WATER | Urinary Bladder

UB | Urinary Bladder Meridian
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What is Important to Understand

The bladder meridian runs down the entire spine. When we touch the back of an animal, or any being for that matter, we must NOT touch with any negative thoughts or emotions as this will be imprinted onto the body impacting this meridian heavily. Everything is frequency, and negative emotion and thoughts are a low vibrational frequency. What we think imprints. It is all frequency.

Bladder Meridian

The bladder meridian is the longest, and most powerful meridian in body as connects all organs, and is therefore, impacted by all emotions.

  • Energy | Yang
  • Meridian has a soul which travels with the being’s soul lifetime to lifetime
  • Follows | FIRE | SI – Small Intestine
  • Brain | Left-Hemisphere dominant
  • Meridian Flow | Bilateral | Runs from both sides of the top of the nose up along the head, between the ears, then splits into 4 meridians at the top of the skull, becoming two meridians on each side of the spine. These four meridians then run down to the top of the tail (Root chakra) then down the back of the legs to the outside of paw finishing at the tip of the exterior toe. Major meridian indeed.
  • Acupuncture points | 67
  • Represents | Entire pelvic area, including prostate, uterus, testes and ovaries; specific acupuncture points which address sexual function, and reproduction
  • Governs | Body fluids, and elimination of fluid waste
  • Location on Tongue | Back of the tongue
  • Teeth | All meridians flow into specific teeth; dowsing identifies which meridian, organ, and gland are affiliated with each tooth
  • Gland Association | Adrenal, prostate, ovaries, testicles
  • Chakra | Sacral and Solar Plexus
Toxicity Contributing to Imbalance
  • Toxicity – from pharma, vaccinations, food, environment, emotional, especially stress, all negative emotions can be potentially be stored here
  • Negative imprinting huge here as organs and sister meridian runs along spine and humans stroke the spine usually to calm themselves, not the animal
  • Belief systems not serving higher self, and programs
  • Impact on Body | Infections in the head, sinuses are dysfunctions of the bladder; spine, sore back, headaches, cystitis, hemorrhoids
  • Positive Emotions | Peace and harmony, serenity, calm
  • Negative Emotions | Resisting change, restlessness, impatience, frustration
Bladder | Organ Function
  • Excretes urine from kidneys
  • Has the ability to contract and expand based on volume processing

Diet, exercise, toxicities the animal is being exposed to must be addressed. In addition, the following are supportive of healing the associated organ(s). These are some resources below, however, ultimately muscle testing the animal is the best approach so the healing journey is specific to their body, mind and spirit.

Resources | Please visit the Meridians & Vessels page for list of resources