We are all creatures of the Earth. Literally.
What is in our soil mineral wise is what all organic bodies run on. To not be connected to the Earth is not have good health.

A lot of animals I imagine do not get to put their paws on the earth. I mean dirt and grass. Their bodies just must be craving this sensation, this connection as this is what they are designed for.  This is a huge part of maintaining health for all of us, feet, paws on the earth, the grass or dirt.  It matters greatly.

My cats just LOVE rolling in the dirt. And the dogs LOVE rolling in the grass. Both love lying in the sun grabbing all that Vitamin D. It feels so good on their body and coat and I know they are intentionally connecting to the earth, the beautiful planet. And they smell so good too! Just like nature, and all her rhythms.  Please find the time to allow your animal to connect. It is so good for healing their entirety, the body, mind and spirit

Earthing Canada states on their website, earthing addresses inflammation which is linked to the following, many of what is listed are present in our animals:

allergies, Alzheimer’s, anemia, asthma, Arthritis, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes 1 and 2, kidney failure, Lou Gehrig’s disease, multiple sclerosis, pancreatitis, psoriasis and eczema.

Earthing provides the following benefits to ALL organic beings: relief from PMS and menopause, improved sleep and vitality, reduces stress, balances hormone levels, acute headaches, improved bone density, maintain healthy blood pressure and circulation. So very powerful.