I believe all animals should receive regular chiropractic care.

Ours, and their entire nervous system runs along the spine, and being on four legs, their backs are exposed to a lot of every day wear and tear and potentially trauma. All it takes is a wrong turn or a slip on the floor or a young child to lean on their back and the animal’s spinal structure would be compromised. This translates to the body being out of alignment. When the bones are out of alignment, they may press into muscles, and nerves contributing to a whole system of problems which can actually be very deceiving.  So, when one looks at a canine limping, where one might think the problem is – is usually not the “source”.

And when there is misalignment, be it an animal or human, the being will compensate and utilize their body differently, usually not in a beneficial way but one which allows them to keep going instead of addressing the issue.  This could result in a whole host of issues some being headaches, migraines, lack of mobility of course, behavioural problems all because the skeletal structure has been impacted and needs to be set back into alignment.  And most definitely, animals have headaches.

I have been going to a chiropractor since I was a child.  My mom used to take us when she found we, as kids, would become a little unmanageable.  Her mantra, “Right, time for an adjustment.”  Of course, as kids we were doing all kinds of crazy things and this affects the growing structure including our emotions and how we respond to the world.  What I do know,  after being exposed to many practitioners around the world is,

adjustments must be super-sonic gentle.

None of these major bone cracking adjustments.  This is old school.  The adjustments should be soft,  gently manipulating the body back into alignment, NO FORCE ever!  This is usually done over a course of weeks,  if the being has never been for a tune up,  as the body has been used to operating off kilter for some time.  It is all about teaching the body to relax and go back into normal/alignment.

Before a Practitioner Works on your Animal

When it comes to animals,  it should always be explained to them what the practitioner is there for,  and consent should be ALWAYS given by them to touch their body.  The practitioner should explain to the animal and ask permission, such as, “I am going to check you here, with a slight touch, do I have your permission?”

And the practitioner should then explain in detail what they are going to do, so the animal knows, and feels acknowledged, most importantly respected, as they then know they have a say in the process.  This is a crucial part of the healing journey, to feel safe, to feel respected, and have the freedom to say no.

If anyone has any questions about this please get in touch.  This modality is very important for all of us to invest in, to keep ourselves and our animals structurally aligned.