Cordless Phones

These are extremely toxic as they pulse high radiation, constantly.

When I started learning more about EMF radiation, electromagnetic frequency, one of the first things you are educated about are cordless phones and how lethal they are for you, and every being in the house.  What makes them so dangerous?

They pulse and constantly look for the phones and the bases.  They act as small cell towers in your home.  This pulsing from the base will be going through your home from each base station constantly covering a diameter of potentially up to 20+ feet.  This is radiation.

This pulsing from the wired base station unit in the photo above, from my office, was reporting on the radiation meter at:

15 GHz

Our bodies are designed to handle maximum 1 GHz.  Therefore, even though I had disconnected and removed the hands-free phones, the base station which I thought was then safe, was still pulsing behind my back at 15 GHz constantly through the house into the kitchen.  And my animals, especially one of my dogs, as she likes to lie in my office as I work, would have been receiving this radiation as well.  Jeepers.

There are no words.  Please fully disconnect these devices and send them back to the manufacturer asking them to make devices which are not radiating life on the planet.

Protect your Pet! and your Family!