The more I dig into Wi-Fi and its impact on our bodies, and learn about how our homes are hurting all organic structures, the more I question everything we are doing.

I looked into x-rays more closely when one of my beautiful clients came home from the vet’s office lethargic and vomiting.  She was healing cancer and did not need not be x-rayed.  She did not need to be radiated, with high toxicity when her system was undergoing so much challenge.  An ultrasound would have done the trick.

We allow so many things to happen to us under the name of prevention.  But are we really “preventing”? or causing more damage.  I think way more damage than we understand.  We trust too easily without questioning.  We need to start questioning more and saying, do I really need to do this?

X-rays are known DNA “damagers”.

I did not realize how bad they were until I started looking at the radiation scales for electromagnetic waves and understanding the difference between ionizing and non-ionizing waves.  X-rays are ionizing waves.  Ionizing waves are measured against the natural fields of the planet; what the planet naturally exposes us to.  The average exposure of a chest x-ray is the same as 10 days of natural background radiation, 0.1mSv (Range:  0.05-0.24)


Understanding Measurement and Exposure

How “active” a substance is can be measured in either curies (Ci) or Bequerels (Bq).  Both measurements determine the number of decays per second.  This is measured by how often a particle is released from an atom being radiated.

 The Ci equals about 37,000,000,000 decays per second.  This measurement is named after Marie and Pierre Curie.  The Becquerel methods is the SI unit for radioactivity.  The Bq equals one decay per second.

In the SI system, a mill Sievert (mSv) is defined as “the average accumulated background radiation dose to an individual for 1 year, exclusive of radon, in the United States.”

1 mSv is the dose produced by exposure to 1 milli-gray (mG) of radiation.  We are naturally exposed anywhere from 1.3 – 4.1 mSv per year in Canada depending on where you live.

One full body CT scan is the equivalent of 10 mSv.

Canada Nuclear Safety Commission

A great chart showing Radiation Dose Exposure Levels can be found here:  https://www.nextbigfuture.com/2011/03/radiation-chart.html

Veterinary X-Ray Machines

Concerns for the workers in veterinary offices are voiced on these links below.  What one fails to see is any numbers.  There are no comparisons to what the actual safe exposures are versus the exposure from these practices.  All these documents say is how to limit exposure.  But what levels are these workers being exposed to?  And exactly what are we exposing our animals to?  Is there informed consent being practiced at any level here?

And do different machines from different manufacturers produce higher levels of radiation?  Is this being asked?  I think we all need to ask the questions; and informed consent should always be provided.


Radiating Our Animals

X-rays are routinely suggested for animals in the “pet heath care” system.  It is part of the protocols especially now pet insurance is in the mix to pay for the costs of these elaborate machines.  What we are failing to understand is the damage on the body.  Real, deep damage. These are effects of radiation poisoning from one x-ray:

  • Rash
  • Itching
  • Runny nose
  • Coughing
  • Dizziness
  • Abdominal cramps
  • Constipation
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting

All of these symptoms are the body expressing high toxicity.  The body immediately tries to dump the radiation.  Of course, we would like the information, but at what cost.  The questions therefore must be:

  • Is an X-Ray crucial for the animal at that time?
  • Is this information crucial to the healing process? The direction of the decision-making process? A deal breaker at this time?
  • Or is this just additional deep toxicity being added to their system under the name of “prevention”?

Often ultrasounds can be used instead and are much safer.  Please do not expose your animal to unnecessary tests and radiation. Only in dire circumstances should they be used.  Not for checking if an animal is healing.  This I do not agree with at all.  If the animal, sounds good, looks good, is happy and has energy and mobility, and blood work is good, then do not radiate them please.  This process will undo all the hard work the animal has done to date.

Radiating the Thyroid

Usually after the first round of vaccinations, I see on vet records, dental issues. The animal is then taken in for x-rays and dental work. This is because of the high toxicity which has gone into the body all at once impacting the bone structure. The meridians in the body, are so toxic and this shows up in the jaw. What pet parents may not realize is all this radiation is radiating the thyroid, hence the need for thyroid medications down the road as soon as the blood work shows elevation. Something to think about. And by the way, the raised thyroid levels are always a function of the “body not coping” from my perspective, detox the body, heal the other organs, and the thyroid settles and becomes happy once again.

Not Calibrated to Weight

The x-ray dose of course is not calibrated to weight.  So, x-raying a little dog versus a Saint Bernard is the same amount of radiation to the being.

How Are the Animals Being Protected During the X-Ray?

Is their entire being radiated? Is their brain protected while this is going on? We need to ask about the process, the protection, prior to agreeing to the service, and really get the information about whether this service is really necessary, beneficial to the outcome. For a lot of people, the information will not change their direction of treatment. Again, please opt for an ultrasound where possible.

What is the Total Exposure in the Room

The numbers that are provided are all about exposure from the one x-ray. But what is the total exposure in the room? This is something I would be asking if I worked in a veterinary office and if my animal was kept in there for any length of time.

Airport X-Ray Machines

These machines are high, high radiation.  A lot of doctors know enough about them that they refuse to walk through them.  Apparently, there was a study started in the US about the amount of exposure the security workers of these machines were being exposed to, but it was “ordered” to be shut down due to what the scientists were finding.  Deadly radiation levels.  This was not to become public knowledge.

What is not made apparent to those travelling and those working these machines is how much radiation they are exposed to.  Do not walk through these scanners please, ask to be patted down instead.  This is a right you do have.  A lot of medical professionals, doctors, exercise this right as they understand the exposure is dangerous.

Travelling with Our Pets

If we wish to travel with our pets, and they are potentially going to be x-rayed, please leave them at home with people you can trust. Do not radiate them for your travel convenience. A lot of people I know travel with their animals every 6 months, going South. The amount of damage to these bodies in the name of “up-to-date” vaccination (Vx) and being x-rayed to travel is unbelievably damaging. I once had a dog crawl across the floor to me, and sigh between my knees, when I offered remedies for radiation and high toxicity from Vx. The pet parents of course had no idea the damage being caused, but they knew their animal was not well. This had started with the breath. She stays at home now when they travel.

Homeopathic X-Ray Radiation Detox

Dr. Gloria Dodd, DVM, was way ahead of most of us in holistic health. This is her formula for detoxing from x-ray radiation: https://www.everglonaturalvet.com/product-page/x-ray-radiation-detox-nosode-extended-formula-3-bottle-set-100c-200c-400c

Please make wise decisions for your pet.
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