I feel, humans, must change how we interact with horses.

There is so much dominance, so much damage, breaking them, breaking their spirit – and they are traded like things on eBay.  Why do humans think this is acceptable?  With every being we hurt, we do damage to all. These beautiful beings are not expendable. They should not have an expiration date based on “of no use” any more. Who are we as a species to do this?

These wonderful healers listed below are about listening to the horse, engaging with the horse on their terms, in their language, honouring them. We should all treat others how we would like to be treated, and as a species I feel we all owe the horse collective massive love, and massive healing for all they have endured at the hands of humans for thousands of years. It is truly amazing they are still here with us today.

I invite the reader to daily send out an intentional wave of love to the horse collective to help them heal, surrounding them in much needed light.
Grass & Laminitis
This is a great site explaining pasture, sugar levels, and the link to laminitis. Well documented, and researched by Katy Watts, a long-time equine lover. Definitely not a fan of Zoopharmacognosey though, as thinks horses are nutritionally “dumb”. My take on this – is the horses source the “best possible” when in captive environments, and I would imagine boredom plays a part in this. They are too contained with not enough freedom which leads into bad habits they adopt as nothing else better to do with their energy. If horses can survive perfectly wild, then the issue must be us, and their lack of freedom to explore, to be “horse”.

Hay Testing

It is very important hay is tested to check the nutrient value, the sugar load especially, and if there are any toxins sitting in the mix. This is the preferred company recommended by all the healers who have been working with horses over 30+ years.
This site shows you how to measure the sugar content yourself:–n77

Living Free, As Nature Intended

Liz Mitten Ryan has written numerous books about honouring the horse, much of which was channeled from her herd. Her herd has not experienced the brutality of the human species where they are broken, not seen as a sentient being, or honoured. What does this look like? Liz explains in her video. This is her award winning documentary, HERD

Image below, this is me, with Liz’s amazing herd, at Equinisity, October 2022, in British Columbia, such an honour to be amongst them.

Slow Feeding

This company provides products which help slow the consumption of hay down with the possibility of hay being offered separately to each horse. Pillows, bags and nets:

Soil | Checking Minerals

Pat Coleby, states in her book, Natural Horse Care, all soil needs to be analyzed to make sure it is not deficient where grazing is paramount to diet. This also provides information about navigating the appropriate feed regarding minerals, looking at the hay quality too, as all disease is literally a mineral imbalance first with a potential vitamin imbalance following.

Plants such as dock, capeweed, buttercup, onion grass, oxalis, hoary cress, heliotrope, bracken – indicate a soil that is not nutrient rich for the horses. The pH balance is off, much too acidic, with the soil lacking essential calcium, and magnesium. pH balance of the soil should be around 6.0-6.5 – same as the gut of the horses. Grasses should be a deep, deep green, light grass is nutrient deficient, and will cause imbalances. Once pH is restored in the soil, the beneficial plants take over, and the horses needs are met with clover being no more than 50% of the plants represented.

Lick | Totally Balanced for Horses Mineral Needs

  • 50 pounds of dolomite
  • 8 pounds copper sulfate
  • 8 pounds yellow dusting sulphur
  • 8 pounds of seaweed meal (urea free)

Important to note | Dark haired horses require SIX TIMES more Copper than light haired horses. Source | In gratitude to Pat Coleby, Natural Horse Care

Sustainable Stables
This company helps design and establish sustainable stables. Everything is thought out from land management to how the horses and care givers move around the land.

However, what I am learning from the horses, they are not fond of stables at all, as these do not represent freedom and their ability to move and make their own choices.

Fabulous Equine Healers

The following is a list of amazing healers. They see the horse as an equivalent, not as “an animal” but as another species who needs our protection and assistance if they are living within the realms of the human world. It is about listening, hearing, honoring, and always coming from the place of “how can I help you live the life you wish?”

Margrit Coates | Animal Communicator
Margrit is an icon in this world. She has been communicating and healing horses for a very long time. Margrit provides us all with amazing information in her books and courses. Some of her YouTube videos with horses will break your heart.

