Non-Stick Pots & Pans

Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA), Teflon, and Related Chemicals

All non-stick cookware needs to be checked whether they have these chemicals.  These are lethal to the body, they are literally poisoning you.  This is TEFLON and similar chemicals.  We all assume what is on the market is safe, but this is not the case. We must constantly be skeptical of anything new and really easy because companies are trying to impress stockholders, so the limits appear endless when it comes to health and safety.  New is not always better.  And corporations constantly lie.

Please check your cookware and make sure none of these products are in your household, you will be poisoning yourself and whoever you are feeding.  Please also pass the word on.  All of these items should have been recalled, but they were not. Unbelievable really!

Aluminum in your Kitchen

Aluminum is a heavy metal and has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease, as people with this imbalance have reported high levels of this heavy metal in their body.  Also note, this heavy metal is placed in beauty products too such as dandruff shampoo etc., check all your labels.

It is a very, very toxic material and should not be in your kitchen anywhere.  The issue is foods high in acid will oxidize the metal causing it to leach into your food.  Literally, you are eating heavy metals, slowly poisoning your brain.  It is not a safe material to be used in your kitchen.  And this applies to aluminum foil also.

Animals cells are no different than ours.  They will most definitely be impacted if you are feeding them via these vehicles in your kitchen.  Heavy metal toxicity is burdening their bodies, including their brains immensely.


Movie: DARK WATERS. Please watch this.  Again, here we have a large corporation with no ethical compass.  DUPONT knew and still continued to keep the public in the dark poisoning so many people, in test studies too, their own employees.

The Government of Canada says – the food absorbs the aluminum! And to not store any food in aluminum.  Very interesting what it says about other materials as well.

Healthiest type of cookware:

Protect you and your pet!