This is very interesting to me that this is now part of my healing process. I never thought I would be writing about this, much less dowsing entities. But here I am, doing just this.

Negative entities, ghosts, cording, etc. are all very real in our world. We are all energy, and there are other energies around us. Some are good, some are lost, some are really bad, it just depends on their intention, the “species”, and journey of these entities.

What is becoming very clear, is the impact on our systems, our energy fields, these energies are having on us all of us, including our animals. I have been doing this long enough, which is not that long, a few months, but can already see when I am working on a being and their frequency takes an unexpected drop, something else is at play. The nature spirits of the body, which are vital for our energy systems, and exist inside our body, and outside in nature, as we are one, also take a dive. I can also see symptoms more exaggerated, and heightened. Something else is drawing on the energy system, and what was uncomfortable before symptom-wise, then becomes unbearable.

Energy Impact | Some Examples

I just tested an animal today (2022 July 3) and at the end of cleaning their system, thinking I was finished only to find someone had corded to the animal since my last session earlier that same day. Below are real-life examples of negative energies, and the impact on the beings.

Energy Impact of Psychic Cording | Species: Dog

Energy Level (EL) | 334,000

Frequency (FQ) | 32.2

Nature Spirits | 71% in Body – yet this had been increased hours earlier ***

Psychic Cord | 1 | Removed

Energy Level (EL) | 342,000

Frequency (FQ) | 34.1

One can see the difference, the energy draw, on the body once removed.

Energy Impact of Negative Entities (NE) | Species: Human

Energy Level (EL) | 311,000

Frequency (FQ) | 31.3

Negative Entities | 3 | Removed

Energy Level (EL) | 332,000

Frequency (FQ) | 32.4

When a person has a lower EL and FQ, such as 200,000, the draw on the energy system can be greater as the system is not as strong to repel the forces.

Perspective | It is of value to know when I first work on any being their EL is in the negative range -50,000 to -90,000 and their FQ -6.0 to -8.5 region. As I begin to clean the energy fields, the numbers start to rise. And we wonder why people, and our animals are tired, bad tempered, and ill?

Things We May Not Know, But Need to Know

Land Frequency, Land Life Force, Home Frequency, Greed Level on Land, as everything has a Spirit, if these are low, sometimes in the negative, you and your animals will be feeling drained, bad tempered, frustrated, perhaps always arguing – all the low vibrational energies will be at play as this energy is feeding, literally, the dark energies.

Some animal’s strange behaviour labelled as “this is them” could really be about them navigating these entities which humans are unaware of. I have witnessed my own animals do this, do something strange. Before I would not know any different, realize it was out of character, but again not know to drill down. Sure enough, checking her system after we have come home from being out, a NE needs to be removed. Our animals are here to guide us, and teach us. I suggest every one of us pay attention to them fully, and learn what they are messaging.


Everything is about vibration. And the less we look after ourselves INTERNALLY, SPIRITUALLY, the more we become a host as well as our home, as we are a vibrational match. What can you bring home, and host? Or have been hosting for decades in the case for some people?

Negative Entities | These are on everyone, in homes, and attached to a lot of people’s animals. As a low vibration pet parent, will lead to a low vibration home, and a low vibration animal.

Ghosts | These can be drawing energy for decades, and are heavily attached to a lot of properties. They will also jump onto children, perhaps in some cases to help, I do not know enough here but know they can be with people for a long time.

Demons | These entities are linked to depression, crazy behaviour, and mental illness. I can tell now when someone is carrying a demon. You can feel the energy is not right, and their behaviour makes no sense to what they are wishing to achieve, to accomplish.

Poltergeists | Another dark energy which I have only come across once so far in a home with animals. The house was loaded with a whole bunch of stuff.

Psychic Cording | People running cords to others. Usually this is for safety, dependency, a lot of sorrow and pity establishes cords where people are “worrying” about the being, but can be for other reasons too. A lot of pet parents drain their animals this way through sorrow and pity instead of offering strength and love.

Something to consider – people “worry” – thinking this translates into “caring” when it actually energetically does a lot of harm, so the reverse of what they are wishing to accomplish is actually being achieved.

If you wish to learn more, I suggest people read Ramon Grace’s book on Dowsing. This is very real, and make no mistake if you are not clearing yourself, your home, and all beings you love, you are all hosting some entities. The question becomes, where, on who, and how many.

Protect your Pet. Please take the time to understand the universe we live in, and are apart of.