GE Smart Meters

General Electric Smart Meters emit Electromagnetic Frequency Radiation Waves every second. This is microwave radiation classified as a carcinogen by scientists.
About the Smart “Danger” Meter

The Safety Standards are not safe.  They have been set at 1000x more dangerous than the level where one can develop a brain tumor.  Therefore, one can say the safety standards are bought and paid for.

The power companies will say they connect to the main source a few times a day.  But this is not true at all.  They are constantly emitting EMF’s, electromagnetic frequency radiation via pulsing, around the clock.  These are microwaves, the same used in a microwave oven if you own one, and are literally deadly to all life.

Data Collection
Looking at this image below, if you are one of the houses where the data is collected and then launches up to the network, the cloud, then the magnification of the radiation becomes exponential.

The thing is, no one has been informed, which is really criminal.  How do you know how it has been set up in your neighbourhood? or workplace?

The Dark Side of Smart Meters

Rob States explains how smart meters work, the health implications, and impact on privacy.


People have reported immediate effects on their systems, from internal bleeding, ear ringing, to massive migraines to tumors.  It is microwave radiation (EMF). 

These meters will most definitely be impacting your pets, your neighbours, and of course, all wild and plant life.

And yes, animals have migraines too.  They will rub their head a lot on things, or look dull in their eyes.  They will have symptoms.  Pet parents may have just chalked them up to “them”.  But this will not be them, this may well be radiation poisoning.

The following are symptoms of radiation, function of the Smart Meter and the dirty electricity / power which is projecting around you and your loved ones in your home:

  • Sleep problems (insomnia, difficulty falling asleep, night waking, nightmares)
  • Stress, agitation, anxiety, irritability
  • Headaches, sharp pain or pressure in the head
  • Migraines
  • Ringing in the ears, ear pain, high pitched ringing
  • Tinnitus
  • Concentration, memory or learning problems
  • Fatigue, muscle or physical pain
  • Disorientation, dizziness, or balance problems
  • Eye problems, including eye pain, pressure in the eyes,
  • Cardiac symptoms, heart palpitations, heart arrhythmias, chest pain
  • Leg cramps, or neuropathy
  • Arthritis, body pain, sharp, stabbing pains
  • Nausea, flu-like symptoms
  • Sinus problems, nose bleeds
  • Respiratory problems, cough, asthma
  • Skin rashes, facial flushing
  • Urinary problems
  • Endocrine disorders, thyroid problems, diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Changes in menstrual cycle
  • Hyperactivity or changes in children’s behavior
  • Seizures
  • Recurrence of cancer
  • Contracting Cancer, Brain Cancer
  • Brain Tumors
  • Rise in Electro Sensitivity Disorder

Source:  In gratitude to Cratus Canada, Terry Stolyn

Diagnosis of EMF Radiation in Healthcare

In the “Take Back Your Power” documentary, a little girl reported having a sharp spike of radiation go through her head every time she walked passed a particular house on her street once this was installed.

I see many SMART Meters have been installed at people’s front doors and at the side of their garages which are major arteries.  As a result, each person is being heavily “zapped” every time they enter and exit their house.  Right at head level, brain level.

General medical doctors are not trained in radiation.  They have no idea what radiation looks like in the body unless they have taken time to independently inform themselves.

Therefore, it is up to the individual to become informed and inform your doctor if you think this is what is going on with you.

I cannot imagine how many drugs are being prescribed for undiagnosed EMF radiation and how many young brains and bodies are being impacted.


The word “smart” was introduced so people would not question the technology, nor question what the long-term plan is for its use.  It is all clever, deceptive marketing to get you to “buy in” to the “SMART” club.

The initial purpose of these meters is to monitor you and your family, friends.  To monitor what you use in your home, when you use what, and your movements around your house, based on utilization.  For example, light switches and appliances, when they are switched on and off and where you are in your home at that time.  It is not as simple as just supplying electricity.

Smart is becoming synonymous with “monitor our every move”.

There are major democratic boundaries being crossed here as this is the beginning of data collection about each of us.  Which with your SMART phone’s help, will begin the “Mind Mapping” of you.  I invite you to read more about this on the SMART Home page of this website.

We all need to be asking where is our valued democracy?  What is happening to democracy?  There is a fundamental under current of lack of freedoms here with these meters being forced upon humanity world-wide.  This is an intentional invasion of privacy which is just starting to roll out.

