animal Bed


Artificial bedding may look very pretty, but it does not breathe.

The animals are connected to nature, and nature breathes. They are not designed for synthetic exposure especially since most fabrics and products made for animals STINK! The stink is the chemicals. With animals heightened sense of smell this toxicity can do a lot of damage to their body. And of course, their skin would be absorbing the toxicity through touch. I invite the reader to investigate this page about what is really in these beds here.

The organic body needs to breathe. Especially since a lot of animals are fed dry dog food which festers inside them, and makes them so uncomfortably hot. Please purchase products and fabrics which are preferably organic materials such as cotton, hemp, flax, wool etc. With the internet today, there is so many wonderful choices and small businesses providing beautiful products which can easily be shipped to your door.

Does the colour of your bed matter?

I think it does.  We always choose light coloured fabrics so I can see what is going on with their bodies.  Is anyone bleeding anywhere? Have they picked up any little critters?  How much are they shedding?  All this is information is available on light coloured bedding, you cannot see this on a dark coloured bed or bedding,

Sure, you therefore, need to wash the bed more often, but the information about the body and how they are doing is very valuable.

In the cat’s beds, I use organic baby swaddle blankets on top of their beds.  These are changed every few days.  I can see everything on these blankets since they are indoor / outdoor cats.  This is another check for me that they are okay.

Fur?  Hair? Should Not Be Present All Year Round

Animal’s beds should never have a coating of fur, much less an inch of it or more.  Huge amounts of fur dumping is fine during the Spring, consistent with the planet, but this should not be happening year- round.  If you are seeing tonnes of fur being shed year-round, this is massive indicator the body is in trouble.  If you do not want a dog rubbing up next to you for fear of fur-transfer, this is also a big indicator, their body is not okay.  Please get in touch as there will be other indicators / symptoms presenting themselves also I am sure.

How Often is Your Pet’s Bed Washed?

I wash our dog’s beds, weekly at a minimum, and the cat’s blankets which protect their beds every few days.  The detergent used is Seventh Generation, which is non-toxic and does not leave any residue on their bedding.

Pet Bed Location Matters
Away from Electronics

Firstly, please make sure your animal’s beds are NO WHERE NEAR a router, a TV, a laptop or stand-alone computer, microwave oven, electric blankets or any cords what so ever.  These devices will all be doing immense harm to their organic bodies with the constant EMF Radiation.  Cats tend to like the electronics due to warmth, but please do not allow them to entertain these spots as they will cause serious imbalance in the body.  Cancer being one of them!!!  And no electric blankets.  These are extremely toxic with all the electricity running all over the organic body!

Away from all Phones

Please place your phone on AIRPLANE mode when not in use so you are all not getting “pinged” all the time.  This is a big deal!  Read about this in your phone menu – General, About, Legal – the list of the damage to all organic bodies is there!  Again, no safety standards.  It is all consumer beware.

The best locations are TOXIC free, away from the flashing, noise and radiation of TV screens. Most people listen to their TV’s extremely loudly and watch horrible things on them which vibrationally is very toxic.  If you go into another room and listen to what they are listening to – most of it is horrific.

Please place animal’s beds in a quiet, dark place for them to be able to restore themselves and be away from our drama, and again all the loud activity and EMF radiation that electronics expose them to.

Away from Drafts

This is never really mentioned much, but sleeping in a draft has been reported to impact an organic body so much that death can occur.

Please have a good look where your pet sleeping places are situated so no animal is being subjected to a constant draft of any kind – hot, cold, damp, anything. This will cause major imbalances in the body.

Please protect your pet. Support them to have non-toxic sleeps.
Everything matters.