Fake Meat

Fake meat is being marketed to the populace as cultured meat. It is grown in a laboratory, and, is being promoted as a positive for the human race. I do not agree with what is being propagated at all, regardless what the “scientists” are saying, and doing. I consider this, messing with things that should not be messed with. I consider this extremely dangerous.

We are part of the planet, we are connected to her, as our animals are. We are not designed to be taking this “artificial who knows what” into our beautiful, intelligent, organic beings. We are all being poisoned. The amount of toxicity exposure highlighted on this website supports this.

This offering via corporate greed is no different than GMO’s being marketed to us as “helping the planet’s food supply”, which is so far from reality, it is shocking the damage authorities allow to roll out to the people. Here we have money, Big Pharma, and now Big Agriculture, selling lab waste product. This is completely gross. This is all about patents, and funnelling GMO toxic garbage such as “fake blood” into a new industry.

Fake meat is being introduced to us all I feel, to see what we shall do. Spiritually. Either wake up to what is happening on this planet, or accept, and follow. From my perspective, be very careful where you are sourcing your food from for your animal, speak up at the stores, and restaurants where this is being introduced, and let all those involved know, this is not acceptable. This is a crime against the planet. Stand up for nature, your home, stay well away from this manipulation of nature.

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