Your Animal is Not Designed for Swimming in Chemicals.

Nor are we.  I know it is fun to swim, but we must choose healthy ways to cool ourselves off.  The impacts of chlorine on the whole body contributes heavily to the toxic load.  And the animals drink it, ingest the chemicals when they are swimming.

Elemental chlorine, used in pools, is a strong oxidizing agent.  It is highly toxic which is why it kills everything in the water.What is not commonly known is the chemicals such as chlorine vaporize into the air.  Actually, if you frequent an indoor pool you can smell the vapors easily.  Therefore, everyone including all the animals who are around the pool, are inhaling the chemicals, the off-gassing, constantly.  And this is before you have doused your whole body in the chemical water soup.

Effects of Chlorine on the Organic Body
  • Absorption through skin, toxicity straight to your organs, including the heart
  • Skin irritation
  • Allergies
  • Damage to the eyes
  • Respiratory problems – wheezing, coughing, and breathing difficulties
  • Poisoning through ingestion – abdominal pain, burning of nose, mouth with possible nausea and vomiting, with the possibility of blood expelled too

If your Animal is Having Hydrotherapy at a Clinic

If you animal is having hydrotherapy at a clinic, make sure you ask what they are putting in the water if they have a pool.  You may be doing more damage by soaking them in toxic water for 30 minutes versus having them swim to heal their structure.  Ask the questions because the answers matter and will have a direct/immediate impact on their toxic load, their health, their overall constitution.

Where Possible

Please choose natural swimming pool alternatives which do not add to the toxic load to any organic body, and ultimately the planet.  And your dogs?  Go to the lake or a natural water source for them to swim so they are safe please.  Or fill a baby pool of filtered tap water and have them play in this so they are not jumping into the chlorine and ingesting it.

Protect your Pet!
They are depending on you to do so!