Nature Knows

The goal is to make your animal’s body super-duper strong!  This is accomplished two ways:

  1.  Fabulous fresh diet, species specific
  2. No chemicals, pesticides, neurotoxins, nothing which hurts the body and the organs which mainstream “pet health care” is offering

The body is naturally designed to handle nature.  When humans get involved, we cripple the body in the name of “prevention” usually from a place of FEAR and/or lack of understanding. This then makes the body weak, and nature then knows to “jump on” and feed.  Because nature targets the weak.  If fleas and ticks are targeting your animal, this is a powerful message to get the body strong through diet, and natural remedies which do not create or contribute to an already toxic load inside the body.

Nature knows a strong body on a fabulous diet means “don’t bother coming here!”

Get the body strong through real-fresh food and Applied Zoopharmacognosey sessions.  Also, adding fresh garlic oil and brewer’s yeast during the summer months are fabulous tools for keeping the body strong.

Fleas, Dealing with them Naturally

If the body has fleas, the body is weak inside. Diet has to be the first go-to. Next the toxic load, what has your animal been exposed to, externally and internally?

Please do not go the “poison route” you are crippling the body more, poisoning your animal’s nervous system, their brain, and you will invite more fleas in the future, for sure.

Based on experience, this is what I suggest you do.

1. Fresh, alive food diet, with not too much animal protein, as the body is compromised.

2. Applied Zoopharmacognosey session, allow your animal to tell you what the problem is.

3. Homeopathy remedy, if required.

4. Weekly baths with Dr. Bronner’s fragrance-free castile soap with an apple cider vinegar rinse.

5. Mop your floors daily with lavender essential oil, being careful not to use too much oil. Do not use if you have cats.

6. Vacuum daily and placing vacuum bag in the freezer in between vacuums so the fleas do not live.

7. Wash pet beds daily with hot water. We used white sheets on top of all beds and checked them for the black dots, and then washed these regularly. This was easier than washing the dog beds so often.

8. Flea comb with a glass of hot soapy water to drown the fleas. This is your best defense by a mile. You must get the adult fleas, and the only way to do this is to comb. Put on a podcast and enjoy yourself. Comb with love! Comb three times a day, if possible, twice at the minimum. Flea comb found here:

9.  Amber stone necklaces are amazing. 
We use them for our pets and others have reported noticeable positive effects from using them. Make sure you take them off after walking your animal, all animals’ necks should be free when not out walking. And please make sure cats’ necklace’s always have a release-free clasp. Our source:

10. Positive mindset is essential, with gratitude expressed daily. This is a journey, and it will end. So just be present and do what you need to do to help your beautiful being become a healthier being.

Our Experience

Our experience with fleas was a result of adopting a compromised-system dog.  She looked beautiful on the outside, but the fleas knew was not okay on the inside.

We needed to help her clear her toxic load. We addressed her body, her mind, and her spirit. Everything is linked. You cannot just focus on the physical. This is not how we are all designed. The emotional, spiritual component must also be addressed for a healthy being, especially if there has been “change” in the animal’s life.

This was my first experience with fleas. It was a lot of work, but I learned to accept, not push away, and eventually have fun. We have never had fleas visit since, and we now live in the mountains.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE), Food Grade

The reason I have not mentioned Diatomaceous Earth in the protocols above is because I am “on the fence” about it. I have been using this for years. On my animals, in my animals and in me. I am/was a big fan. It is a natural de-wormer and it helps with any over population of insect when sprinkled around the interior or exterior part of the house. It is fabulous.

However, when reading Anthony Williams book, “Medical Medium” I was shocked to read he advises against it. He explains that it does damage to the inside walls of the intestines and the gut preventing the body from absorbing nutrients from food. It also damages your hydrochloric acid and kills good bacteria.

How to proceed?  I would use DE as a tool. I would learn how to muscle test and provide it accordingly to your animal’s system needs, as the body changes every day, every week, every month, year, season, etc.

It is fabulous for clearing gunk out of the system, especially joints, skin, and has a great impact on the eyes too I find.  And cleans the intestines out, with regular bowel movements reported by so many!  So, please learn how to muscle test, it is a fabulous tool. And I still put it in my smoothies and salads.  I find it is amazing.

Ticks, Dealing with them Naturally

So much fear is propagated around ticks.  It generates so much money for the industry and for your local veterinary office it is incredible.  All fear marketing.

What I suggest people do is – relax!  And have no fear!  If stats are being reported, dig into them, because I guarantee you, it is revenue driven, not driven to protect your pet.  Anyhow, it is poison so how can it be anyway!

Ticks are a part of nature, have been for centuries, and they do not all carry disease.  In the summer months, check your animal daily after walks in the forest, use a brush and your hands.  Brush liberally.

Please do not apply anything to them.  What may be worn is amber stone necklaces to support them.  These are referenced above in the flea section.

As I have explained above, if they seem to attract more than usual then you have a system problem, something is off with their diet most likely, and / or they are emotionally distraught where their systems are on over drive.

In these cases, they will most likely need a Zoopharmacognosey session to help them clean their systems and recalibrate.  The animal really needs help. And not by the way of chemicals.   This is a big “get help” signal from nature.  Be thankful and get on it with nutrition and a zoo session.

