It is not about the “fight”.
About Cancer

If your animal has cancer, I am very sorry. But please know, this is all about toxic load in the body, potentially shock, and maybe even parasites that has building in the body for a long time.

The body is cancering to save the body. It is not a disease per se, it is a process.

The cells are in a process of signalling there is a massive problem inside the body.  If the body did not “cancer”, the body would be dead.  This is important for people to understand.  This whole WAR on cancer is marketing to buy into chemo and all the drugs.  We do not fight ourselves, our cells, to heal, we give love, the sense of freedom, joy, fabulous fresh food to our cells – to heal.  We do not message deadly thoughts to the body to heal, or poison the body to heal, we give gratitude to the body and change everything we have been doing up until this point, letting our cells know “I am listening, I am changing”.

Regarding our pets, we have most likely, perhaps not in all cases, but in most, contributed to the toxic load.  Cancer has been around for centuries, because it is a natural body mechanism to toxicity – both physical and emotional.  It has exploded in the last 50 years in direct proportion to the toxic protocols called healthcare and this includes vaccination, toxic food from the pet food industry, and our toxic environment, which we are all contributing to daily.  We are driving so much toxicity that the body is being forced to cancer to signal to us all what we are doing.

It is not about fighting anything.  It is about changing everything you are doing, to you, your animal, in your home, in your environment, how you are living your life?

It is about learning and listening and being present and changing negative thought programs so positive energy is consistently pinged to the body and to EVERYTHING around you.  It is about supporting the body, so it may heal.  Not fighting the body, this is terrible messaging.

So, how do you heal your animal?

Like I said – change everything you think you know, and go back to nature.  We are all organic beings from the earth and we are not here to be pumped full of garbage for corporations to make millions from, and think “negative thoughts” constantly heavily propagated by all media.  Yet this is what is happening.  And the type of cancer is irrelevant in the healing process.  One must look at the whole body, and say “how do we help you heal beautiful being?”

 And we begin the journey together.
About the Healing Journey

A few things to consider which are paramount to healing.

Beliefs and Attitude

What you believe, you create. What your animal requires is love, calm, a vision of health, and a constant message of “how can I help you?” They need strength, and peace. Not sorrow, crying, drama, and a concept that they are too old and it is their time.

Healing takes a lot of energy, and negative energy around them will drain all their healing energy if this is what the animal is having to deal with.

The best thing you can do for your animal, is be happy! Happy with you, your life. This allows them to redirect resources to themselves. If you think giving them tears, sadness, the works, this will drain them and power them down. They need you to create an environment of “thriving”. This is essential to their healing.
Great Information found here from Dr. Lorraine Day regarding the cancering process.


You must trust your instincts.  No one is to make you wrong.  Your job is to protect your animal and seek the care which you feel is good for your animal. If you feel fear rising in you as a protection-mechanism for your animal, then please take a beat and listen.  Fear means stop, think, research.  This is your body, your innate intelligence, telling you to redirect.  I am here if you ever need to talk.

pH Level

A cancering body is an acidic body. Alkaline the body, heal the cancer cells. All beings pH levels need to be within a specific range of 6-8.0 to maintain alkalinity. This includes the mouth, and all the organs of the digestive tract, as some may hold a lower frequency, and thus a lower pH level. Parasites thrive in an acidic environment.

Parasitic Load

It has been reported a lot of cancer is literally due to a parasitic load.  As cancer is all about dealing with toxicity, this would make sense.

Therefore, this is important to check using Zoopharmacognosey.  The animal will tell you.  They are very clear.  Any organic being with a compromised system, most likely has a parasitic load, and you may too especially if you share your life with animals.  Pharma is not the answer as it increases the toxic load in the body and wipes out the gut microbiome. Herbal tonics will clean out the body including freshly ground pumpkin seeds taken daily.  Measuring your animal’s PH levels is suggested, balancing out with a Vitamin C source.

