Titer Testing

Titer Testing

What is titer testing? and is this necessary?

Titer testing is about testing your animal’s blood to see if they have the antibodies present in their system to fight off the particular disease / bacteria you are concerned about. This is more of a double check than anything as any animal vaccinated would have the antibodies. And most likely, the system has developed immunity naturally, as the body is designed to do.

About Over Vaccination

I know this information is here in strange times, but this information has been around for a long time. This is not new, especially to those who have witnessed their animals suffer, and in some cases die.

The more vaccinated an animal is – the less the body is actually “vaccinated”

All this over vaccination does not protect your animal more, there is no credible science behind this.   It actually weakens their beautifully designed systems more by exposing them over and over to the actual disease you are trying to prevent not to mention all the debilitating adjuvants in the needle.  The body is literally being crippled with disease under the guise of prevention.  I invite the reader to explore more about this subject here.

Do I Titer Test My Animals?

I do not titer test my animals nor do I vaccinate them. I do not live in fear they will “contract” illness. If their body has an issue, I address it based on what I see, naturally. I know their systems are intelligent and powerful. I believe all this “testing” is a way to get the animals into the veterinary office and has trained the “pet parent” to live in the constant “what if mode” versus trusting the intelligence of nature. We are so disconnected, we must reconnect and know the body is extremely intelligent if we feed it in alignment with nature, and limit all toxins.

Finding a Holistic Vet

If you would like to know if your animals have the antibodies in their blood work, then find a vet who will have them titer tested. These tests will tell you, they are okay and are covered. However, if the bloodwork shows they are on the low side, I still advise to not vaccinate as this could be a result of the system dealing with something that day or the fact the animal is at the vet office. If you take an animal’s blood work at home, you would see a BIG, BIG difference in the results, as the vet’s is usually a scary place for all animals. For fabulous information about this process, please watch these videos:

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Place your trust in nature, she has your pet covered.