Music & Frequency

Music & Frequency

We are all vibrational beings. All life on the planet is. Everything is connected.

We are all vibrational beings. We heal through frequency. This is why we are drawn to a lot of music. Our cells literally respond to the frequency we listen to. If it is a low vibration, you will respond vibrationally low on the scale and feel terrible, think low vibration thoughts, and perhaps even behave terribly too as the vibration is usually one of anger, fear and loss. Whereas, high vibration is about love, joy, peace and potentially bliss.

Vibration of the Home

Music, specifically frequency of the Hz, is a very important contributor to the healing process. It is essential in my home. How my home vibrates matters.  All my animals have their playlists and music I know they love. When I put on certain sounds, they know it means either time to sleep, relax, restore, or I am going out and will be home later, or just chill.  Or, settle in beauties, we are doing some energy healings as they are always around when I am working.

It is my intention to constantly provide a space that is relaxing, and supportive of healing. A safe place to allow the body to heal, and flow. To be. A place of restoration. Music is definitely part of this equation. There are so many amazing artists to choose from, again, what matters is the vibration.

For supporting the healing process some of my go-to artists, which the animals love, are: Diane Arkenstone, David Arkenstone, Richard Bone, Peter Chapman, Deuter, Jonathan Goldman, Llewellyn, Shastro, Stuart Jones, Greg Maroney, Nadama, Nandin, Trine Opsahl, Palash, and Jon Serrie. I love being exposed to amazing frequencies, and beauty in the tones.

Deep Vibrational Healing Sources

Wholetones is vibrational music which intentionally heals the organic body. It is very powerful. You can just feel your whole system recalibrating. Fabulous for all life. We play it the house and all of us just feel the vibration. Magical!

Solfeggio Frequencies for Cats

Isochronic Tones & Brainwave Entertainment

Regeneration Channels

These are two channels which I think are fabulous to help regenerate all life’s systems.

Archangel Raphael Healing Meditation, Heal Damage in the Body, 432 Hz, Emotional & Physical Healing