For humans, I would suggest using Barlow’s Herbal formula, LDM.  It is very powerful and will definitely kick unwanted parasites out of the body.


The body cannot take one more toxic load.  Food, medications, household cleaners, WIFI, people unhappy – all this must be neutralized / so your animal has the space to heal.  Everything matters.

And on medications, which most are extremely toxic, make sure you look up the Material Safety Data Sheets on everything proposed to you prior to it going into your animal.  This could mean the survival of the organs literally.

Information Covered on This Page

What I have included on this page, are resources regarding people’s healing journeys and those associated with animals.  All of it has to do with “change”.  All of it has to do with turning everything you know upside down and looking at the world from a new perspective.

A non-toxic, take back control perspective.

It is work, but it is also fun.  It is about learning how powerful we are, how the body heals, and that cancer does not have to mean life is over. Far from it actually!

Books & Websites

We have been made dependent I feel on a system, not educated nor understanding at all how our bodies work. Everyone that has healed themselves or others, has begun to educate themselves on why they got ill, out of balance, in a state of dis-ease, and then educating themselves on how their body, mind, spirit connection works to support the innate healing process these three bodies are trying to continuously accomplish.

Anti-Cancer – A New Way of Life by David Servan-Schreiber, MD, PhD
I don’t like the title, as again, here we have “the fight” and it is not about fighting your own being, your own body. The body is one with the mind and spirit. Dr. Servan-Schreiber explains how we all have cancer cells in the body, it is all about how we are living whether the body activates them or not.

Breasts: The Owner’s Manual: Every Woman’s Guide to Reducing Cancer Risk, Making Treatment Choices, and Optimizing Outcomes by Dr. Kristi Funk
What is so interesting about this doctor, is during her research about diet for her patients for this book she discovered how much research supported inflammation being driven by the consumption of animal products. She went home and literally cleaned out her cupboards and fridge it was that powerful.

The End of Illness by David. B. Agus, MD
This book is a fabulous read. This was one of few people I have come across to explain how the body is protecting itself by cancering. Dr. Agus says, “When we see a whole bunch of cells starting to divide uncontrollably in an area, we call that cancer, and depending on the body part in which it happens, we’ll call it lung cancer or brain cancer. But that’s not actually what’s wrong; that’s a symptom of what’s wrong.” (Page 39) There is so much fear propagated when the body expresses symptoms, the question must become – how do we heal the body? the symptoms are just signalling.

Principles of Natural Hygiene by Herbert M Shelton
This is an important read, as it explains how powerful the body is. That all toxicity the body will try, and eradicate and deal with, this includes all toxic pharmaceuticals which do not promote healing. Mr. Shelton explains that the human species has been programmed away from nature and into a system where toxins equate to healing imbalance. He asks why do humans not take toxic products when we are healthy yet load up on them when they are dis-eased. This is absolutely not logical, and goes completely against nature. All healing is performed by the divine body, mind and spirit.

The Laws of Nature are what our divine systems are connected to. Living, and respecting these laws, our carbon-based bodies, including our animals, will stay healthy. Going against these laws, not honouring these laws, will manifest as dis-ease as we are disconnected.


Anita Moorjani
Dying to Be Me by Anita Moorjani
The lovely Anita Moorjani can be listened to on Hay House Radio and followed on Facebook. Her journey about living without fear and honoring her innate being after being riddled with cancer, dying and returning healed is magical.

Cancer Schmanser Movement
This movement was started by Frans Drescher when she developed breast cancer long ago. I am listing it here as her message about detoxing and eating clean is very clear. We are all organic beings and what goes for us humans, applies to all the planet’s animals too. Toxic-free, fabulous food, no stress thought patterns, and letting the body do its innate intelligent job.

