The symptom approach to healing is a very lucrative business model as products are propagated per symptom. The marketing of these products is extraordinary with beautiful photos, and symbols on the labels, which are full of deception, and in a lot of cases untruths. And this includes the “green” products too. For one thing, the manufacturers do not list everything in the bottle on the label, so you as the consumer do not have full disclosure. What is also landing in a lot of these products is magnesium stearate which I have written about separately, which is an example of one such chemical the body does not know how to get rid of impacting the organs detrimentally.

Supplement Symptoms

What I find, is most supplements going into animal’s bodies and humans bodies, to “help” the body is actually doing the exact opposite.

Below is an example of what I removed from the daily consumption ritual of my client’s cat; we did the same thing for his pet owner too. A lot of pet owners are my clients now as everything is so connected. 😊. All of these products were causing “dis-ease” symptoms in the body. I neutralized all the products, they were all stopped, allowing the body to be able to start breathing and doing it’s innate healing job. Prior to this, no healing will occur as the body is constantly trying to manage, negate and get rid of these products coming into the organs, glands and body parts daily which are not supporting the body in the slightest.

Cat Real-Life Experience | Mapping Supplements to Bloodwork Irregularities

Looking at my client’s bloodwork, I then asked what supplements were contributing to imbalanced levels in his bloodwork. This is what I was shown.


  • Litter
  • Kidney Supplement
  • Renal Supplement


  • Heathy Mouth
  • OPC


  • Mouth supplement
  • Gum supplement
  • Lactopectin


  • Litter
  • OPC


  • Litter
  • Omega 3

What is shocking to most is the amount of money which is being spent “trying to fix” the original imbalance, when all the pet owner is doing is adding to an already toxic load. I know this from personal experience, as I too had to go through this learning curve with myself, and my animals, clearing hundreds of products from my cupboards years ago. The counter was absolutely saturated with products I had been using over the years. Just crazy.

What Is Good for the Body and What Is Not

It is easy, and quick to check if something is needed by the body using muscle testing or dowsing. Please understand, the questions must be specific and synergies of findings tested too. Usually most bodies only need additional Vitamin C, B12 and sometimes Vitamin E or Magnesium with a good change in diet. Sometimes a body may be deficient in a specific mineral or vitamin and this is a direct result of the above. Once this has been energetically corrected to optimal levels, I usually find this is not needed to be supplemented daily as the diet will suffice. The depletion in this was again, the direct result of the above, a supplement depleting the mineral or vitamin, and contributing to a toxic environment in the organs, glands and body parts of the being.

Almost always, all the supplements people are using are stopped, and the healing process then begins with a few rounds of energy clearing and healing too. It all depends on the being, how long they have been living on the planet and what their body, mind and spirit has been exposed to and / or experienced. Less is always more, as the less interference in the body the better.

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