golden age

The Golden Age Timeline

We are at a pivotal point for the planet, and all her beings. We are all here to participate in the coming of the Golden Age, where we as light beings choose empowerment, and choose to participate in manifesting abundance, for ourselves, and all life on the planet without participating in fear, low vibrational energy.

Each of us have come to play a part in this ascension, taking the planet from the Third Dimension, where Dark and Light exists, to one of Light. During this time, it is important to truly understand who you are, your energy fields, your energetic bodies, the power of your DNA, and how all this interacts with the universe, all that is.

Ian Welch explains expanding on this in the link below, how in 2022 there was enough light force on the planet to take us all to the next level. He also kindly provides structured intentions to help each of us manifest this process, while also looking after our energetic bodies.

What is absolutely crucial is how we direct our thoughts, what we give attention to – as thought, and intention literally create matter, our reality. The world around us. The challenge is – owning our power, and understanding how crucial it is what we allow our mind to focus on. It is like recalibrating everything we thought we knew – one of mindless treadmill thinking, usually negative, to streamlined, positive, directional, intentional creation, consistently setting the stage for manifestation.

Ian explains how it is crucial to recalibrate daily via the following intentions. Take the time to be still, and give gratitude. This is not a “to do” list item, but more of a “being” still in the moment, looking after you, gifting the planet meditation.

Before doing the following, disconnect from the Black Star first, just ask to be disconnected. Any negative thought, means reconnection, so this will then have to be repeated.

Four Bodies | Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Physical

I choose for my four bodies to come into harmony with the most highly evolved aspect of the golden age. I choose for my four bodies to come back to me as one. I choose for my four bodies to come into harmony with the most highly evolved aspect of the 6D and love star frequencies. Now.

I choose not to be adversely or negatively affected or infected by the changes in my four bodies, and my chakra system as I am evolving during this harmonization.

Regarding Recalibrating All Food and Liquids

Ask to communicate with the atoms of the food or liquids in front of you. Instruct them to let go of any harmful programs.  Then instruct them to come back to the highest quality of ingredients. Then ask the food or liquids to come into harmony with the most highly evolved aspect of the golden age, and in harmony with you, your universal god self-frequency.

Please note, as everything is changing so quickly, it is best to follow Ian Welch closely as the information flowing is changing monthly it seems regarding recalibrating everything, and our connection to it all, with healings offered.

2023 March | Downloads from Quantum Awakening Workshop held in 2023 February, regarding vortex healings, and pineal gland activation within each of the seven chakras |