Barrie Trower with Deborah Tavares:  The Cooking of Humanity

This is a really important video to watch as Barrie Trower explains how the Smart Meter is designed to invade your home, and monitor you, and your family. Barrie is a military microwave expert. Transcripts for the interview may be found here:

About EMF Radiation, “Microwave Radiation”

The radiation from these meters is substantial and will be having an impact on all beings.  Please OPT OUT of these meters and replace them with the analog if possible.  So many towns, and pockets around the world have stopped the implementation of these.

1. Location on Exterior
Please make note where they are located on the outside of the house currently, and make sure all beings are away from them until they are removed or shielded.  Anyone on the other side of the wall in the house, or perhaps above a series of meters, will be heavily exposed to the radiation and be exhibiting symptoms.

2. Dirty Electricity
It is reported, the SMART (aka dangerous) Meter uses your wiring in your house as an antenna.  Therefore, the currents travel through your walls.  Hence, high levels of dirty electricity are created which contributes to a higher energy bill.

3. Collection Point
It is also important to note which house is being used to launch the information up into the grid as this is the collection point of the radiation, therefore, much higher exposure.

4. Informed Consent
So much for “Informed Consent” as this is a family, human beings, most likely animals, all being lethally exposed to untested exposures running through and around the home constantly.

Bill Bathgate Testimony | House Energy Committee

Bill Bathgate has been involved in Smart Meters and their impact since their installation. This is Bill presenting to the House Energy Committee in February 13 2018 about the dangers of these meters. Yet still nothing is ever done by government agencies, it seems to protect the people.

What is Nature Telling Us

We had a lot of birds hitting the deck glass the same side of the house as the meter. Initially, I thought it was the glass on the deck, as I now know this can be a huge problem. But I now know, it is the meter without a doubt.

The birds are being radiated.  I am beyond sad about this.

We have since installed a SMART METER GUARD and all of this has stopped. It is just unbelievable this is on all our building structures constantly radiating all planet life, including our beautiful trees too, of course, and us.

Impacts on Nature can be found on this link below.  Trees, plants, birds, bees, amphibians, insects, all wildlife and the ecosystem are being decimated.

Immense gratitude to this beautiful bird for being here, on this website, to help wake us all up.

Health Canada, a “Captured” Agency

The “Safety Standard” is really the “Industry, We Serve You Standard”, do as you wish.

Health Canada has placed the Safety Standard of 600 uW/cm2. This makes them a “captured agency” as living beings may develop symptoms starting at the 0.5 range.  I invite the reader to refer to the radiation scale below to gather some perspective about how unbelievably irresponsible, one might say – criminal, this is.

The Smart “DANGER” Meter, Volt / Meter Scale

The scale shows you where the SMART Meter sits according to safety along with other products which emit EMF currently on the market.  Other countries current Safety Standards have also been marked, which are also are also not “safe” at all.

What I am interested to know is Japan’s Safety Standard, as usually Japan blocks everything “not good for the people” while it seems North America allows industry to do as they please.

Testing the Smart Meter Radiation Levels

There are two main things going on with the meter with regard to health and life on the planet.

  1. Creates electromagnetic waves which are well beyond what any life form on the planet should be exposed to
  2. Creates dirty electricity inside and outside of your home, which travels for miles and miles
Electromagnetic Waves, EMF

I had no idea the meter was so dangerous until I watched “Take Back Your Power”.  This is when I made the connection of the birds dying along this side of our house close to the meter.

What these meters do is pulse.  And it is the pulsing which hurts everything.  These microwaves, the electromagnetic waves, are pulsing to communicate to the “upload station”, the grid.  And again, your house / building may very well be the house that has been designated in your neighbourhood to accumulate and upload the data to this grid.

Opting Out
We contacted BC Hydro earlier this year, and opting out of the meter on our property is no longer an option in British Columbia.  As ideally, removal of the SMART meter is the best option.  If you live where this is still an option, I would suggest the meter be removed off your house ASAP.

The fact we no longer have the option supports the larger plan in play I believe, to monitor us all.  This is completely undemocratic, a complete erosion of our freedoms.

Good information about what is happening with this process found here:

We tested the radiation using a Rad Meter:  There are a lot of testing meters out there, but it is important to go with one that is backed by the resources below I think.

When we tested the SMART meter, it was off the charts, and this was measuring through our metal door of the hydro room where the meter sits.

We had ordered a SMART Meter Guard at this point.  Just getting the guard on we were nervous about as we knew the pulses change / break down your cellular walls if you are close enough.  It is hard to believe I am writing this.

Below:  Smart Meter covered to limit radiation.  Verdict in, definitely stopped the birds dying around us.  Unbelievably upsetting, the damage caused, causing.

Dirty Electricity / Dirty Power

When the meter pulses it creates a wave.  This is called a SINE wave.  The wave of course has a top and bottom.  Every time the power switches on and off, dirty electricity is created which flows into your house and along the power lines and most likely along the ground.

