Pesticides, Herbicides, etc.

What We Are Driving

It is reported most dogs’ bloodwork contains fertilizer and or herbicides.  It’s hard to imagine, since these are cancer-causing substances. Please limit all these chemicals around your home, and ask your neighbours to do the same. There are a lot of organic lawn, and garden care products on the market. We MUST support these companies so they then become the mainstream, and we are not poisoning our planet, all the Earth’s animals, and ourselves. This includes golf courses, too, which are some of the greenest, most TOXIC places for an animal to roam. It is beyond comprehension Round-Up is still on the shelves. This is driven by our purchasing power – still poisoning the planet 50 years later after all the studies which show how damaging this product is to all plant life.

Skin Issues and Lawn Care

Dr. Kidd describes in his book, “Dr. Kidd’s Guide to Herbal Dog Care”, about a case where he was helping a client and her dog with skin issues, “… the periodic nature of the skin irritations corresponded with the visits from the lawn service. When we got rid of the lawn service, the skin allergies disappeared, and my herb and acupuncture treatments looked like true miracles.” He is a big believer in the correlation of the health of the animal and how the animals home environment in the garden is being cared for. The more nature is allowed to express herself, the healthier the animal.

When are humans going to truly start honouring our home, the planet? Instead of being so manipulated by mainstream marketing, and shareholder’s wallets.

Glyphosate | Roundup | Bayer’s Monsanto’s Cancer-Causing Herbicide Covering the Planet

This should not be on the market.  It should have been stopped / taken off the market in the 1950’s when Rachel Carson’s book came out, “Silent Spring”.  I hope this is where all the court cases are going with this product, never to be used again on our lovely soil.  So much damage.  The Supreme Court just recently declined to revisit to potentially overturn the multi-million case which proves this is a toxic cancer driving product, one of Bayer’s “largest revenue drivers”. One has to wonder where are the shareholders and their ethics for the people, their families even? and the planet?

Glyphosate is deadly, literally, as it is WATER SOLUBLE.

Therefore, it leaches into everything, every being, all our soil and water – everything.  Please do not support the use of this product, and ask your neighbours, your store owners, and local government to not support it either.  This shows how strong the industry is and how government is no longer representing the citizens it is supposed to be protecting but heavily influenced by industry.  Even with all the data saying how poisonous it is to all life – they are able to spray it on all crops – killing all life and infecting all of us.  It is a system massively out of balance.  Your choice matters.

Please protect your pet. Please do your homework before walking your dog about what people are doing to their yards, etc. and investigate what your local authorities are up to. Our purchasing power, our awareness must drive change.
To Remove Pesticides from your Food

To remove pesticides from your food – one option is to use purple plates. These are made by Nikola Tesla and have amazing unknown powers, to purify and heal. By placing drinking water and food on the purple plates for a few minutes, this clears the chemicals and all toxicity. People have reported amazing things happening. Source:

Dr. Hazel Parcells , in her book, Healer, The Pioneer Nutritionist & Prophet, Dr. Hazel Parcells, In Her Own Words at Age 106 by Joseph Dispenza explains with a tiny bit of bleach, the original Clorox, with water, the mix must be accurate, can pull out toxins from food.  She specifically provides tables on how to soak what with what so all your food is clean and toxic free, including raw meat.

Please protect your pet and all planet life!