Road & Car Chemicals

What is your animal absorbing from the roads, and your garage floor?

Cars, and the roads are covered with chemicals. Oil, antifreeze, salt, brine, and so on. All this goes into our animals’ systems via smell and touch, which they are not designed to process. It is poisonous to their systems.

It is interesting so many people have their dog to sit on the curb at traffic lights. I imagine the thought is a good dog sits beside their owner. My goal for my animals is to keep them as far away as possible from all traffic fumes, and the potential chemicals coming from the cars, and the roadway until it is time to cross. I also always keep them standing, never sitting, so they have less contact with the surface, as I assume all curbside pavement is also covered in chemicals. They are safer this way, too, if you have to move quickly. Of course, this all depends where you live with regards to exposure.

In some countries we have lived in, I could literally feel the exhaust, and smog on my animal’s coats after a walk. I would come home, and wipe them down daily with a slightly soapy wet rag to get as much residue off them as possible. Of course, they would get bathed more often too, with a non-toxic, non-scented, castile soap.

Joints & Paved Surfaces

Some cities have so much pavement it is alarming how little grass, and nature has been left behind for the animals to smell, and utilize. From my perspective, this places an enormous amount of stress on their joints, and ligaments as they are designed for the soft earth, yielding surfaces, not concrete. We are in shoes, so we do not understand the impact of walking barefoot constantly on these surfaces. Ideally, it is best for their joints, and ligaments to keep them off pavement period. I imagine walking on these hard surfaces amplify any joint pain, especially if their entire walk is on pavement of any kind. Please try, and walk your beautiful canine on dirt as much as possible so they receive the earth’s energies, grounding them to their home. It is so good for their body, as this is what they are designed for.