ALERT 2023 March Update
Please Do This Immediately to Protect Your Animal

Please ask Archangel Michael to seal the substances of the microchip or chips (as some animals have been given multiple) within the device so they may never leach into the animal’s organic body ever again. Also ask Archangel Michael to please permanently disable all antennas if there are any in the device(s). Complete per animal, intention is everything in your request. This request must come from your heart.

Thank him immensely for helping you and your animal(s).

The metals, without a doubt, are leaching into all animal’s bodies, poisoning them. This is being heightened by the cell towers and Wi-Fi devices engaging with them, Bluetooth on phones and in cars, etc. We are energy, and we are not using our wisdom nor resources, and connection to all that is to shift the physical. Take this very seriously please.

Please do not put these devices in any of your animals. They are being placed inside the body during spaying and neutering procedures automatically by most vets. The chips are toxic and dangerous to the organic body. No due diligence has been done to protect your pet. This is all revenue creation. Please read on.

Warning | Please do not use pet products with MAGNETS if your animal has a chip, and keep your animal clear of wireless devices, as some chips may have antennas.

All my animals were microchipped, as we have moved to a lot of countries within the European Union [EU] and some were microchipped prior to being adopted by us. But now that I know what I know, I would not put this device in their bodies due to toxicity and the fact that animals cannot tell us if this device, which is really quite large, is impacting their body, their organs, and so on. I know it moves around the body, because I can feel it in the cat’s in different places.

I am not sure how many animals’ lives have been saved due to microchipping—I imagine not a lot compared to the number of animals that are microchipped. Again, this is all to do with FEAR and MONEY and also, SCIENTIFIC EXPERIMENT, I believe. It is a personal choice, but please do your homework.

Things to Consider

1. This is a $343.07 million US dollar business in 2017, on its way to $463 million by 2020. The typical charge is $50 a chip per animal, some vets are charging $100 and some animals have more than one chip in them. (Just shaking my head as I write this), The majority of vets are routinely pushing these devices during neutering and spaying procedures without knowing the consequences and with the assumption it is the right thing to do. Again, no science is behind this at all. No one knows the impact on the being’s health!

2. A massive needle is used to get this chip into the animal’s body. It hurts like @#$%^&I!!!

3. No one is monitoring or reporting if it is doing damage or not—as this does not drive revenue.

4. What is in this chip and what it is made of is changing all the time without regulation or compliance monitoring. These products go directly to market and into your animal. Some have a new coating that was introduced, which is chlorinated and has poly-dimethylbenzene, which is cancer causing. Chips coated in Parylene-C may present Benzene-related illness. Glass is also used, and may be of questionable origin, containing lead. Is your animal showing signs of lead poisoning? All these things need to be considered, understood.

5. An FDA-approved label does not mean the whole chip—this could be for just a small part or something else. So, when the manufacturer states FDA-approved, the next question must be “for what exactly?”

6. Animals are dying as a result of microchipping. Check https://chipmenot.info

7. Microchip readers are not universal, so even if your animal is microchipped and they get lost, it does not mean if they are found that the “finder” can read the particular chip in your animal. Hence, animals are being microchipped several times! Some microchipped animals are euthanized because the reader being used is not detecting the chip.

8. Microchip Registries are poorly staffed and maintained, and even if one tries to contact the registry, usually the phone is never answered, if phone contact is even available. Sometimes only web form contact is supplied. What none of us would even think to ask: is this registry universal?

9. Your microchip data is not private and has been known to be sold.

10. Statistics reported are not transparent regarding the effectiveness of microchipping. Data is manipulated to support microchipping.

There is no proof a chip is more beneficial than a collar ID where lost pets are concerned.

11. You must keep your microchip data up to date; if you move and do not keep your microchip data up to date, then the whole process is a complete waste of time, money, and your animal’s well-being. 

12. Stolen pets have been maimed from people stealing them and trying to cut the chips out.

From my perspective, I think this is just another marketing machine to use our love for our animals to make money, and for our animals to be used for research. I think the potential damage and toxicity of this foreign device floating around in our pet’s system for their lifetime in the name of safety is really not cool. I think it’s really dangerous and completely unethical.

Another Thought, Are They Ending Up in Pet Food?

Another thing to ponder – as euthanized pets are making their way to the rendering plants to make pet food, it would be safe to assume these microchips are also in the dead animals being processed.

Alternative Options

These options do not cause cancer, death, and long-term toxicity to our loved ones, and do not end up in pet food.

1. Collar and Tag
2. Tattoo
3. Nose Print Identification | Each pet’s nose is unique, like our fingerprints! Canadian Kennel Club has been doing this since 1938.
4. Facial Recognition Software | Found on https://findingrover.com/ and on an app called PiP My Pet found on http://www.petrecognition.com/.

Please Make the Effort to Officially Report Adverse Effects

Please report if you know of any animal that has had adverse reactions to microchipping, and make sure the veterinarian involved formally reports, as well. This is very important to help all our animals.

If you are concerned about the microchip in your pet, read the https://chipmenot.info/what-to-do on the https://chipmenot.info site. The whole site is a fabulous read, almost 50 pages, but this section “what-to-do” explains a lot.


Here is a link from the AVMA. Again, a lot of “head-shaking” going on when I read this.

From 2015, how new players are entering the market and nothing is stopping them. There is no due diligence required from any regulatory body: https://news.vin.com/vinnews.aspx?articleId=37521

This is a website explaining all the health risks regarding microchipping. It is really alarming with the case studies. The UK has set up a non-affiliated site also reporting detrimental effects. https://chipmenot.info and http://www.chipmenot.org.uk/articles/microchipping_lies_legislation_and_lawsuits

In Memory of Dear Leon | http://www.noble-leon.com

Catherine Driscoll is a “defender of animals,” Her book regarding the dangers of microchipping found here: https://www.catherineodriscoll.com/tip-of-the-needle.html

“Microchips: Are Pet Owners Being Misled?” By Dana Scott https://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/microchips-pet/

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