, Eliminating Parasites, Cleansing the Liver, Kidneys, Skin & Detoxing with Defensive Eating, Detoxing the Lungs and the Lymphatic System & Protecting from Hidden Hazards.  Really worth investing in for all the wonderful resources.


Infrared Sauna
This is much more effective in helping the body detox and one’s cells repair.
Healing with Light Frequencies |

PectaSol-C  (Modified Citrus Pectin)

Touchstone Essentials
Detoxing products including chelators, suggested by James Lilley above.


Green Smoothie Girl by Robyn Upshaw | | Robin Upshaw is amazing with everything she has been through in her life.  She has done all these detoxes to see what programs work and do not.  Incredible. Robyn provides extensive information on detoxing, and the body with a 26-Day Program supported live by her company.

Myers Detox by Wendy Myers | I discovered Wendy Myers via the 5G Summit.  Fabulous information provided by her on her website and via FB

Purple Plates | This is Tesla Technology.  I am placing these here as we use the plates to detox all our food, and wine.  They are also known for healing many ailments which makes sense because everything is linked to “toxic overload” in the body.


Fasting is healing.  Animals fast in the wild all the time.  This is natural for the body as they would not able to catch dinner every day.  Part of illness in animals today is over feeding.  Even the good real alive human food stuff.  We have attached love to food and either provide it much too often throughout the day or provide much too much quantity.

If an animal does not feel well, and does not want to eat, this becomes a panic situation in most households, when it should not be.  Fasting allows the body to redirect resources to deal with the problem, the imbalance.  When humans do not feel well, we stop eating.  This is, again, the body redirecting resources to healing, which may encompass purging the unwanted. 

Digestion takes massive energy reserves from the body.  When an animal stops eating, you work with them via self-selection, they will tell you what is happening and how they need support.

If required, a naturopath veterinarian is preferable.  It is important one does not follow conventional protocols by overriding their natural defense mechanisms with drugs such as Cerenia.  This is doing damage, and does not heal the body.  This is a very dangerous drug, as it overrides the brain, passes the brain barrier, and therefore blocking the signals from brain to body to stop eating.


These are fabulous reads, both with animals referenced.

The Miracle of Fasting: Proven Throughout History for Physical, Mental, & Spiritual Rejuvenation by Paul C. Bragg and Patricia Bragg | Really interesting read about fasting and how the body detoxes.  Paul Bragg fasted routinely and for long stretches.  I will never forget how one fast for 21 days he describes purging mercury from his system which was a result of vaccination when he was young boy.

Fasting and Eating for Health:  A Medical Doctor’s Program for Conquering Disease by Joel Fuhrman, MD | This is all about plant-based eating.  Dr. Fuhrman is a pioneer.  He is very well known for all his contributions to diet and the link to disease.  It is about eating intelligently not eating addictively which sacrifices the future health of the body and mind.

The Science and Fine Arts of Fasting by Herbert M. Shelton | This is written in 1934, very in depth and covers the fasting of animals.  Great resource to have the house.

The importance and role of fasting is mentioned in a lot of the animal care books authored by veterinarians who have been practising over 30+ years in the other sections of this website.


Fasting for Life by Dr. Scott Watier & Tommy Welling


Breathe by Belisa Vranich, PsyD | This may be a funny book to place under here, but it ties into our breath and how do not get enough oxygen into our bodies because of how we are breathing.  Belisa teaches us how to maximise our breathing so all our cells get oxygen.   People have experienced amazing changes / outcomes in their bodies, mind, and spirit, healing all kinds of imbalances.


Rebounding | NASA has reported this is the best fitness anyone can do for their body. It gets everything moving inside, shakes everything up so nothing is stagnant, and is gentle on the system.
This is a fabulous detoxer, as it helps the lymphatic system drain, so nothing is stuck sitting inside the system. What is so great, is one can do this is such a small space.

Wild Fit | A program which explains WHY you eat the way you eat, and teaches you about the planet and her resources and how and when to consume food without feeling “without”.  Very, very cool.  Honouring our bodies innate intelligence.  Please read the website, all about eating according to the “human” species.

