Aura, Our Animal’s Energetic Bodies

The aura is a communication organ composed of many layers referred to as bodies. These bodies gently overlap each other processing the energy of the life form they encompass. The aura acts as a detoxifier of unwanted energies cycling them out of the being’s fields to the Earth. This is why being grounded to the planet, feet on dirt, is so important, as these energies must leave all bodies. The aura is connected to the physical body through the chakra system. When the aura cannot detox properly, then the unwanted energies will begin to build up in the Solar Plexus Chakra, and this damage will begin to manifest in the physical body to show the being “change direction, stop what you are doing, get help” as we are no longer able to detoxify the energetic load required.

The greater the mis-alignment with nature and universal law the being lives, the greater the imbalance will manifest in the aura and cycle into the physical body. The following four bodies are explained and highlighted below.

Etheric Body

This is formed really closely around the physical body, containing the physical body. The size, shape, colouration and thickness depends on the being’s state of health.

Emotional Body

Left side and the front of the body is feminine and the right side and the back of the body is masculine. This represents the yin and yang of the life force flow of the being. Supports all emotional energy. The expansiveness depends on how the being is processing life emotionally, free and clear, or are there areas shut down with unprocessed, repressed emotions.

Mental Body

Thought waves and patterns are processed here, energy follows thought. What we think the system follows. All conscious and unconscious thought processes are held here. This body may penetrate the other two bodies above when there is unbalanced focus here.

Spiritual Body

This body has a direct connection to the Crown Chakra and the Heart Chakra. This is where the connection to the divine begins.

Physical issues in the physical can be sitting in each of these bodies, as well as other energies. When negative thoughts and emotions are processed, this vibration may open holes in the energy fields inviting other energies into these fields to feed on the energy and manipulate the being on a spiritual, mental, emotional level which affects the physical being. When one looks at say hearing loss, this may be energetic interference in the body through the aura. This is not a physical issue per se, but just an energetic imbalance in the aura showing up in the physical body.

The energetic bodies may tear, have scars, and may not even be on the body so to speak. Therefore, this is a whole area of health which must be understood, and not only nourished but cared for. It is our energetic essence so to speak. It is my understanding all life forms connected to Source are designed the same way.

What May Hurt, Do Damage to Your Animal’s Aura

The Healing Power of Your Aura by Barbara Y. Martin with Dimitri Moraitis

Aura Healing Handbook by Walter Lubeck

The Subtle Body, an Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy by Cyndi Dale