bedding | poisonous?

Looks nice, but does it breathe? And is it poisoning your pet?

Your animals bedding must breathe. It must be made of natural sources such as cotton or wool, where the body lying against it can breathe. And it must be sourced from a company YOU KNOW is not loading the materials with chemicals.  “Made in Canada” or the USA means nothing as the companies can claim this if they are assembled in North America, yet the pieces may be coming from other countries.

Most animals are probably using synthetic bedding, covered in carcinogenic flame retardants such as bromine, as this is what’s commonly available through the commercial pet care industry. As most animal’s systems are running hot, and many animals have skin issues, the artificial bedding is contributing to those issues by not allowing the body to breathe. Also, most of it is toxic, as some materials off-gas, and a lot of the products give off lint residue that is not always apparent to the naked eye.

Carcinogenic Ingredients

What could be in your pet’s bed in toxic, carcinogenic doses – a complete chemical soup:

  • Antimony
  • Arsenic
  • Bromine – fatal to animals – 93% of beds tested had these levels
  • Chlorine
  • Chromium
  • Formaldehyde
  • Lead
  • Mercury
  • PBDE
  • Phthalates
  • Tin

All of these above chemicals and metals will be playing havoc on your animal’s system, they are extremely toxic and will affect their neuro and development, and some will most certainly be contributing to their early death as animals process through smell, like us.

Please do your research.  The article below lists the companies to stay away from.  Consumers need to understand:

There is no safety testing going on, or standards being adhered to in the pet industry. It is all about money. Not about your animal.

When I offered my canines two beds, one made of microfiber velvet and the other hemp, they both chose the hemp, even when they had been sleeping in the microfiber velvet for years. Once again, nature knows. It has been hemp ever since in our house.

We want our animals to be as close to nature as possible. Chemical free, toxic free. Cotton, hemp, flax, and wool fabrics and stuffing’s are all in tune with nature and allow the organic body to breathe.
Pet Bed Location Matters

This is important, as a lot of pet’s beds I see are not located for “good sleeps”. Good non-toxic sleeps.

Away from Electronics

Firstly, please make sure your animal’s beds are NO WHERE NEAR a router, a TV, a laptop or stand-alone computer, microwave oven, electric blankets or any cords what so ever.These devices will all be doing immense harm to their organic bodies with the constant EMF Radiation. Cats tend to like the electronics due to warmth, but please do not allow them to entertain these spots as they will cause serious imbalance in the body. Cancer being one of them!!! And no electric blankets. These are extremely toxic with all the electricity running all over the organic body!

Away from all Phones

Please place your phone on AIRPLANE mode when not in use so you are all not getting “pinged” all the time.  This is a big deal!  Read about this in your phone menu – General, About, Legal – the list of the damage to all organic bodies is there!  Again, no safety standards.  It is all consumer beware.

The best locations are TOXIC free, away from the flashing, noise and radiation of TV screens. Most people listen to their TV’s extremely loudly and watch horrible things on them which vibrationally is very toxic. If you go into another room and listen to what they are listening to – most of it is horrific.

Please place animal’s beds in a quiet, dark place for them to be able to restore themselves and be away from our drama, and again all the loud activity and EMF radiation that electronics expose them to.

Away from Drafts

This is never really mentioned much, but sleeping in a draft has been reported to impact an organic body so much that death can occur.

Please have a good look where your pet sleeping places are situated so no animal is being subjected to a constant draft of any kind – hot, cold, damp, anything.  This will cause major imbalances in the body.


My animals love BOWERS Donut Bed. They love to have their back supported and the “donut” style is much preferred to the rectangular style which is awkward to snuggle in. I send Bowsers Hemp fabric purchased here, and Bowsers makes up the beds and ships them accordingly. Other great sources for fabric can be found on

Toxic Free Home
To learn more about having a non-toxic radiation-free home please source a Building Biologist.

Please choose where they sleep wisely. Their sleeping area must support rejuvenation, and restoration. Pure bliss!