Zach Bush | 4 Minute Workout

Stay Healthy by Supplying What’s Lacking in Your Diet by David Coory | This book was written some time ago.  I actually ordered it from New Zealand when I was listening to someone talk about how the essentials for the organic body to run on were easily laid out in this book.  It has every mineral addressed and vitamin and explains everything without being overwhelming.  A great resource.

The Medical Medium, Life Changing Foods, Liver Rescue and The Thyroid Epidemic by Anthony William | All of Anthony’s books provide a wealth of information about the planet’s amazing foods, and what the body is actually telling us versus what mainstream medicine is saying.  Detoxing is covered too in the Liver Rescue.  Each one is worth having I your library for referencing.

Swallow This Serving Up the Food Industry’s Darkest Secrets by Joanna Blythman

The Unhealthy Truth, One Mother’s Shocking Investigation into the Dangers of America’s Food Supply – and What Every Family Can Do to Protect Itself by Robyn O’Brien | This is a great read.  I think all owners should be given this book to read. Robyn started delving into food when her kids became really sick at such a young age and she linked it to food.  This projected her on a new pathway from her corporate life.  You can find her talking about this on her TedxAustin 2011 talk and her website is:

Cultured Food for Health by Donna Schwenk
All of Donna’s books provide a wealth of information which extends heavily to our animals too.  It is all about gut health.  Do we have all the good bacteria in our gut to do what they are supposed to do? So many things are linked to gut health.

Donna comes from a place of healing her children, tracing back all the ailments to the gut.  This is what got her started on this journey.  People’s stories support her claims.  Amazing things have been cured all to do with the imbalance in the gut.  Especially if any pharma has or is going into the body, this is wiping all the good stuff out and it must be replaced, nourished, and continually supported.

Nourishing Meals Healthy Gluten Free Recipes for the Whole Family by Alissa Segersten and Tom Malterre | A wealth of information about how to buy, stock, and prepare all food. Well laid out and easy to read. The recipes I have made are delicious. Definitely keeper and one I intend to work through!

Recipes for a Zesty Life by Rachelle Hynes | This is more than a cookbook, this is a “how to live life” book with beautiful pictures of Rachelle enjoying hers with her dog.  The messaging and pictures encompass the beautiful landscape we live in.  Vegan, mindfulness, cuisine.

Regenerate by Sayer Ji
Sayer Ji is the founder of  Sayer writes about his journey from not knowing to knowing, to becoming more aware about what is happening in our world on all levels, but especially health.  A great read and lots of resources.

Simple Green Smoothies by Jen Hansard and Jadah Sellner | Beautiful book and wonderful smoothies.

The Healthiest Diet on the Planet by Dr. John McDougall and Mary McDougall | | Fabulous information and wonderful recipes.  You do not feel you are going without at all.  Really easy to navigate and use.  Program is designed to cure, inflammation, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc., basically rebalance the body; as all toxicity has been removed allowing the body to heal.

The Food Revolution by John Robbins | | John and his son, Tony, have been very strong advocates for our food and planet.  Each year they hold events to update us all.  Fabulous information and resources for all.

The Engine 2 Diet: The Texas Firefighter’s 28-Day Save-Your-Life Plan that Lowers Cholesterol and Burns Away the Pounds and Plant-Strong: Discover the World’s Healthiest Diet–with 150 Engine 2 Recipes | | by Rip Esselstyn | Rip grew up eating a plant-based diet because his Dad realized how much harm eating animals was doing to our bodies during his research as a doctor. His father is interviewed in the documentary Forks over Knives.  Amazing story and information. Rip, an incredible athlete, became a fire-fighter only to be mocked for his eating habits at the station house. Eventually people began to listen to him when they witnessed how fit and well, he performed on the job. This has set him on the path he is on today. His podcast is also mentioned below.

Protein Explained by Don Bennett, DAS
This is a great video explaining the impact of cooked proteins on the body.


The Game Changers by Louie Psihoyos | | A powerful documentary about plant-based eating. Please refer here for more wonderful references regarding health and healing, all species.


Plant Strong by Rip Esselstyn | |
These podcasts are hosted by the famous plant-based fire fighter, Rip Esselstyn, who has been going around America teaching all his fellow fire fighters how to be strong and fit just by changing their diet. So many of these wonderful people were overweight, on pharma, all kinds of ailments with all these symptoms disappearing after going plant based. Very cool!


