Colours & Their Healing Properties

Healing with colour is all about vibration. The planet is full of beautiful colours constantly providing us healing through vibration, as we are all energy. When we are still in nature, we can feel this, we can feel our system calm down, relax, that is – when we allow the mind to stop, and just be. I also feel we naturally gravitate to what makes us feel good when we are paying attention. Colour, and vibration play a large role in this attraction.

The following is a list of the colours used in the healing process of the aura, the energetic fields, and the physical body. Each colour is either warm, neutral, or cooling, and each have different effects on the life form being worked on, as they each have their own specific healing attributes, contributions one might say. These contributions are listed below. The vibration per second of each colour is also noted where known, courtesy of Charles Klotsche’s work in his book, Color Medicine.

Chakra System

Our seven third-dimensional chakra system vibrates many of these colours. However, more colours are being introduced as we are all being upgraded to the fifth-dimensional chakra system which consists of twenty-two chakras, and more colours. I have noted each corresponding chakra under the colour where represented.


Dis-ease first shows up in the aura. When the imbalance is not healed, this will then permeate the physical body. When the aura is worked on by healers, often a combination of colours will be used in the healing process, such as rose-gold for example. Great resources are listed below to help educate the reader.

Colours and your Animals

Colour plays an important role in your animals life, such as bed colour, collar colour (close to the thyroid gland), for horses – blanket colour. Food – what colour the food the animal is fed. It all matters, and has a vibration, and specific healing qualities.
The following colours are used in the healing process.


The warm colours are used for stimulating, and cleaning the body. They restore balance. They have a positive polarity, and are acidic to the body.

RED | 436 Trillion

Primary color

  • Works very quickly in the body, used with caution as highly stimulating
  • Purifies the blood
  • Counteracts x-rays and ultraviolet burns
  • 3D Chakra | Root & Palms of Hands
ORANGE | 473 Trillion

Combination of Red + Yellow

  • Raises pulse rate
  • Stimulates bone growth, and thyroid
  • Heals bruises
  • Releases energy blocks
  • 3D Chakra | Sacral
YELLOW | 510 Trillion

Combination of Red + Green

  • Tones muscles and activates lymph glands
  • Cleans bloods and all digestive organs
  • Improves and stimulates digestion
  • Removes toxins including parasites
  • 3D Chakra | Solar Plexus
LEMON | 547 Trillion

This is a very important colour, as it comes up for healing, and clearing a lot of the pharmaceuticals, and vaccinations, which are very toxic to the body. Interestingly, Lemon essential oil also has a lot of the same attributes, which is used all the time by the animals during their healing journey.

Combination of Yellow + Green

  • Master cleaner
  • Activates thymus gland, bone builder
  • Dissolves blood clots in hours
  • Master of concentration
SCARLET | 547 Trillion

Combination of Red + Blue

  • Strongest of healing colours, needs to be used with great caution
  • Stimulates the heart, kidneys, adrenals, whole system
  • Increases blood pressure

Combination of Red + White

  • Deep Rose pink – all about sending in love to the being; I feel used when trauma present in the body and fields, and love needs to be restored to the being
  • Compassion, and care
  • 3D Chakra | Heart – Used with Emerald Green

Neutral colours are all about healing, restoring what once was. Green is the most common colour as naturally it is the colour of the heart, and all of nature which surrounds most of us living in high vegetation areas on the planet. It has a balanced Acid/Alkaline factor.

GREEN | 584 Trillion

This is the HEALER colour I am finding which is selected by the body to heal once it is clean and happy.

Primary Color in Color Therapy

  • Tension reliever
  • Builds tissues, muscles, and cells
  • Stimulates pituitary gland, and balances cerebrum
  • Antiseptic, eliminates organisms, prevents decay
  • Regulates etheric body
  • 3D Chakra | Heart
MAGENTA | 584 Trillion

Magenta is the opposite of Green and is selected by the body often to help heal any disturbance.

Combination of Red + Violet

  • Levels blood pressure
  • Balances abnormal sex drive
  • Stimulates, and nourishes kidneys

All cooling colours are soothing, and decrease inflammation. They support the elimination of the unwanted. They have negative polarity, and are alkaline.

TURQUOISE | 621 Trillion
  • Builds skin, and nourishes cells
  • Heals infections, burns, wounds, fevers, and cranial pressures
  • Calming effect on mind
  • 4D Chakra | Higher Heart
PURPLE | 621 Trillion

Combination of Violet + Yellow

  • Calms emotions, over active organs, and activity in arteries
  • Stimulates activity in veins
  • Relieves headaches, lowers blood pressure, and induces sleep
  • Decreases menstrual pain, bleeding
BLUE | 658 Trillion

Primary Color in Color Therapy

Combination of Red + Violet

  • Activates Pineal Gland
  • Increases elimination of toxins through increase of oxygen
  • Relieves pain and inflammation
  • 3D Chakra | Throat
INDIGO | 695 Trillion

Combination of Blue + Red

  • Opposite colour is Orange
  • Activates parathyroid and thyroid
  • Very calming effect on body
  • Relieves, and eliminates discharges, including bleeding
  • Reduces swelling, pain reliever
  • Shrinks growths, tumors
  • Tones the body
  • 3D Chakra | Third Eye
VIOLET | 731 Trillion

This is an extremely powerful colour as it has a fifth-dimensional vibration, and has huge protection qualities. The Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection is very powerful as it is being used to cocreate a New Heaven and New Earth. More information may be found about this through Patricia Cota-Robles work on

This colour comes up for healing consistently with the colour of emerald green. Please note, I am always asking what the divine intelligence of the body requires, I follow the body, the being.

Primary Color in Color Therapy

Combination of Pink + Blue

  • Last colour of spectrum so shortest wavelength
  • Soothes overactive organs except spleen
  • Relaxes muscles, stimulates leukocytes
  • Blood purifier, therefore, supporting spleen
  • Helps maintain mineral balance
  • Calms lymphatic glands
  • 3D Chakra | Crown
High Vibrational Colours

These colours are used in healing and are present in a healthy aura.


This colour is the strongest protective energy there is. I have not been guided to use it too often. Gold offers strength, wisdom, protection, faith. It is the colour of the Higher Self which sits 24 inches above the head.


Barbara Y. Martin states in her book, The Healing Power of Your Aura, that silver is the colour of intelligence in the aura. It is an essential energy throughout the health lines of the being.


White is the primary energy in the aura, and health lines of the body. White when passed through a prism, splinters into the rainbow of colours. Therefore, it is considered to encompass all colours combined which is why it is so powerful.


Fifth dimensional energy, this is called upon for deep healing I am finding, and protection.

Combinations of Colors

These combinations of colors are used by Barbara Y. Martin in her healing of auras, in addition to, other colours mentioned above. I have not used these yet, but will implement on the dowsing chart, and see what the body chooses. The Ruby-Red is very close to the Scarlet I feel.

Colours Which Indicate Imbalances

These colours represent illness to those who can see auras of the body, and are not used in healing, but provide information about what the being is struggling with. It is the vibrancy of the colours above being darkened by the lack of light, lack of life force energy, muddied with imbalance. Source | The Healing Power of Your Aura by Barbara Y. Martin


Aura Healing Handbook by Walter Lubeck | This is a fabulous resource which a lot of the information above comes from.
The Seven Sacred Flames by Aurelia Louise Jones
The Healing Power of Your Aura by Barbara Y. Martin with Dimitri Moraitis
Colour Healing Manual, The Complete Colour Therapy Program by Pauline Wills
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