This becomes the focus – supporting the body, not going into “fear” and poisoning them.

In the case of tick bites, I smear Rescue Remedy cream on it, pulling the full tick with its head out with tweezers. If it is a big bite, I clean with apple cider vinegar and apply calendula tincture, and the bite is almost gone within a few hours, without my animal being exposed to any toxicity. And without a leaving massive bump where the tick bit.

Heartworm, Natural Prevention

Please use homeopathic nosodes to protect your animal during the months applicable, if you live in an area where heartworm is prevalent. This is non-toxic, nature-derived, and effective. Again, have no FEAR.

All heartworm medication / prevention is POISON. It is very poisonous to your animal, and will do unknown damage inside your family member definitely shortening their lifespan and possibly contributing to an early death. It damages the heart muscle.

When I map heartworm drugs against symptoms on a timeline – such as PANACUR, I can see the animal’s body crippling under the toxin. Vomiting, diarrhea, etc. These are lethal products which are on the market because everyone is making money from “preventive” medicine. What the pet parent is not realizing, is that all this “prevention” is killing your animal. Literally.

To have a better understanding about the heartworm and how your animal may or may not be impacted, I suggest you read the information found here:

Nosodes Source:

Wormwood above: A Highly toxic, selected by the animals in powder form during sessions to free them of parasites. Only a little is needed, as it is very powerful. Also, selected to help the body heal cancer.
Parasites, Natural Prevention and Expulsion | Body

Parasites are a part of our anatomy, unfortunately, and definitely part of our animals, as they have their nose to the ground constantly. What is important is the balance in their system; what their system can manage, deal with and clean.

If the system becomes too toxic, then the balance will be in the parasites favour and the body will need assistance to clean. An intentional annual clean for all organic bodies is a fabulous idea. It is said any compromised system most likely has a parasitic load it needs to deal with, and pet parents most likely are hosting parasites too courtesy of their animals. So, everyone should have a good clean ANNUALLY.

There are a few ways to clean out the system without wiping out the internal good gut bacteria which the pharma de-wormers consistently do and do not necessarily target all the parasites.

1. Chlorophyll

All of our cells require chlorophyll to function.  It is reported chlorophyll keeps worms and parasites out of the intestinal tract.  Chlorophyll comes from all the greens.  It is essential the greens are rotated in the diet, preferably given seasonally, and as close to raw as possible.  Just flash cooked is ideal for those that are hard to process.  Greens HIGH in chlorophyll:

Spinach, Collard Greens, Mustard Greens, Alfalfa Sprouts, Parsley, Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Bok Choy, Romaine Lettuce, Green Cabbage, Asparagus, Green Beans, Green Peas

Minerals high in chlorophyll which are SELF SELECTED by the animal using Applied Zoopharmacognosey:  Chlorella, Spirulina, Barley Grass, Wheat grass. Please note, these are not food. They are plant medicine with medicinal properties, and should never be added to any animal’s food.

2. Diatomaceous Earth

Place in some kefir or food. Use this for a week to clean out the body. Watch the stools to see if anything dead surfaces. If you are surprised with what you see, move to Ingraham’s method below to have the animal lead a purge with ingredients below to make sure the system is cleaned fully.

3. Ground Pumpkin Seeds

Parasites cannot survive ground pumpkin seeds. The amino acid in the seeds called cucurbitacin, makes it impossible for the worms to hold onto the intestinal walls. The seeds must be freshly ground per day to have impact on an animal’s system. Dose: For a 50 lb dog, 1 tsp per day.

4. MSM (Sulfur)

Pure MSM is said to kill worms, parasites in the body. We give this to our animals on the side of their food so they can choose whether they need it or not. It is always selected.  Sulfur is necessary to support a lot of bodily functions.  Please reference more information on the links below:

Purchase MSM here for all beings:

5. Tick and Flea Bach Flower Remedy

Silvia Malagoli in Italy uses Bach Flower Remedies to keep fleas and ticks away. This is energy medicine which is explained under the Bach Flower Remedy section in Nature on this website here.
This is non-toxic to you, your animal and the planet.  I use her formulas for plants also.  All life can be positively impacted.  Her lovely products may be found here:>

6. Applied Zoopharmacognosey

The other route to go is self-selection via Applied Zoopharmacognosey. The animals will choose the remedies they need to cleanse their systems if they have been “invaded”. This may come in the form of the following ingredients listed below.

  • Wormwood Powder:  selected dry, with a little water or with preferred oil
  • Coconut oil, Rice Bran Oil, Sunflower Oil and/or Flax Oil (refrigerated, cold pressed, first extraction organic if available): may be chosen individually or in conjunction with each other, with the animal alternating between the two, in bucket loads or with one of the other powders
  • Neem Powder:  selected dry, with a little water or with preferred oil
  • Nettle Powder:  selected dry, with a little water or with preferred oil

These are self-selected several times a day for consecutive days until the job is done. The animal will direct you clearly, and you will then see some purging. It is important to note every system is different and every animal is different so it is preferred a proper/full Zoopharmacognosey session is offered to the animal to make sure this is not the only imbalance in the body present. Therefore, the whole body is addressed.

Please honour your animal’s body, and their wonderful intelligence.