Food Matters TV | This is a fabulous resource as it provides so much information to listen and watch about our planet and food. Everything is connected.

Food Revolution Network | Founded by John and his son, Ocean Robbins, their mission is to educate all of us about food, about ethical sourcing and what is good and not so good for us. A wealth of information.

GMO’s, Glyphosate and Gut Health
Rich Roll Podcast with Dr. Zach Bush, MD | This is essential to watch. Dr. Zach Bush is amazing as he educates all of us about everything that is impacting our health with regards to the planet, the eco-system and what must be done to stop all this disease. For example, glyphosate being a water-soluble toxin. It is going everywhere, into our soil, our water table, raining all over our animals, us, and our organic crops.

GreenMedInfo | Founded by Sayer Ji, to provide alternative means and information about what is available to people from the planet’s medicines to heal their bodies without mainstream toxins. People are provided a wealth of information.

Gut Health

Cultured Food for Health by Donna Schwenk
All of Donna’s books provide a wealth of information which extends heavily to our animals too.  It is all about gut health.  Do we have all the good bacteria in our gut to do what they are supposed to do? So many things are linked to gut health.
Donna comes from a place of healing her children, tracing back all the ailments to the gut.  This is what got her started on this journey.  People’s stories support her claims.  Amazing things have been cured all to do with the imbalance in the gut.  Especially if any pharma has or is going into the body, this is wiping all the good stuff out and it must be replaced, nourished, and continually supported.

Gut Health Guide and Essential Oil Protocol by Dr. Eric Zielinski
Really great information about leaky gut, stomach acid, diet and essential oil use for humans.  Diffusing is mentioned a lot – careful this is not good around animals where they cannot escape the smell, you could do damage to their systems as they would be forced to process “medicine” they do not need.

Why Stomach Acid is Good for You, Natural Relief from Heartburn, Indigestion, Reflux & GERD by Jonathan V. Wright MD and Lane Lenard PhD

Gut and Psychology Syndrome: Natural Treatment for Autism, Dyspraxia, A.D.D., Dyslexia, A.D.H.D., Depression, Schizophrenia, 2nd Edition Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, M.D.


Cultured Food Life | It is all about gut health.  Do we have all the good bacteria in our gut to do what they are supposed to do? So many things are linked to gut health.  Donna’s website is full of fantastic information regarding how to culture foods.

Kefir grains may be purchased on Etsy to get one started if you are not in the USA.

ION Gut Health | I call this dirt water!  As this product puts the minerals from the soil back into the body.  We are a part of this planet and all the minerals which support life should be inside us too.  The problem is they are being wiped out with the toxic load of pharma, toxic products and toxic environment – glyphosate!.  This product puts them back into the body.  I definitely use the product for animals to get their health back in balance.

VIOME:  Gut Microbiome Testing for Weight Loss and Health | Gut intelligence test. This company requests a stool sample be sent in and then they provide you with a plan for restoring your gut health.  This means what to eat and what not to eat so the gut microbiome is replenished and supported. As we are all individual beings, an individual plan is provided.  Many people have lost tones of weight and experienced imbalances balancing out.


A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle | | This book literally saved my life I believe.  Eckhart explains how the ego operates and how we see the world through patterned thought processes.  This book is absolutely amazing.  It takes some time to absorb what he is saying and put into practise.  It is a journey to change.  Worth every minute.  It makes one accountable for one’s life – your direction, your path.  Giving you what I believe is your power back, as you may have just given it away somewhere along the way.  Everyone must find the person, the teacher that helps them evolve, Eckhart was and remains mine.

The Healing Code by Dr. Alexander Lloyd Amazing story, and practise. This YouTube link provides a brief introduction:

The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nielsen | | Another amazing story, with the practise explained fully on this page Codes & Tapping.

You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay | The lovely Louise Hay started Hay House Radio and the publishing house at 60 years of age. An amazing women and story. This book also maps thought patterns to physical ailments and provides affirmations to replace these old thought programs which then unblocks the body allowing it to heal.