Hands-On Healing for Pets: The Animal Lover’s Essential Guide to Using Healing Energy, by Margrit Coates
Healing for Horses: The Essential Guide to Using Hands-On Healing Energy with Horses, by Margrit Coates
Connecting with Horses: The Life Lessons We Can Learn from Horses, by Margrit Coates
Communicating with Animals: How to Tune into Them Intuitively, by Margrit Coates
Horses Talking: How to Share Healing Messages with the Horses in Your Life, by Margrit Coates
, by Margrit Coates

Maya Cointreau, E. Barrie Kavasch & Sandra Cointreau
Equine Herbs and Healing | An Earth Lodge Pocket Guide to Holistic Horse Wellness
This is a wonderful book packed with loads of great information about healing modalities. Herbs, of course, are a focus, self-selection not emphasized, but still wonderful information about each plant and how it may assist our lovely horses. The diagrams of the horse with their meridians of each organ is one of my favorite parts of the book. Cats and their vibration are also addressed with regard to healing bones, so very, very interesting.

Holly Davis | Animal Communicator, Therapist & Behaviouris
Energy Healing for Horses, by Holly Davis
I have had Holly’s book sitting on my book shelf for some time now. Only recently, was I guided to pull it off and study it. The horses are calling. The information is fabulous, it is well worth the investment.

Caroline Ingraham | Animal Self Medication

Animal Self-Medication, by Caroline Ingraham
Caroline Ingraham is all about allowing the animal to dictate their method and process of healing by offering the planet’s medicines. It is a very humbling experience. And powerful beyond words. Supplies can be purchased here and are used for all the animals, and humans too. Her books are a must have for any animal lover / carer.

Mia Lykke Nielsen | When Horses Choose 
Mia is an amazing horse trainer / listener. Her methods are all about communicating with the horse so the horse may choose how it wishes to interact with the human. Mia also does not believe horses need or should have a bit in their mouth! Just completely fabulous!

Anna Twinney | Reach Out to Horses
Anna supplies many in depth courses to teach humans how to honour the horse and connect on a deep level respecting the horse’s body, mind and spirit. Animal communication is a large part of her education. She has been communicating with all species for decades.

Beyond the Barn, Exploring the Next Generation of Horsemanship Volume I, by Anna Twinney
Beyond the Barn, Exploring the Next Generation of Horsemanship Volume II, by Anna Twinney
Escaping Tradition, Discovering the Next Generation of Horsemanship, by Anna Twinney

Jo Rose | Rose Therapies and Training
Founded in 2004, Jo Rose offers holistic courses for equine and canine and small furry creatures. Extensive amount of information offered.

Madalyn Ward, DVM | Holistic Horsekeeping
Madalyn is a trained allopathic turned holistic veterinarian who has been practising for years and provides amazing resources on her site about how to look after horses naturally. It was through her observation over the years that her allopathic protocols were causing harm, that caused her to seek healing modalities.

Healthy Happy Horse Home Study Course, by Madalyn Ward DVM
Horse Harmony: A Feeding Guide, by Madalyn Ward DVM
Holistic Horse keeping: How to Have a Happy Healthy Horse from Stable to Stadium, by Madalyn Ward DVM
Equine Vaccination eBook, by Madalyn Ward DVM

Podcast with Will Falconer DVM
Madalyn, interesting enough, talks about how horses self-select their medicine, their food if this is made available to them. Fabulous information. And how supplying one type of supplement to all will do damage.

Madalyn also talks about how she learned the damage vaccinations (Vx) were doing to the beautiful horses. How she was a strong advocate of Vx until she began to map the degrading of a once happy, healthy horse to one in a declining state in the matter of a month. The damage-connection was clear.

Marijke van de Water
Healing Horses their Way, by Marijke van de Water
Marijke has been working with animals, healing them naturally for decades. She provides a lot of supplements to support the healing process. Her books are full of fabulous information, very much worth the investment.

Elizabeth Whiter | Animal Healer
Elizabeth is a pioneer. Elizabeth exudes this amazing bundle of enthusiastic energy which channels to us all to be better humans and help the animals as much as we can. Her courses are amazing and her books fabulous reads. It is with immense gratitude to Liz, that I do what I do today.
The Animal Healer: A Unique Insight into the Healing, Care and Well-being of Animals, by Elizabeth Whiter
You Can Heal Your Pet | The Practical Guide to Holistic Health and Veterinary Care, by Elizabeth Whiter and Dr. Rohini Sathish

Please Help Save Our Horses

I am helping horses in rescue situations, and the trauma and loss experienced is heart breaking.  Please take the time to understand what “kill buyers” are about and do, and please never hand over a horse to anyone, where you cannot go and check their well-being.  Your journey may have ended with them,  but please do your due diligence and make sure you have not handed them off to be abused and potentially killed.