Pulsatilla Pratensis

About Hahnemann’s Remedies

The following remedy listed below is one of the most commonly selected by the animal’s I work with, including my own, as their constitutional remedy to help them heal. To provide some perspective, there are over 1,000 remedies available as a result of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann’s amazing contribution to us all. This is one of the main ones which keeps coming up for use with the animals. I have, therefore, provided the profile of this remedy for the pet owner to understand what each is “solving”, working on in the body from an animal’s perspective. Not every symptom may be apparent in your animal, but a lot of them most likely are. Your animal’s subconscious directs the remedy required, the strength, and the dose via muscle testing. This is how I come up with the suggested remedy. Dowsing confirms this, as well as the animal themselves.

Remedy Profile

The reference I am using is Boericke’ New Manual of Homeopathic Matera Medica with Repertory by William Boericke. Therefore, I have gone through the remedies profile and pulled out what I think is pertinent to the pet owner in relation to what they may be witnessing in their animal.

About Self-Selection

The animals know. Whenever I am offering a remedy to an animal, and this includes via their pet owner, I always ask them first, do we have the right remedy to help you? They will let you know. They are very clear. Teeth clenching; leaving the room, going under the bed, hiding, means no! Check again. It is of utmost importance to engage the animal in their own healing. They, without a doubt, know what they need. They just need a facilitator, someone to work with them, not dictate. Dictating will not heal anything from my experience, just “muddy the healing journey” so to speak. Once the animals know you are truly listening, their direction heightens, and I am sure their healing ramps up mapping this new-found mutual respect too. Last night my Flat Coat Retriever, came and told me she needed a dose of Rhus Tox. After I asked her a few questions, and she consented to the remedy once prepared, I received a lick to say thank you, and off she went to bed. Before this though she was literally following me at my heels. So, the animals are very clear when they know you are listening.

PULS | Pulsatilla Pratensis | Wind Flower

MAIN ATTRIBUTES | Acts on mental state. All mucous membranes are affected.

ABMS Observation | This is a powerful remedy where there is so much despair. Despair from having been treated so badly by humans I am finding. Many homes. Taken from mother too young.

Symptoms may be presented as:
Mind | Timid. Fear.
Head | Pain – right temporal region. Headache from overwork.
Eyes | Thick, yellow, discharges. Itching and burning. Lids inflamed.
Ears | Difficulty hearing. Thick bland discharge, external ear red and swollen.
Nose | Nasal bones sore. Yellow mucous abundant in morning.
Face | Right side neuralgia – worse evening to midnight. Swelling of lower lip, which is cracked in the middle.
Mouth | Frequently licks lips dry. Yellow or white coated tongue covered with mucous. Profuse saliva.
Stomach | Vomiting of food eaten long ago. Gas.
Abdomen | Painful, distended, loud rumbling. Colic.
Rectum | No two stools alike. Two or three normal stools daily. Mucous and blood may be present.
Urinary | Involuntary micturition at night while coughing passing gas. Increased need, worse when lying down. Burning. Male | Urine passed in drops. Pain during release of urine.
Female | Diarrhea during or after menses.
Back | Pain in nape of neck and between shoulder blades.
Extremities | Pain in thighs and legs; with restless sleep. Numbness round elbow, hip joints painful. Knees swollen. Pain in heels towards evening. Feet, red, inflamed and swollen.
Modalities | Worse – heat, rich foods, after eating, towards evening; Better – cold, open air, motion, cold food. Not thirsty.


I am not a trained homeopath. Everything I have learned is from my homeopathic vet, and my own animals. I have been using homeopathy personally for over 15 years now. And I have hired many different practitioners for my own animals, observing what works and what does not. I have to say – nothing so far compares to muscle testing the being’s system to find out about what the being needs. All remedies may be purchased at local health food stores.

Profound gratitude, to Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, for founding the remedies, to the humans who participated in the remedy’s findings, and to our wondrous Planet, Gaia, for all her healing gifts.