Dying to Be Me by Anita Moorjani | | The lovely Anita Moorjani can be listened to on Hay House Radio and followed on Facebook. Her journey about living without fear and honoring her innate being after being riddled with cancer, dying and returning healed is magical.

Healing Revelations from Heaven and Earth by Tommy Rosa and Stephen Sinatra, MD | This is a fabulous story about life after death and the messages Tommy received about what his journey is supposed to be while here on Earth.  And how he ends up connecting to the famous Stephen Sinatra, who has written many books about thoughts, living and the heart.  He is a cardio surgeon and he began to see patterns of those who came to him with heart damage.

The Healing Crisis by Bruce Fife, N.D. | Bruce Fife explains how the body heals.  We all take for granted the process, but do we really understand what the intelligent system does?  All Bruce Fife’s books are worth reading as they have an enormous amount of information about the body.  He is very interested in coconut oil and water and the healing benefits.

Goddesses Never Age and Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom and Dodging Energy Vampires by Dr. Christine Northrup |  | I am a huge fan of Dr. Northup because she looks at the whole being in her approach to healing. She does not look at just the symptoms of the body and try to drug them. Dr. Northrup has a lot of information out there one may access easily. She is lovely to listen to, and can be found on Hay House Radio weekly. Her archives on Hay House Radio are a fabulous wealth of information also.

One Spirit Medicine, Ancient Ways to Ultimate Wellness by Alberto Villloldo, PHD | An amazing story, a journey about healing oneself.

The Power of Eight by Lynne McTaggart 
Podcast:  Living the New Science with Lynne McTaggert
Lynne McTaggert’s book, The Power of Eight is an incredible read. It is about our power of intention.  It is about coming together as a group of 8 people focusing, with clear intention of helping another and allowing the universe to deliver. By using the power of intention for another within the group of 8, all those participating benefit. There are groups around the world one can participate in by signing up on Lynne’s forum. Amazing stories. Amazing results.  Very cool.

Effortless Healing 9 Simple Ways to Sidestep Illness, Shed Excess Weight, and Help Your Body Fix Itself by Dr. Joseph Mercola |

Healer, The Pioneer Nutritionist & Prophet, Dr. Hazel Parcells, In Her Own Words at Age 106 by Joseph Dispenza | This is a book EVERYONE must read.  It teaches us about being connected to the planet, how we are a part of the planet energetically and physically, and how we operate MUST be in alignment with the planet and the laws of nature to be healthy and thrive.  Dr. Hazel Parcells explains how the planet is being abused, slowly dying from toxicity, and of course, we see this in the current state of health of humans, the mental health decline of all humanity is exploding.  Everything and everyone are getting sicker.  We must become conscious, aware of our thoughts, our actions, and be responsible for our every step and every thought we engage in.


EE-System Transmission | To Save Humanity | Healing at cellular level via frequency. This is very similar idea to what dowsing is doing – moving energy, and frequency.

Gaia | Gaia has an abundance of fabulous resources regarding everything to do with growing the body, mind, spirit connection from within and with respect to all that is.

Hay House | Founded by Louise Hay, Hay House provides a massive amount of resources all about growing and healing oneself.

method of healing for the animal
Nutrients | 90

When reading Dr. Peter Glidden’s fabulous book, “The MD Emperor Has No Clothes, Everybody is Sick and I Know Why”, which I recommend everyone read, I came across Dr. Wallach. It was during his research in the 80’s that he discovered that every animal with imbalance / dis-ease is short on essential minerals and vitamins for that species. Once the imbalance is corrected by supplying the shortage, then the imbalance balances out and the being is back to being healthy once again. This includes all imbalances, minor and major.

This was considered a major breakthrough at the time and of course, applies across species to us humans. The list for humans can be found here: and explanation here: When looking at imbalances against mineral deficiencies, Dr. Wallach came up with this list, Mineral Deficiency Diseases found here: It is really upsetting to know this is not mainstream.

It would be therefore, beneficial to each and every one of us muscle test what we are lacking and rebalance with a help of a naturopath. As it matters in what form vitamins and minerals are taken for full absorption and the synergy between each. Much gratitude to both of these men for their wisdom.

