The pharmaceutical industry, a subsidiary of the Chemical Industry, is unbelievably powerful, both in money and influence.  The industry revenues in 2017 topped 1,143.3 billion US dollars.  Although there may be evidence about curbing symptoms, I believe there are no studies about actually CURING anything,  as pharma makes billions of dollars off sick people.  The industry wants you to be sick and your animals are now part of the equation.

All pharmaceuticals manipulate the body. They are foreign substances, usually toxic, which the liver and the rest of your organs do not fully understand or recognize.  All pharmaceuticals target the body to do one thing while compromising and damaging the whole system with unwanted “side effects.”

Pharmaceuticals are fabulous for trauma,  and supporting the body to stabilize while the body’s natural healing mechanisms take over.  Beyond this, there is no healing with pharmaceuticals. Pharma is designed to keep you buying more, which makes stockholders rich.

The Earth’s medicines are super powerful and are what the body knows.  There are no TOXIC side effects.  The liver and all the organs know what the plants are and how to process them.  When they are excreted out of the body,  there is no harm to the planet.  Synthetic medications, however, end up in our water supply.  Studies have proven that pharmaceuticals affect all our marine life. There is even a boat load of synthetic drugs contaminating your tap water.

Also, please note, all pharma destroys the gut microbiome.  So, if you or your animals have had pharma during your lifetime you will need to restore your gut microbiome to its natural balance.

It is very important: pharmaceuticals are best when used sparingly.  Nature’s remedies are used to support healing the body and build health.

Here is a case study about canine heart failure, and how pharma kept her going over the rough patch while the Earth’s plants healed her body.  I write this with much gratitude to the founder of the Five Leaf Pet Botanicals.

Real-Life Experience with Dilated Cardiomyopathy [DCM], healing naturally

Canine, Labrador, Female, Spayed, 5 years old, December 2014

“Our lovely Sienna started coughing a week before Christmas 2014. The vet thought she had the flu, so nothing was done. (Fabulous vet by the way, really educated us, and definitely did her best.) Ten days later, Sienna could not lie down, and was panting heavily at night. She was still exercising, eating, and drinking.

“The next day we saw her tummy expanding as fluid started to build up and she refused food.  This was New Year’s Eve. The same vet knew we were in trouble and had us drive to emergency care in Amsterdam, an hour away, and the team waited for us, which we were immensely grateful for.

“After stabilizing her, a vet came out in tears saying Sienna would be gone soon.  He expected her to live a few days and that would be it if she got through the night. I was shocked to say the least.  Sienna stayed overnight, and sure enough, did she not walk with her pole to see every sick animal in her center? As this animal is always looking after others first before looking after herself.

“The next day, I sat with her and asked her what her plan was, did she want to go? Or had she got herself in a bit of a pickle? I also had our animal communicator, Irene van Leeuwan to her and ask her where she stood on moving on. We all understood that she wanted to stay, so there was work to do.

“The vet sent us home with all the drugs.  We had to monitor her breathing rate, her heart rate—we documented EVERYTHING. She was given maximum a month to live if she survived the next week, as all dogs with DCM die within 18 months. From the drugs!

“The first thing I did was hire an Emotion Code worker.  Beautiful Beatrice Nattermuller came over instantly and worked on Sienna for five hours.  She cleared all the negative energy this beautiful lab had absorbed from not only us, I imagine, but also those she wished to help who she met on her walks, her daily journeys.

“After Beatrice was finished, Sienna went outside and tossed a ball in the air, playing by herself, which we had never witnessed her do in her life.  Her heart was less burdened.  Such a gift Beatrice gave us all.

“Next, I started investigating how to heal a heart and I found this fabulous site:

“We put her on the protocol they recommended, and in 10 months she was off the drugs and healthy enough for an international flight! She was weaned off the program after a year, with a strong heart, galloping through the Canadian Whistler snow!

“It is important to note, to remain on these pharma drugs, her maximum life span was mid-2016 as they would destroy her organs.  You may find more information about this case on this website under: Case Studies: DCM

Here is our beautiful Sienna, Summer 2018.

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) – Are you referencing them before the drug goes into your animal’s body?

By the time people find me, their animals have been so pummelled with pharma, that it is really incredible the body is still functioning.  One of my biggest concerns is no one is questioning much less investigating the drugs going into their pets’ bodies and the implications of these drugs prior to use.

Pharma is designed to manipulate the body – not heal it – manipulate it.

While the drug is in the body, the organs have to process it, they are forced to.  As a result, a lot of damage is done to the organs as these drugs get stuck in the system as the organic body does not know what to do with them.  Meanwhile, these drugs damage the cells of the body.

Most drugs if not all of them are extremely toxic, hurt the organs, and are even carcinogenic.  All of them do damage.  Each drug has a Material Safety Data Sheet which can be found on line for you to reference.

Please take the time to read them before the drug goes into you animal’s body.  Your vet may not be as informed as you think.  Please do your homework and demand informed consent is practised by your practitioner.

You should NEVER be forced to put a drug in your animal, you should always be allowed the option to go away, research, and make a well-informed decision WITH the consult of a vet if needed.I have expanded on two drugs below, so you can see what I see.

Cerenia is used to make an animal eat. It blocks the brain receptors which are telling the body to not eat, it manipulates the brain. Your body is designed not to eat when it is sick. So is your animal’s.  The body does this, so resources can be allocated to repair and purge. This drug overrides this information, the messages from the brain to the body, and therefore, FORCES the body to process food – it goes against NATURE.  This is very dangerous, hurts like $#%^& going into the body and it is bright, bright pink. Very toxic. This is found on most vet records, and pet parents have no idea what this drug is on their invoice or why it was needed.

Cerenia MSDS – what does it say?
The MSDS says causes heart and kidney failure as found testing on animals.  Here is a copy of one section from the MSDS link above:

My heart goes out to all these animals who were tested on for these results.

This is used on all animals, for joint issues. What it does is relieve pain while the joints get worse and the liver becomes severely damaged. It is extremely toxic. Vets will say they want to watch the liver values on the blood work, what they are not telling you maybe is once the liver numbers show a problem, the liver is failing.

Metacam MSDS – what does it say?
What is important to note: THIS IS NOT FOR USE IN HUMANS – WHY? TOXIC! It says on the sheet: it is toxic to take orally – yet we are giving this to all animals ORALLY.

This is very dangerous.  As soon as I see anything “for animal use only” red flags go up immediately as we are ALL ORGANIC BEINGS, our cells are the SAME.

“For animals only”

usually means from the corporation perspective,

“Sure, it is toxic, yet let’s make some money anyway, because no one is questioning, it is only the animals who will suffer. Let’s funnel it through the vets and make some big money.”

Please, take the time to protect your pet!
Replenishing the Gut Microbiome | Humans and Animals

Gut Microbiome Testing

To Replenish Gut Microbiome
Canines: Dr. Dobias – Gut Sense: or
Horses, dogs and cats:  Use Applied Zoopharmacognosey or All beings:  Restore (what I call Dirt Water – very cool!)


Everything that is happening to people is happening to our animals.  We have the ability to protect them.  But are we? Are we questioning and investigating – without fear?

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