Dog Cancer Patches
Dog Cancer: The Holistic Answer, A Step-By-Step Guide by Dr. Steven Eisen
This is an informative site about cancer which is supported by Dr. Steven Eisen whose dog, Patches, developed cancer in 2007. There is a lot of information on the website with a large focus on Vitamin E (Avemar), and protocols laid out in his book. What I do not agree with is using any products on the body – including cedar oil, nor do I agree with buying any Pet Industry products regardless of source. When you have an animal, whose system is this compromised, then you must know what is in the food, industries are not transparent. So, I suggest one shops at the local grocery store for your pet. Muscle testing and dowsing are crucial in the healing process I feel.

Chris Beat Cancer
Chris Beat Cancer: A Comprehensive Plan for Healing Naturally by Chris Wark 
This book again, expresses “the fight”. When I listen to Chris he has not come to the realization yet, that this was indeed a gift from his body as he changed everything he was doing, how he was living to heal. And in the process, went from negative energy, not enjoying life, to living in a positive vibration! Chris provides a lot of fabulous information in his book and on his website, and his weekly podcasts are extremely informative interviewing so many interesting people. Much gratitude to Chris for sharing everything he is learning.

Kathy Mydlach Bero
E.A.T. – An Unconventional Decade in the Life of a Cancer Patient by Kathy Mydlach Bero | | Kathy healed her cancer and this is her story, her journey and her wisdom shared.

Templeton Wellness Foundation
James Templeton is amazing to listen to.  His journey about healing himself and, all the fabulous information he has come across by wonderful teachers is all here.  All about the mind, body, spirit connection.  And a lot of it crosses over to our lovely animals.


World Without Cancer, The Story of Vitamin B17 by G. Edward Griffin
This is a must read for all of us.  B17 is found in apricot seeds. And it is known to heal cancer cells. However, this has been heavily covered up by many because of course, MONEY!!! Cancer is an extremely lucrative industry. There is too much money at stake, too much money to be made, too many egos involved, to actually promote and support the natural healing of cancer. ( Of course, the YouTube video about this has been blocked for the public to see.)

Baking Soda
Sodium Bicarbonate, Nature’s Unique First Aid Remedy by Dr. Mark Sirius
This circles back to our pH level in our body and how important it is to maintain an alkaline balance. Sodium Bicarbonate, baking soda, is reported to heal bone cancer in this book with the amounts, and healing journey’s well documented.

Berrihealth =

Black raspberries, great resources above.  The fruit has been proven to help heal cancer.

Caroline Ingraham
This is Zoopharmacognosey, healing via self-selection by the animal. The animal knows they are ill, they have known this for some time, as usually the symptoms have been brewing for months if not years, until finally the body if forced to go into a cancerous state.

By allowing your animal to direct their healing, consistently daily, they can heal themselves. This takes commitment by the pet owner as the animal must be allowed the opportunity to select what they need several times a day. They are very clear, and the healing will go in cycles. What is paramount – is a good clean, fresh diet, no pet industry products what so ever, and no vaccinations, pharma, chemical applications on the body what so ever from this point until end of life. Please reach out if you would like to learn more.

Essiac Tea
The Complete Essiac Essentials by Sheila Snow and Mail Klein
I Want to Live Using Essiac, For Anyone Who is Fighting Cancer, Helping Others Who Have Cancer, Or Trying to Prevent Cancer, The TRUTH about Essiac by Caroline Deharde Bennett
The formula of Essiac tea was brought to the market by a Canadian nurse, Rene Caisse. Essiac is her name spelt backwards. The story goes she was given the formula by a native woman who had healed from cancer. Essiac tea has been reported over and over again to have cancer healing properties. Why? Because the mixture of the seven herbs detoxes the body, and the body then stops signalling the cancer cells to protect it.

Unlocking the Power of Glyphs by Jean Logan PhD
Sacred Symbols of Light by Jean Logan PHD
Sacred Symbols of the New Age by Jean Logan PhD
Glyphs are amazing as they are energetic picture provided by Source which one places on the body part, it depends on the being’s condition of course as to the number they may need, to help heal the body. We have been conditioned to believe that healing is this massive job. Yet it is all about energy flow, vibration, frequency and no toxicity.