Dead Doctors Don’t Lie | by Dr. Joel Wallach
This is worth watching.


All life needs oxygen. Our bodies like our animals needs oxygen to survive. Ninety percent of our energy comes from oxygen. The depletion of oxygen in our environment, has left our bodies starved for oxygen and therefore, presenting the opportunity for to dis-ease present itself. Our cells therefore, do not have the essential life force to operate with vitality. By re-oxygenating the body, the imbalances heal for all major and minor dis-eases. This information continues to be suppressed so please share widely.

The One Minute Cure | The Secret to Healing Virtually All Diseases
Please find this amazing resource here for download. Product to Source for Internal Use: 35% Food-Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

The Wim Hof Method | The Ice Man
Wim is amazing. He has a wonderful vibration. He has learned through practise how deep breathing and getting the oxygen into the body can relieve the body of all kinds of imbalances also. In addition to the breathing, one then has a cold shower. His book is a great investment, “The Wim Hof Method”. Here he is explaining his breathing technique for a sounder body, mind, and spirit.

Our Power
Our power of thought, our conscious & subconscious, what we think and feel, we attract.

It is this simple.  Everything that comes into our sphere is to help us grow and move forward, to a more conscious state.  These are fabulous resources to focus on the positive, what you wish to create in your life, and hence your animal’s life.

Of course, it all matters to our animals what we are attracting, as they thrive in our good vibrations and intentions, and suffer in our fields when we do not honour this path.


The Biology of Belief and The Honeymoon Effect by Dr. Bruce Lipton | Bruce Lipton is a fabulous speaker. A cell biologist who is speaking out about how wrong and outdated information provided to the public is today. He, also explains how this outdated information is still being taught in colleges and universities today. His books are fabulous and all his YouTube videos are a must watch. Below Dr. Bruce Lipton addresses thought patterns and how to reprogram your mind: Top 3 Strategies to Reprogram Your Mind:

Health Revelations from Heaven and Earth by Tommy Rosa and Stephen Sinatra, MD | This is a great story about a near death experience experienced by Tommy Rosa.  And how he happened to save a famous heart surgeon’s life, everything he has learned about truly living life from lessons above, not just surviving life, as he had been.

The Law of Attraction and The Vortex (Includes meditations which are fabulous) by Esther and Jerry Hicks | |
Downloaded from Abraham, Esther and Jerry Hicks channel direction and advice from Abraham about how the human mind, the human being is preventing happiness and hence, reaching our goals through undesirable thought processes which then produce undesirable emotions. Really compelling talks. Can be found also on YouTube and listened to on Hay House Radio. The archives are priceless.

Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender by David R. Hawkins | This is about letting go of negative thoughts, grudges, patterns that no longer serve you, and most of all about the power of forgiveness.

Mind Over Medicine, Scientific Proof You Can Heal Yourself by Lissa Rankin, MD This is written by a doctor, about her experiences with the mind-body connection.  Great read.

A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle | | This book literally saved my life I believe.  Eckhart explains how the ego operates and how we see the world through patterned thought processes.  This book is absolutely amazing.  It takes some time to absorb what he is saying and put into practise.  It is a journey to change.  Worth every minute.  It makes one accountable for one’s life – your direction, your path.  Giving you what I believe is your power back, as you may have just given it away somewhere along the way.  Everyone must find the person, the teacher that helps them evolve, Eckhart was and remains mine.

The Power of Intention by Dr. Wayne Dyer | | Dr. Dyer has written many books, but this one was HUGE for me. As it speaks to every action – every thought. What is your/our intention every minute of every day?

Super Attractor: Methods for Manifesting a Life beyond Your Wildest Dreams and The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein
Fabulous reads.  Gabrielle is sharing her journey with everyone about practising awareness, the power of law of attraction, and staying focused on what one wishes to create during one’s lifetime here on Earth. She is very visible and dynamic to watch on YouTube also.

The Codes

I have created the Codes & Tapping. page on this website, for everyone to reference, based on our family’s experiences. We have used the Healing Code and Emotion Code, to clear all kinds of imbalances, emotional, and physical, working on others at a distance when needed.

