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K | Kidney Meridian
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What is Important to Know

The kidneys are heavily impacted after vaccination. This is seen in the animal’s veterinary records. It depends what is in the needle, what heavy metals specifically, and the number of injections the damage caused. This assault on life will determine how the animal is able to survive with regards to their quality of life, their length of life, and this impacts their entire skeletal development and structure. This is why the jaw presents issues and or with the ears a week or so after vaccination Sometimes the acute symptoms are more severe as this is poison. This can be neutralized with energy healing, and other methods, if the practitioner knows what they are doing, and tests the body is clear. In older animals, there are layers to this process I am finding as usually the animals have been repeatedly injected year on year.

Kidney Meridian

The kidneys are literally life. If the kidneys are not happy, the whole body is in real trouble.

  • Energy | Yin
  • Meridian has a soul which travels with the being’s soul lifetime to lifetime
  • Follows | WATER | UB – Urinary Bladder
  • Brain | Right-Hemisphere dominant
  • Meridian | Bilateral | Runs under the body from collar bone both sides of the spine down though back legs to ankle joints out through main paw pad
  • Acupuncture points | 27
  • Represents | Adrenal function, and circulatory system, the “vital essence” of the body
  • Governs | Bones of entire body, and development of bone marrow. Bone marrow connected to the brain “sea of marrow”, which then impacts cellular waste, and synovial fluids; regulates amount of water in the body
  • Location on Tongue | Back of the tongue
  • Teeth | All meridians flow into specific teeth; dowsing identifies which meridian, organ, and gland are affiliated with each tooth
  • Gland Association | Adrenal, prostate, ovaries, testicles
  • Chakra | Root and Sacral
Toxicity Contributing to Imbalance
  • Toxicity – from pharma, vaccinations, food, environment, emotional, especially stress, all negative emotions can be potentially be stored here
  • Negative imprinting huge here as organs and sister meridian runs along spine and humans stroke the spine usually to calm themselves, not the animal
  • Belief systems not serving higher self, and programs
  • Impact on Body | Deficiency contributed to lack of water, history of inflammation, kidney stones, ears, hearing, ear infections (ears same shape as kidneys), cold feet=eye issues resulting from weakened kidney, lower back issues, memory, rheumatic imbalances, weak bones, weak knees, slow to heal, constant urination, hair loss, panic attacks, “fire” feet in evening, saliva imbalance – drooling
  • Positive Emotion | Sexual confidence
  • Negative Emotions | Lack of sexual confidence; confidence in oneself as a being
Kidneys | Organ Function
  • Sits at the bottom of the feet, so the energy of the earth may energize the kidneys, the “Bubbling Spring”. Each step taken is energy from the planet, coming up through the back feet supporting life.
  • Two organs located in the back either side of the spine suspended by a ligament
  • Every drop of water in the body passes through the kidneys
  • More than 30 billion cells make up the kidneys which make up filter coils throughout the kidneys
  • Enormous amount of blood, about 15 gallons per hour, flow through the kidneys to be purified and broken down for nutritional value in the body reports Diane M Connelly in her book, Traditional Acupuncture, The Law of the Five Elements

Diet, exercise, toxicities the animal is being exposed to must be addressed. In addition, the following are supportive of healing the associated organ(s). These are some resources below, however, ultimately muscle testing the animal is the best approach so the healing journey is specific to their body, mind and spirit.

Resources | Please visit the Meridians & Vessels page for list of resources