An abundance of information here for those seeking the truth about healing a cancerous state.

Image on Left: Berries with reference to the Berri Health site above; Image on Right: Apricot Seeds, amazing source of B17, known to support the body to heal cancer, clearing toxicity from the body


German New Medicine
Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer discovered the mind-body connection when his son died and he himself developed cancer thereafter.  Something told him it was his negative messaging to his body that triggered his body to cancer.  As soon as he healed his grief, and re-messaged his body, his body stopped cancering and he healed.

He states that nature always operates in balance.  When the body begins cancering, microbes also begin growing in direct comparison.  When the body is signalled that it is safe and the cells no longer need to rapidly grow, the microbes are released and dissolve the cancer cells.  This is, of course, my basic understanding.

Dr. Hamer then proceeded to map the brain, and thought patterns to specific areas of the body.  So, when one lives in a place of “fear” all the time, these thought patterns send signals to the rest of the body that the body is in danger.  Over time, this constant messaging of high stress on the body, all the time, pushes the body into a cancerous state.  The type of thought depends on what area of the body is impacted.  It is like the body constantly being hit with trauma over and over again.  Another perspective, as many people think the same thoughts every day, the body is constantly being “pinged” in the same place every day.  It depends on the thought, which occurs in a specific area of the brain, which then is linked to a specific area in the body.

When I learned this, I was like “of course”, this makes complete sense.  When we have good or bad thoughts, we feel regardless.  We cannot have a thought which does not impact the physical body in some way.

Of course, the medical community ego-collective refused to listen to him.  He was ostracized from his home in Germany, the medical community refused to honour his degrees and he was forced to take refuge in Norway all because his work threatened everything the medical community “thought was true”.

So, for example:
Women mostly begin cancering in their LEFT BREAST if they are right-hand dominated.  RIGHT BREAST if they are left handed.  This is associated with the thought patterns of “trying to control or nuture another’s life” – usually a child but it may be a friend, etc.  The thought pattern would be constantly about “worry” and about again, trying to control another’s destiny. Ping, ping, ping to the left breast daily as this is the mapping of the body, and the body goes into stress and begins cancering.  Change the thoughts, relinquish control, get back into your own courtyard and work on you only, and the microbes are released to dissolve the cancer calls.

Dr. Hamer passed away in 2017, but I believe his work will come to the forefront in medicine eventually with the mind-body connection.

German New Medicine Experiences in Practice by Dr. Katherine Willow ND
This book is by a naturopathic doctor in Canada who has been practising Dr. Hamer’s principles of healing, German New Medicine for years. This is an easy read to understand how SHOCK is registered in the brain, which then impacts the body, and the process the body takes to heal. The healing does not start to take place until the SHOCK begins to heal, messaged from the brain, the being. Therefore, one will not see symptoms of healing until the mind says it is safe to do so. What is amazing is that cysts and cancerous tumours are a part of this healing process, they are mechanisms to healing the shock in the body. This has been proven by Dr. Hamer with tens of thousands of cases documented. To explore GNM more, please reference the website section below.

The 5 Biological Laws and Dr. Hamer’s New Medicine by Andrea Taddei
German New Medicine follows these 5 biological laws of healing. These protocols ONLY deal with SHOCK to the body, not poor diet, trauma, or outside toxins, such as poisoning.


The Moss Reports
Doctored Results, The Suppression of Laetrile at Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Research by Dr. Moss
Questioning Chemotherapy by Ralph W. Moss PhD
The Cancer Industry by Ralph W. Moss, PhD
Cancer Incorporated, The Inside Story of the Corruption, Greed & Lies of Big Pharma by Ralph W. Moss
Dr. Moss established the website Moss Reports reporting in detail about all kinds of cancers and how to cure them. When he discovered that “truths” about healing were not being presented to the public, he was forced to go out on his own as he could not be part of what was going on. Amazing information available to all.

