Please filter all water provided to your pets, yourself, and your loved ones. This is crucial for healing and maintaining good health for all organic bodies. And please protect your body, your animal’s body, and our planet, by saying ‘NO’ to plastic.
Bacteria and Contaminants

We are all 70% water.We need water to survive. However, the quality of our water is horrendous, to say the least, due to all the chemicals including pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and so on that is not being filtered out. Are you drinking filtered water?

Tap Water Contaminants

This is a summary of what could potentially be (and probably is) in your tap water. All of them cancer / disease causing.

  • Bacteria
  • Parasites
  • Heavy Metals, including Arsenic
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • BPA
  • Perfluorochemicals
  • Chlorine
  • Chloramines
  • Fluoride
  • THMs – Trihalomethanes
  • Petroleum Contaminants
  • Perchlorate [oxidant in rocket fuel]
  • Radiological Contaminants
  • Herbicides and Pesticides

Animals know. Their sense of smell is at least 40 times better than ours. I can even smell the chemicals, so I can only imagine what they detect.

My animals will not touch the tap water.

We filter heavily in the house, using a Big Berkey specifically, for our drinking, cooking, and humidifier water. The water tastes fresh and the animals have no problem drinking it, they choose it over the tap water.  They are very clear.

A lot of people say to me “my animal does not drink water.” There could be a few reasons for this, assuming the body is medically sound.

1. They can smell the chemicals.  Fluoride is heavily linked to thyroid malfunction because it depletes iodine in the organ, thus body.

2. It is reverse osmosis water and this has no “life force.”

3. If they are fed a lot of raw fresh meat, fruit and vegetables, then they are getting their water from these sources and their need to drink is minimal. In the summer, I assume they drink more water after exercise.

Fluoride: The Hard to Swallow Truth Documentary

The danger of fluoride.

Fluoride: Poison on Tap Documentary
Self-Selection Example | Cat Drinking from Tap

What is this cat doing? Self-Selection. He/she is trying to kill gut bacteria with the chemicals in the tap water.

If your animal is sourcing tap or toilet water, while some may think this is cute, this “has a purpose”. This is a massive SOS to you, the pet parent. Please take this seriously, for them to do this, means they have a toxic load so great which they are not able to source the required minerals for in nature to kill off the bacteria. They are using the chemicals in the water.

A lot of times, licking strange things, can mean mineral imbalance, they are desperately trying o source something they know they need but do not have access to.

Please reach out. This imbalance will be impacting their entire system.

Reinstalling the Spirit of Water, in your Local Water Supply

To learn how to clean your water supply energetically, impacting the world’s water supply as a whole, please check out the dowsing page, dropping belief systems, and expanding into who you really are, energy.

Plastic Water | The Dangers
Please say “NO” to drinking “plastic water,” as well.

The bottled water industry sold us 13.7 billion US dollars of plastic water in 2017 alone, so clearly the public has bought the message that bottled water is best. But drinking from plastic poses serious health threats. There is also, of course, the monumental environmental impact to consider, as shown below. Our oceans are drowning in plastic.

More Bottled Water Facts

• Bottled water is not from organic clean sources, as they lead consumers to believe. There are many studies and reports about how filthy and corrupt the water is. This is just “greed in a bottle”. [Please stop supporting these corporations.]

• Most bottled water, if not all of it, has been in transit for a very long time. It has likely been exposed to high temperatures, then stored at high temperatures, so it has been cooking in the plastic you are drinking from for probably months and months.

• Plastic leaches into the water, so when you drink from a plastic water bottle, you are literally drinking “plastic water.”

• We know plastic contains BPA, unless this has been removed. BPA interferes with our endocrine systems [hormones] and sits in our body indefinitely. Time Magazine reports: The government’s National Toxicology Program has concluded that there is some concern about brain and behavioral effects on fetuses and young children at current exposure level.

Please do not give your animal (or yourself) any water or food out of any plastic source. If water is required during transit, please carry bottles made from stainless steel or glass, lead-free.

Animal’s water and food dishes should not be plastic, either, as they leach chemicals. Microplastics can now be found in blood.

Please protect the planet, by not supporting corporations such as Nestle, messaging the world’s water resources are not up for sale.


Microplastics in bottled water:

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How the planet is drowning in plastic and recycling is “a joke”:

Please protect your Pet, and Protect our Planet!
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