This page covers the following products: Air Fresheners, including Car Deodorizers, Essential Oils, Incense, and Scented Candles.

Most, if not all, convenient and pretty things made available to you to “make your home smell better” are extremely toxic.

Price point has little to do with the toxic load.  One assumes it would not be on the shelf if it were not safe, but this is a deadly assumption.  No one is protecting you.  Nothing is regulated.

Impact on Our Animals

With our animals’ sense of smell at 40 times that of humans, these smells do even more damage to their bodies. We know when we encounter a smell we do not like, we have to leave. The animals, however, are stuck in our households, our cars, and do not have a lot of places to go to get away if we are liberally exposing them to toxic scents which we liberally use to make our environment smell nice.

These TOXIC PRODUCTS change their chemistry, their cellular structure via inhalation primarily affecting the liver, spleen, kidneys and heart, adding to their “toxic load”.  This includes all living beings in your environments, humans and birds too.

Horses & Hives

A pet parent reported how two horses broke out in hives while working in the yard.  It was linked to one of the carers wearing perfume while they were grooming the two horses.  The rest of the herd were free to move far away and therefore, did not exhibit the symtoms.  But these two horses, immediately and cleared showed toxicity just through inhaling this person’s toxic perfume.

Air Fresheners including Car Deodorizers

Not only are these products a huge environmental concern and waste because they will be dumped into landfill, they are ALL extremely TOXIC for any organic body.  Please do not buy them or use them.  They are just BAD. Just complete toxicity.  And those cardboard Christmas trees hanging from the driver’s rear-view mirror, I see which are still around, TOXIC!

If you would like to freshen your house, I suggest using rose water.  It is beautiful, and good for every being’s soul.  Please make sure it is pure and not full of chemicals of course. It must be 100% pure organic rose water. One resource here:

Essential Oils

Every essential oil’s scent has a role in healing the body, mind, and spirit.  This is medicine and must be selected by the being.  The sense of smell guides whether the properties of this oil is needed by the body.  For example, one day lavender might smell lovely to you, and another day terrible. This is because your body does not need the healing properties of this plant on that particular day. The same applies to our animals.

Therefore, please do not burn nor diffuse essential oils in spaces where your animal cannot escape the smell. You will potentially do damage to their systems, their health.  And do not clean with essential oils where your animal cannot escape from the smell or touch. I do not advocate cleaning with any essential oils as again you can impact the animal’s internal cell structure.

About Sourcing:  The Essential Oil Industry is extremely competitive with a lot of questionable but very good-looking products on the market.  Please do not buy anything based on the label.  Do your homework, as a lot of them are loaded with “other stuff”.  Even some of the “very good brands” which people are thrilled with, when compared to something pure, do not stand up. Suppliers I stand by may be found here.

May be loaded with toxic chemicals.

The quality of incense matters.  Again, there is an assumption that there are non-toxic chemicals in incense, but they are laced with them.  Please be very careful where you source from.  The products are not regulated and they can cause massive health issues.

Please educate yourself on the ingredients, where the ingredients are sourced from, and what is used to bind them. Commercial incense in any stores, which are dipped in garbage, may have:  wood powder – waste product potentially plywood (formaldehyde) or another “treated” wood as the base, bound with glue potentially not suitable for burning, combined with the chemical DPG for a longer burn – gives off poisonous gas as actually not designed to be burned; charcoal – another toxic substance when burned.

Is Your Incense Toxic?

Great information may be found in this video below.  The only thing I do not agree with is burning the bad stuff outside polluting nature.  Get rid of it, or better yet, send it back to the company with a note to do better.

A fabulous supplier I use is Leftover Hippies, found here:  Hazel hand makes all her incense and is readily on hand to answer any questions.  Her process is also spelt out on her website.  Beautiful products.

Scented Candles

Scented candles are carcinogenic, absolutely lethal to the organic body.  To you, your animals and definitely to the planet.  The dye / colours they use in the candles alone are carcinogenic.  Please do not use any of them. They should not be allowed on the market.

A fabulous supplier of beautiful, beeswax candles is Cheeky Bee in Ontario, Canada,  I have been using Perry’s candles for over 20 years now.
Skovmand, A., Gouveia, A. C., Koponen, I. K., Møller, P., Loft, S., & Roursgaard, M. (2017). Lung inflammation and genotoxicity in mice lungs after pulmonary exposure to candle light combustion particles. Toxicology Letters, 276, 31-38. doi:10.1016/j.toxlet.2017.04.015

Please protect your pets by taking the time to understand the impact of smell on their cellular structure.
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