The Truth About Cancer 
Ty Bollinger and his wife Charlene started this adventure when Ty lost a lot of his family members to cancer in a short period of time and could not understand why. The more he dug into what is real and what is not – the more his mission grew. The resources and information on this website are vast, well worth exploring. TY and Charlene have also produced many valuable docuseries (below) regarding cancer in people, pets, detoxing with a huge deep dive into the vaccine industry also. Fabulous information from so many wonderful healers around the world.


The Answer to Cancer by Dr. Patrick Gentempo and Jeff Hayes
Our biology is the same as animals apart from a few digestion differences.  We must be connected to nature, eat nature, and be in an environment which supports thriving!  Honouring our being.  Our animals require the same.
Episode 1:  Profound Personal Discoveries and Breakthroughs
Episode 2:  Refuse to Let Cancer Win
Episode 3:  Alternative Methods for You & Your Loved Ones
Episode 4:  Going All Natural & the Power of Plants
Episode 5:  Deep Cellular Healing
Episode 6:  Combining Holistic & Conventional Methods
Episode 7:  Advanced Scientific Protocols
Episode 8:  Accelerating Healing
Episode 9:  Finding Your Answers to Cancer

Dog Cancer Series Rethinking the Canine Epidemic by Rodney Habib and Dr. Karen Becker
Rodney Habib and Dr. Karen Becker look at what is being sold to us as “food” for our beloved canines and teach everyone why cancer is so rampant now in our pets. As it never used to be this way.
Episode 1:  Cancer 101
Episode 2:  The Broken Cell
Episode 3:  The Pet Food Industry’s Billion Dollar Problem
Episode 4:  Dogs and Ketosis
Episode 5:  The New Hope
FAQ:  Tips, Tricks and Hacks

GMO’s, Glyphosate and Gut Health
Essential to watch with Dr. Zach Bush, MD

Proven: Healing Breakthroughs Backed by Science by Nick Polizzi
Episode 1:  The Root Cause of All Disease – How to Rise Above Stress, Anxiety and Mood Illnesses
Episode 2:  Immunity 101: Strengthening Your Body’s Defense and Rooting Out Hidden Infections
Episode 3:  How to Restore and Protect Your Brain
Episode 4:  Gut Health & How to Balance Your Microbiome, Reduce Inflammation, Heal Digestive Issues and Overcome Autoimmune Disorders
Episode 5:  Healing Emotional and Physical Trauma
Episode 6:  Solutions for Heart and Blood Disorders
Episode 7:  Overcoming Pain
Episode 8:  Preventing & Healing Cancer
Episode 9:  Reproductive Health

The Truth About Detox by Ty and Charlene Bollinger
Although, this is docuseries is geared towards humans, most of it applies to all organic beings.  Anyone with the body cancering, will need to support the body in clearing out the toxins.  The docuseries covers the following:
The History of Disease, Detoxing the Colon, Eliminating Parasites, Cleansing the Liver, Kidneys, Skin & Detoxing with Defensive Eating, Detoxing the Lungs and the Lymphatic System & Protecting from Hidden Hazards

The Truth About Cancer by Ty and Charlene Bollinger

The Truth About Pet Cancer by Ty and Charlene Bollinger
Great information to be found here.  Again, it is all about the toxic load, the lethal pet food industry, and the current pet healthcare protocols.  It is worth investing in and listening to.  Found on the Truth About Cancer website.
Episode 1:  Understanding Pet Cancer & the Current “Medical Toolkit”
Episode 2:  The Pet Food Industry, Healthy Diets. Ketosis & Nutrigenomics
Episode 3:  Pet Vaccines – “Do’s & Don’ts”
Episode 4:  Pet Cancer Causes, Silent Killers & Recurrent Epigenetic Triggers
Episode 5:  Cancer Roots & Remedies, Hidden Hazards, Healing Tones & Detox
Episode 6:  Treatments & Preventions – Healing Herbs, Homeopathy & Other Proven Protocols
Episode 7:  Treatments & Preventions – Eastern Medicine, Supplementation, Surviving and Thriving