The Healing Journey

The healing journey

How the Body Heals

Dis-ease = Blocks

The body is an extremely intelligent system, always trying to balance. When im-balance is presented, the question must be, “What is blocking this innate intelligence from balancing?” and where are the blocks coming from – the physical, the emotional, or the spiritual? Or perhaps a combination of them all? What is blocking the innate intelligence flow of the multi-layered being? This is the question.

The Journey

When any being is off-balance, when dis-ease is being expressed, this usually takes time to heal as the body has been expressing symptoms for some time, years usually. Therefore, the healing journey may be a bit of work for the pet owner. The animal needs support, needs to be watched, symptoms / changes need to be documented, and reported back to me, so the healing journey may be adjusted along the way to support the body. It is a process, and for severe cases the journey can take several month to turn the body around, with months of support, and healing thereafter.

It is very rewarding, and humbling experience to be a part of the process indeed. Any pet owner who has stayed the course, expresses how wonderful it is to witness their animal healing, while gaining knowledge about how the body heals, and how their animal communicates their needs to them. The whole relationship shifts into a much deeper bond between the two souls.

Pet Owners Mindset

What is crucial during this process is the pet owner’s mindset. Our animals are linked to us heavily. They are not only in our energy fields most of the time, but what we think we project. Therefore, it is crucial we project a vision of health for them. No being flourishes around people who see them as ill, or as less than healthy. We thrive around those that see us as all we can be, our potential. This this applies to all life around us.

Worry’ has zero benefit to any positive outcome. It is at the bottom of the vibrational scale with fear. It drains, and debilitates the being and those connected to them. We want to do is ‘notice”. We want to constantly come from a place of love, peace, and open the space to say ‘how can I help you?’ and then take excellent notes, and report back about what the being, the body is messaging us. This is helpful. This is powerful. This contributes. If the pet owner ‘worries, this will drain the animal of their energy because all the animal will divert their resources to the “worrier”, and consequently, not have enough left look after themselves. We all must watch our thoughts to ensure they are productive, and vibrate high so the healing space is full of positive energy.

About Symptoms

Symptoms are fabulous because they signal the body is under stress. They are the body’s “S.O.S” system. The body is communicating it is dealing with something which needs correcting. The symptoms are not the “problem”, they are our guidance system.

They are the body’s “distress signals” saying “help” the being, help the whole body.

It is crucial one understands this. The help must address the entire body. It is of no help to the being long term to address “symptoms”. Addressing symptoms will only deepen the body issue. And eventually the body, the intelligent system it is, will provide more symptoms, usually more severe, because the body, again, has not been helped.

This therefore becomes a more intense healing journey as more damage has been done as the body has become more unbalanced, more ill, during this time of attempting to “heal symptoms”. Does this make sense? Therefore, when there is an imbalance in the body, where symptoms are presented and the WHOLE body is addressed, healing will go through two processes simultaneously, Hering’s Law of Cure, and Healing Cycles.

Hering’s Law of Cure

Hering’s Law of Cure states:

  • In chronic dis-ease, symptoms will take about one month for every year they have been present to heal.In chronic dis-ease, symptoms will take about one month for every year they have been present to heal.
  • The body will always try to protect the organs, so the healing of symptoms will move from inside to the outside of the body.
  • Symptoms also will heal in order from the head to the tail, and top to bottom.
  • Finally, the symptoms will heal in reverse order of how they presented themselves.

What does all of this mean? Here’s an example. While many people think skin eruptions are not good, they may in fact be very positive, as this is the body protecting the internal organs, cleansing through the skin, which is the farthest organ away from the heart.

The brain is the other organ the body protects. So, symptoms on the exterior coat will be seen healing around the head initially with the final stages of healing ending around the base of the tail.

It is not uncommon for a body that has been chronically ill for some time to present symptoms it initially presented, sometimes years earlier even right back to their birth, at the end of its healing journey. As the body is finally unblocked, and can now clear out all the buried imbalance that has been accumulating year on year. It is an amazing process.

To recap, the healing process moves from interior to exterior, top to tail, reverse symptoms.

During the healing process, many healing cycles will occur in order for the body to regain its strength and momentum to finally get back to homeostasis. This is a process, and for every being the process is different, as no two beings are the same, regardless of breed and family.

Your animal will go through many healing cycles and maybe a healing crisis to regain balance. What are these?

Healing Cycles

As the body begins to heal, your animal will feel better and have more energy (and this applies to humans, too). This is the body ramping up to purge toxins and clean the system.

So, one day your animal might feel spunky, and the next day not so good as purging is happening. The not-so-good days are not a setback. This is how the body heals, through cycles. The body ramps up energy, then purges, ramps up energy, then purges, until the body is clean and operating efficiently again.

If the imbalance is severe, the body may need to rid itself of toxins, foreign objects, gunk in the system, and this could be any number of discharges from the body. This is a healing crisis. This is how the body cleans itself, and this is an essential process for getting better.

Not every animal has crises which are witnessed, some are subtler, but for the most part, they will be noticeable. Even for things one might not think are possible to heal, such as arthritis, a purge is required to kick the gunk out of the physical body.

It is important to understand this, so when you are monitoring your animal’s healing journey, you are not worried, but instead understand the process and know the body is healing. However, if ever one is in doubt, seek medical attention. Trust your gut. You know your animal best.

The body is designed to heal. It is an incredible, powerfully-designed, intelligent entity. It is not weak, and it is not meant to fall apart regardless of age. In almost all instances, it is us humans who are causing the decay.
Helping Your Animal Heal

There is no need for an animal to be off-balance. I would love to hear how I can support your animal to help them be the best they can be. We all work together as a team. The animals are very clear and engaged in the process you will be very pleased to witness. They even know when I am on the phone. Below is a perspective of one pet owner’s healing journey.

Real-life Experience | A Healing Journey from a Pet Owner’s Perspective

Nicola has been helping me with my 6-year-old Newfoundland (140lbs) who has been suffering from serious skin issues for a few years. We have tried many of the obvious treatments through our vet and canine dermatologist but nothing was stopping her horrible breakouts.

Then, I met Nicola and everything changed. I am so grateful she agreed to work with Maya. First, she took so much of her time to read Maya’s entire medical history. (We are talking files and files.) Next, she met with Maya at our home, where our sessions began and the treatment plan was developed for our dog’s needs.

Initially, Nicola used an Applied Zoopharmacognosey Session and the results were shocking!  I couldn’t believe how a dog was able to zoom in on what nutrients she needed to self-heal and help her body fight the toxicity and help her immune system.  This became one of many with diet changes implemented. Nicola’s total wellness approach is a process that takes time, effort & commitment on our part, but is SO WORTH IT in the end.  I can honestly say I had almost had given up hope.

Nicola is extremely kind, understanding and unbelievably easy to work with.  She sends us massive reports via email after our sessions and keeps in touch with us via phone, text and email to answer all our questions throughout the process.  She is highly trained, knowledgeable about herbs, oils, and this specific therapy. I feel so lucky we found her.   She truly has our pet’s best interest at heart and I can say from beginning-to-end, I couldn’t have imagined a better experience!

Stephanie, Vancouver, BC, Canada


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