This is where the additional expense comes from as the utility companies have not actually done their due diligence, their ethical job  to clean this excess up internally with their meters.  They, with the help of General Electric who produced these meters, have instead created a sloppy, cheap contraption, which is pushing all this garbage out into the environment, and onto us.

And we are paying for it. We are paying for a service that actually makes all life on the planet ill.  And here we have the democratic issue again.

This is because we have monopoly here, as in most countries, and we do not have the option to choose another provider.  This is where government should be doing their job to make sure this service, this industry is managed safely and effectively and operates responsibly, within the democratic philosophy.  But that is not what is happening as we are all experiencing.

Real-Life Examples of Dirty Electricity Neutralizer

Cractus Canada kindly provided examples for me to show people on this page what is happening at power boxes where the Smart Meter sits.  All one should see is the SINE wave, the red line.  But what else is present now with the SMART Meters is all the blue static, the transient waves.  These transient waves are dirty electricity which is constantly being created as we use electricity in our home.

smart-meter (6)

What is the impact of Dirty Electricity/Power on your home and surroundings?

  1. Creates major illness in those exposed to it as it breaks down the human cell structure in the body
  2. Travels through the ground and affects all living things, can travel for miles and miles without weakening
  3. Travels along power lines and affects all living things, can travel for miles and miles without weakening. Your house may also receive your neighbour’s dirty electricity too via this artery as every house is connected to the grid.
  4. Causes damage to all electronic devices in the home, often written off as “appliances no longer working” when in fact the break down is caused by the dirty power
  5. Runs along the electrical wiring in your house and then radiates out of the walls up to 3 ft potentially
  6. Increases your power bill. Before, this was not able to be charged because the analog meter could not read the dirty electricity.  It was voltage capped.  But now with this new meter, we are all being charged with the power company’s inefficiencies. 

How to Protect Your Family Including Your Pets

Below is a picture of the activity after Cractus Canada’s product the SineTamer has been installed.  The dirty power is almost gone and we have a much cleaner and healthier home.  (Please note:  I am not promoting this product, I am just informing what is possible.  Please read Cractus Canada’s website for more information.)

smart-meter (1)

Therefore, by installing a guard on the meter, and installing a product like the SineTamer, all the radiation effects and dirty electricity will be negated.  Both these processes will protect all life around us.  However, this does not stop the monitoring of our internal movements.

We should not be placed in this position to have to do this, should we? Nor be placed in a position to be monitored.  So undemocratic indeed.

Building Biologist

We hired a Building Biologist to come and measure our house to see what is flowing where.  The information was crazy interesting.  We had a few “hot walls” which were emanating dirty electricity out of the wall by at least three feet.  This was from incorrect wiring.  One of the rooms was a bedroom.

We had hot spots in both offices.  My husband’s office was the worst due to the TV and the sound bar blasting him.

The other bedrooms were not too bad but still breakers are now turned off at night so we are not sleeping in any electric fields.  (The outlets should have a separate breaker from the ceiling lights.)

The house is now 100% on ethernet, no more WI-FI running through the house.

Green Wave filters were installed based on where they were needed on receptacles throughout the house.  These were very effective.  A SineTamer was also installed at the point of entry of power into the house to mitigate the dirty electricity flowing through our walls in our house and out through the ground.

I have provided a smaller sample of our Building EMR Report here for reference. It is a little over whelming at first until one understands what everything is saying.

After we did all this work, my husband says he no longer has headaches.
Much gratitude to Josh del Sol for the documentary “Take Back Your Power” for educating us all.
Update on SineTamer Installation Impact |May 2021

Per BC Hydro, a few months later since the SineTamer Installed, end of January:


Radiation Nation: Your Complete Guide to EMF Radiation by Daniel T. DeBaun
Dirty Electricity:  Electrification and the Diseases of Civilization by MD Samual Milham
Hidden Energy by Jene Manning and Susan Manewich

Building Biologist

Benchmark Environmental, Jasen Masek
Jasen is lovely to work with and teaches you all about your home.


7 Essential Ways to Make Your Home Safe from 5G & EMF Radiation by Josh del Sol


“Take Back Your Power” by Josh del Sol

The 5G Summit” by Josh del Sol
Amazing amount of information by amazing people around the world. For more information please visit this page for more details:

Canadians for Safe Technology:

New Energy Movement
This movement is all about bringing ethics, integrity and cohesion to the field of new energy technology.

Please protect you, your family, your neighbours, your pet, and ultimately our planet and all her wondrous life!