They address the subconscious patterns and all the negative vibrations stored in one’s cells.  These could be inherited beliefs, patterns, thoughts adopted in childhood, and negative experiences.  All which build in the cells in the body.

The Be Set Free Fast Code is extremely powerful, as it replaces unwanted, programming which is running in your “hard drive”.  Our cells need us to intentionally listen, and clear the negative vibrations and adopt healthy belief systems which allow life to flow and positive energy to be stored and vibrated.  This is the process which the BSFF supports.

Our animals also need this kind of support, as they have all experienced traumatic events in their lives, and some have also adopted not so positive belief systems during their journey.

The codes, with gratitude to the founders, are a fabulous investment for all living beings to experience life at a higher vibration.

The Emotional Vibrational Scale

We all wish life to be happy and full I feel. What we are missing most of the time, is that this is not where we are living in our heads.  Some of this may be “toxicity-load” driven with our biology being out of whack, or it may be programming.

We are powerful beings.  We have the capacity to create massive negative or massive positive experiences, depending on what we are vibrating.  Nothing just happens to us. We are the creators.

What we feel, we attract into our lives.  Therefore, it is important, we feel, we think positive thoughts, and vibrate this out to the universe to be matched.  And therefore, we do not invite illness into our bodies nor illness/imbalance into those around our vibrational fields.

If you are not living consistently in and above ‘contentment’ on the scale below, then, I invite you to use these resources on this page. Often when we are working to heal our animals, our life expands too, our vibration changes as we see and feel what is possible.  This was my journey, through my animal’s teachings.


We all wish the world to be a better place to live, yet we not as a species doing the internal work. We are all here for a purpose, to ascend. And Ascension can only take place from within, through knowing ourselves, through growth. It does not take place from a knowledge base, and not “having enough time”. To know does not mean to ascend. Therefore, each one of us have a responsibility to our life journey to go within, and make it a daily practise to grow, and heal, to feel, and truly understand from the depths of our being what it is like to live in a place of no fear.

Meditate Every Morning | Get into Positive Thought | Your Vortex
Esther and Jerry Hicks with Abraham have developed meditation videos to help us align our thoughts with our wishes; what we wish to attract in our life at the start of every day. These meditations help create a day of “attracting the positive” with regards to well-being, financial abundance, and in our relationships.   For more fabulous information about the Law of Attraction, your power, please visit here:

Preparing for the Fifth Dimension Transition
From my perspective, this is fabulous reading to understand the process,
With this book explaining our mission here with mediations.
The Seven Sacred Flames by Aurelia Louise Jones

Tech & Your Abdomen

This could be essentially under toxicity, but I wish to really highlight this as people do not understand how much radiation is coming from these devices. The iPad is one of the worst. Most people, including all the children sit, and use these devices directly on their abdomens. What organs are in your abdominal area?

Reproductive organs, pancreas, intestines, kidneys, appendix, and bowels etc. This site has a great diagram to reference the body, with the organ shown on the torso. So many people report having cysts here, and infertility has increased. Stomach cancer potentially if devices are rested on the gut. Please do some homework on this. There are scientific studies being worked on showing a link between diabetes, and radiation of the pancreas. All of these devices are without a doubt impacting your animals too.

Public Health SOS:  The Shadow Side of the Wireless Revolution by Camilla Rees and Magda Havas


The Hundred Year Lie, How to Protect Yourself from the Chemicals That Are Destroying Your Health by Randall Fitzgerald | This was one of my first books on the subject of toxicity.  It has been around the world with me.

Toxemia Explained – The True Interpretation of the Cause of Disease by Dr. J.H. Tilden MD | This is a fabulous read.  Dr. Tilden explains how every imbalance in the body comes back to the toxic load the body is carrying.  The tipping point in the body depends on where the load is carried / impacting the body and thus, the imbalance the body presents.

The Truth Behind the COVID-19 Curtain backed by Science & Biology 101 with Charlene Bollinger and Dr. Zach Bush | Dr. Zach Bush explains how our body is constantly trying to clean, and that all the symptoms the body expresses, are a result of the body trying to deal with a toxic stew.

By investing in you, you are automatically investing in your animals. Please make the time to look after you. Namaste.