FIRE | Pericardium

P | Pericardium Vessel “Master of the Heart”
7.00-9.00 | Strongest Activity

7.00-9.00 AM | Weakest Activity

What is Your Animal Communicating

Any animal healing dis-ease, or needing help will most likely show signs of distress at this time of night if they are not supported accordingly. The heart may be under a lot of strain. Usually, remedies go into the body at this time, or perhaps the animal is supported by processing essential oils via smell. No food should be fed at this time of night or thereafter until the next morning.

Pericardium Vessel

Also referred to as the Circulation-Sex Vessel. Peri translates to around, while cardium translates to the heart; therefore, around the heart. The pericardium is the sac around the heart.

  • Energy | Yin
  • Vessel has a soul which travels with the being’s soul lifetime to lifetime and is connected to first layer of aura
  • Follows | WATER | K-Kidney Meridian
  • Brain | Left-Hemisphere dominant
  • Meridian Flow | Runs from the nipples on the chest along lower edge of shoulder down the inside of the front legs to the tip of the third toe ending under the nail
  • Represents | Blood pressure, and blood circulation. Also, sexual energy. Protects heart form pathogens.
  • Governs | Cardio-vascular system, “Heart Protector” protector of the spirit of the being; adrenals and reproductive glands
  • Impact on Body | Malfunctioning of heart, pressure in chest, pain in thorax, spasms, gastritis, inflammation, sweaty hands, hernia
  • Positive Emotions | Joy, relaxation, trust, generosity and renunciation of past
  • Negative Emotions | Regret, sexual tension, jealousy, stubbornness “perceiving life as pressure”
  • Important to Note | There is enough oxygen is in the blood at this time of night, therefore beneficial time to be walking; not a good time to be eating as the body is performing so much repair, and vital functions at this time. The digestion system should not be working at all past 19.00 in the evening ideally.

Diet, exercise, toxicities the animal is being exposed to must be addressed. In addition, the following are supportive of healing the associated organ(s). These are some resources below, however, ultimately muscle testing the animal is the best approach so the healing journey is specific to their body, mind and spirit.

Resources | Please visit the Meridians & Vessels page for list of resources