Animals LOVE tranquil music.

All my animals have their playlists and music I know they love. When I put on certain sounds, they know it means either – go to sleep, I am going out and will be home later, or just chill. How my home vibrates – matters. To all of us. It is my intention to constantly provide a space that is relaxing, safe and supportive of healing. A safe place. A place of restoration. And music is definitely part of this equation. Some of the artists I love and the animals love are:

Chris Botti is a massive favourite in our house. He sings our house to sleep on most nights. It feels like settling into one’s skin before a deep sleep.

Kate Carbano is lovely too as is Stacey Kent and Eva Cassidy. Of course, there are so many artists out there that are wonderful.

Margrit Coates with Perry Woods and Stuart Jones has made these wonderful compilations specifically with the animals in mind. They did a fabulous job.

And a few more to investigate: Diane Arkenstone, David Arkenstone, Richard Bone, Peter Chapman, Jonathan Goldman, Llewellyn, Shastro, Stuart Jones, Greg Maroney, Trine Opsahl, John Serrie.

Wholetones is vibrational music which intentionally heals the organic body. Fabulous for all beings. We play it the house and all of us just feel the vibration. Magical!

Please find a sample below: