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The body is always trying to detox.
What is crucial, is the right nutrition is fed to the body to support the body’s organs natural process.
The Process

This is why I am so careful when we switch any being’s body from a toxic industry diet to a fresh, alive diet prepared nature’s beautiful resources, because the body says “finally I recognize these ingredients and can do my job “and the body begins to cleanse and repair immediately. Five fabulous detoxers are:

parsley, cilantro, celery, fennel, and dandelion greens.
Heavy Metals

The focus must be flushing out the heavy metals, especially if your animal has been exposed to vaccination and pharma. The food you feed must support these body elimination processes.

Cilantro, garlic, wild blueberries, strawberries, grapefruit, and seaweed,

may be added to your animal’s food, (keeping the fruit as a separate meal), if they are first selected by your animal, to support the body in removing heavy metals.


Zoopharmacognosey should be the go-to here to clear huge imbalances.  Most animals I work with choose either buckets of bladderwrack (image below) and / or concentrated seaweed, these are huge heavy metal detoxers as well as spirulina, barley grass, and chlorella.

The animals dictate the volume they need to clear their toxic load.  This is crucial for regaining homeostasis, a healthy body.  This all supports the liver, pancreas, spleen, kidneys, and the thyroid.

What Zoopharmacognosey allows, is for the animal to dictate the detoxing process, dictate the speed vs humans forcing the process, assuming we know better.  Any animal in a chronic state, needs to detox carefully as the body is already compromised, and one does not want to flood the bloodstream with toxins.  Therefore, we follow their lead.  They know,

Detoxing is also processed via smell.  For more information, please read the Applied Zoopharmacognosey section of this website found here.

Green and Red Clay, For Internal Use

Green and red clay are also amazing detoxers.  They are both fabulous for internal use and external use. Internally, the clays help pull out toxins in the body, even foreign objects, and coat the gut lining.  It is very similar to charcoal, where it binds and eliminates toxins, but safer and more powerful I think.

The animal MUST choose.  I had a canine take an abundance of red clay, it was incredible.  I have also used it to pack an infected tooth, cleaning daily with the red clay with a tooth brush until it was healed.

Externally, both clays are fabulous on burns, all wounds, and on fungal infections.  Red is selected more if the wound is deep and raw.  They are both something you do not want to be without in your household.

We see animals in the wild coating their bodies with it all the time in countries where it is needed to protect their skin from parasites / insects and to keep cool.

Clay has been used for centuries for all kinds of medicinal purposes.  Some believe that if we all took clay – nothing else would be required as it has such amazing properties for maintaining a healthy body, constantly ridding the body of toxins.  Resources worth investigating found here: and

Our Beautiful Cats | Need Detoxing too

It is interesting, I have heard from some vets that cats cannot fast, but this made no sense to me what so ever.  As we are all, humans and animals, designed to stop eating when we are ill.  This is fasting, this is cleaning, getting the body back to balance.Finally, it was explained to me that any cat on “industry garbage” that is fasted –

the toxic load becomes much too much for the animal, for their organs to cope with, and they become extremely ill.

Their toxic load literally poisons them when the body begins to try and expel the garbage.  So, this tells us all HOW detrimental the industry food is to the body,and all chemicals. The body absolutely collapses when it tries to do the job of cleaning. Meaning the animal is very sick inside.

Carefully, the body must transition back to nature, back to “the natural state” it was born into.  Diet is changed, all chemicals are stopped, and the organs are supported during the natural process of detoxing the body.  Muscle testing the animal’s system regarding specific foods is crucial here to help them heal at their pace.  Not ours.

This is where Zoopharmacognosey is paramount.  As the animal selects the “speed”, the rate of detoxing.  It is gentle and non-invasive, and most of all safe, as they know, nature knows.

We follow their lead, with honour.
Above: Bee pollinating DANDELION which is a fabulous LIVER detoxer. It is said if a plant grows around you, you need it. So, weeds are never just weeds, they are powerful healers. And the horses below, again, sourcing nutrients and most likely cleaning their livers.

Animal Self-Medication
Animal Self-Medication by Caroline Ingraham | This is an essential resource for any library for those with animals in their care.  Caroline teaches you how to heal your pet by supporting them through the self-selection process using the earth’s medicines.

Detox or Not

The Truth About Detox by Ty and Charlene Bollinger | Although, this is docuseries is geared towards humans, most of it applies to all organic beings, definitely our pets. The docuseries covers the following: The History of Disease, Detoxing the Colon, Eliminating Parasites, Cleansing the Liver, Kidneys, Skin & Detoxing with Defensive Eating, Detoxing the Lungs and the Lymphatic System & Protecting from Hidden Hazards.

EMF Detoxing
I invite the reader to read the EMF page here. It is paramount you protect your animals from EMF radiation, which is essentially microwave radiation, running through most homes, coffee shops, and offices.  They will be exhibiting symptoms. This radiation does accumulate in the body and causes dis-ease.  You may protect your home and all organic bodies by negating the fields with devices like the one mentioned above.  More resources may be found on the EMF page under Resources.

Essiac Tea | This formula has a long history of healing cancer, removing toxicity from the body.  Made popular by Rene Caisse, a Canadian nurse, via an indigenous woman, she came across in the early 1900’s whom kindly shared the formula.  One may read the history about this wonderful formula on the site below.

Brewing Instructions and Dosing for Pets:

The Complete Essiac Essentials by Sheila Snow and Mail Klein
I Want to Live Using Essiac, For Anyone Who is Fighting Cancer, Helping Others Who Have Cancer, Or Trying to Prevent Cancer, The TRUTH about Essiac by Caroline Deharde Bennett

Vital Animal Detox
Podcast with Dr. Scott Treadway:
This is being offered by Dr. Will Falconer as a supplement.  Main ingredient is zeolite as it absorbs the heavy metals out of the body, with the second main ingredient being cilantro.

Supplements & Muscle Testing

For any supplement:  It is always best to muscle test for your animal to see if this is a good supplement for their body, as anything we are giving daily in the food forces the body to process it.  Every being is different, one thing does not fit all.

Muscle test also that a new product works synergistically with what is already going into their body too. This is very important, as what I have learned, the body does not require a lot daily but a variety week on week.

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