Broth | Chicken

When our animals are not well, run-down, there is nothing like a bone broth full of nutrients. All bone broths that I have come across in the marketplace are laden with onion, and sometimes have multiple animal proteins. These are not heathy for our animals. We want a broth derived from cooked bones, which has cooked for hours and hours until the broth is white. See photo below. All the goodness, has then entered into the broth, and there is almost nothing left but brittle bones.

  1. Place cooked bones in pot
  2. Cover with filtered water; not chemical tap water
  3. Simmer the contents for 5+ hours, until the broth starts to become a milky white
  4. During the simmering process, additional water will need to be added
  5. Freeze in glass containers, if not needed right away