toxic TV

Law of Attraction says, “what we give attention to grows”.

Therefore, what are we attracting daily? We have been seeing a massive growth of violence in entertainment and the news industry, decade on decade, which is not ONLY negative sensationalism, but a very low vibration.  One of FEAR and CONTROL.

And this has grown because everyone is giving it attention. If we, pet owners, all humans choose NOT to give attention to any of this “feed” as this is being fed to us, literally, then the companies owning these media channels / outlets – Big Pharma, Big Tech, Google, would be forced to provide the public what they are seeking. Positivity. Hope. Tools for growth. Wonder.

But right now – these corporations are providing VIOLENCE because people are seeking this.  Maybe it is not one’s intention to promote this but every click = “give them violence”.

What we are learning now too, is there is a lot of intentional programming via these feeds and not much truth.  It is all about keeping your attention, and at a broader sense manipulating you into division.  News and most media channels do not support a thriving world.  They are promoting decay.  Serious decay of the human spirit, human connection, and of the planet I believe.

All life forms are frequency. TV’s have been purposely designed to interfere, and numb our frequency.
How is This Impacting Our Animals?
Volume Vibration

Well, one thing, the VOLUME which people watch this violence in their home at is astounding on these massive smart TV’s which are radiating massive EMF’s.  For our animals who are stuck inside, especially in the Winter months, they are blasted with NEGATIVE ENERGY, TOXIC ENERGY.

If you find this hard to understand, I invite you to play a violent movie, put your animals somewhere else please so they are not exposed to it, and then go sit in another room and listen.  The technical SOUNDS are so well done that they vibrate in your bones.  Pure terror.  They are VERY TOXIC to all of us.  All living beings.

This toxic energy permeates our cells and contributes to our toxic load.  Everyone is absorbing this.

For the sake of your animals, please give attention only to the positive.  This does not mean you do not have to be aware of what is going on in the world, this you can get from other devices – your computer, phone without having your home vibrate in this toxic vortex and exposing your family to this messaging.  Again, be careful what you give attention to.  Are you all supporting a thriving world?  Or supporting one of terror and violence?

The larger issue is the average person thinks their VOICE, CHOICE does not have an impact on the WHOLE.  But this is far from the truth. What you give ATTENTION to GROWS, in your life, in your family’s life, and on this planet.

So, the QUESTION must be – what kind of life do you wish for your animals and you? and all of us on this planet?  One full of violence and negativity, or one full of hope, positivity, creativity, wonder, kindness, love?

Assuming it is the later, the next question becomes where is your attention, your family’s attention going a good part of the day?  To positive or negative messaging, content?  What are you driving?  MUTE where you can, when watching TV, please do not expose them to VIOLENCE in your home.   Their cells are absorbing / processing it.  As are yours.

No Leaving the TV on for Your Animals

A lot of people this is a good idea for their animals, leaving the TV on for company. So far, it is my experience the animals do not like it, as the frequency is messing with their systems. Also, people that do have TV’s, have really large TV’s, and these emit an enormous amount of radiation. If you would like to leave your animal with some music, choose a device that is NOT streaming, has all Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc. turned off on the device and is strictly playing directly from the device. Some soft music they would really enjoy I feel.

Bed Location

Also, please make sure your animal’s beds are not located near TV’s, and electronics, including the routers. All of the above are highly toxic for their bodies.  Please turn everything off as much as possible.  Please read the EMF and 5G section about how you are all being exposed heavily to microwave radiation in your home.  The side effects listed on these pages I am sure many of you will be experiencing.

For further exploration on the toxicity of: “Smart Homes” & EMF
For further exploration on frequency, and who we are: Bringers of the Dawn, Teaching of the Pleiadians, by Barbara Marciniak

Protect your pet, all those you love, including you.