The Important Message of Pain

Not one of us wishes anyone to be in any pain. Pain is bad is the messaging. However, pain has been given to us all as a tool. It is a MASSIVE indicator where to look in the body, and energy fields regarding imbalance. It is a fabulous tool to navigate out of dis-ease, and out of pain on the many levels of the being - physical, emotional and spiritual. We have been given this alarm bell to say – STOP everything you are doing, and listen. Something here needs attention, support, some healing, and potentially a complete change in direction. I am addressing mainly chronic pain here, not direct trauma to the body.

Whenever I find pain in an animal, I am able to remove the blocks, and the pain disappears. I do not focus on the pain directly unless it is high, and the being needs immediate relief, I remove the source, send energy in to help the body heal, and then recheck for pain. Almost always, the pain is gone. The body has signalled, the body has been helped, and the security system in the body says “we are good now, life may proceed”. Relief, and gratitude are expressed by the being helped.

When we muffle pain with drugs, painkillers, we are not listening. We are not addressing the fundamental imbalances in the body, and following the map to why the body is messaging pain. Why have the alarm bells of the body have been activated?

The above masking, is not healing. This is numbing, and participating in the creation of more dis-ease as then the body will have to scream louder to say again

STOP everything you are doing, and listen.

Usually, then more dugs are given , perhaps in higher doses, and the cycle continues until the body literally can no longer handle the toxic load, and begins to slowly, and systematically shut down.

This we see in all the animals, with life spans being shortened drastically year on year. How do animals express pain, apart from the obvious leg or paw up pr cry when touched?

  • Panting for no obvious reason
  • Heavy breathing
  • Not wanting to be touched
  • Not wanting to exercise or walk
  • Reluctance – of any kind – check for pain
  • Dropping their back when stroked
  • Quivering, trembling
  • Moving all the time – not staying in one position for long
  • Moving very fast – with no concept of potentially hurting themselves – sometimes labelled as this is “them”
  • Irritable
  • Aggressive
  • Barking or meowing all the time; or certain times of day every day
  • Counter surfing for food, stealing food
  • Lying on one side and not the other
  • Changing sleeping locations, sometimes hiding in dark spaces
  • Wanting to be left alone
  • Not eating, picky eater
  • Shaking head
  • Constant grooming or licking the same spot over and over again

Pain is our friend. It is the body’s innate intelligence to say - STOP everything you are doing, and listen. This website, and specifically this section of this website is illustrating, this is how your animals are magnificently designed, are you listening? and understanding the messaging as a pet owner?

Dowsing Pain Scale for Reference

When dowsing, no pain is registered as a -10 on the dowsing chart Raymon Grace uses (and offers for free as a download on his website). The more the pain scale moves towards 0, the higher the pain level expressed. The scale is represented below. I mention this here, so clients have this additional reference.

Often, negative energies will attach themselves to where the body or energy fields are weak. By doing so, they amplify pain. Once removed, and the pain is gone, I then dig deeper here to see why the body or energy fields are so attractive to them. And I always find something that needs to be healed or worked on that perhaps may not be significant yet, but is brewing in the body. We are all energy, and by removing energetic interferences this allows the life force to flow once again.

Energetic interferences are mainly:

  • Trauma
  • Programs not serving the animal’s higher self, from humans, food, toxins
  • Belief systems not serving the animal’s higher self
  • Thought forms, patterns etc. being imprinted on an animal from a human or other being
  • Negative emotions from either the animal or transferred via the owner or another human via touch. An example is worry when changing a wound; this imprints and changes the frequency of the wound interfering with the healing process. People will say “this wound is not healing” – this is usually a contributor and in some cases the sole reason, the body has been negatively messaged, and cannot heal due to the vibration. When this imprint is removed, and LOVE sent in, the wound heals in days as it is now at the healing frequency to do so.