Pet Healthcare

Pet Healthcare

In 2016, pet owners spent 57 billion USD on pet care. Pet parent’s place a lot of trust in these companies, believing they have our pet’s best interests at heart. More often than not, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Below is a visual about what is currently happening to all our beautiful animals. I have used the canine as an example. Now, of course, every caretaker is different, every animal is different, and how some vets practise is different. All these factors impact how toxic your animal is.

What this diagram is showing is current healthcare protocols, in the name of “pet healthcare.” This is how pummeled by toxicity the body becomes under these protocols and how our animals are dying at younger ages every year. I hear some dogs are now dying at five years of age or even younger. Cancer is showing up in puppies.

This commonly accepted toxic regimen is doing immense damage to our beautiful beings and shortening their life spans dramatically. In addition, the amount of PAIN being inflicted on our pets, as a result of these protocols, is enormous.
The Toxic Cycle Explained

Your animal is born, and right from the beginning nothing fresh is fed to him besides his mother’s milk. Keep in mind that she, the mother, is most likely being fed dry kibble dog food, which is full of toxicity. The wet foods are not much better. Many toxins from the mother pass on to her puppies.

Once old enough to eat food, the puppy is then introduced to the same type of dry dog food, in puppy formula, which is literally processed garbage covered in sugar. There is very little usable nutrition in this food to make its body strong and pain-free for a long and healthy life.

This little being is trying to develop his system, his bones, his organs . . . everything is forming and growing, and then we WHOMP the system with the first round of vaccines.

Nature never, ever, ever intended the body to be exposed to all these MAJOR viruses’ and bacteria month after month, all at once.
Yet this is what we call medicine.

So, this little body has been on the planet for just a few months, maybe even less—and it is being fed no nutrients, no fresh food, nothing which it would find in the wild, and then on top of this it is being pounded with viruses and bacteria which it would NEVER ever encounter all at once in a lifetime. Yet, most vets follow these common protocols.

Unfortunately, these little pups’ systems will start to buckle. And the “buckling of the system” shows up in many ways, acutely in a few days and chronically in a month. Some signals the system is breaking down may be, and this is just a few:

ear infections that do not go away, undeveloped jaws, undeveloped joints including hips, teeth issues, skin issues, itching all the time, eyes constantly running, lameness, ligament tears at a year of age, tumors, seizures, vomiting, diarrhea, behaviour issues, hair loss, cancer, massive cysts at the site of injection.

These are symptoms the body is producing to say, “Help me, I am in trouble.”
This is all “pet healthcare” induced. None of this existed years ago. Our animals were never this sick especially at such a young age.

So, what happens? If the body survives (as some pets are dying) . . .

The little body is then taken back to the trusted vet and the vet puts more lethal drugs into the body to combat the symptoms, not understanding that they are literally pushing the symptoms down into the organs of the body, as the purpose of all drugs is to suppress the symptoms. There is no healing via this route.

This is very important to understand.

Just because the symptoms disappear, does not mean they are truly gone, the body has NOT healed.

The root cause remains, the symptoms have just been pushed further into the body, where they are no longer visible, and we no longer see the body’s call for help.

These symptoms will surface once again, and probably in stronger force, once the drugs have stopped, because, again, the root cause hasn’t been healed, as no one is listening to the body.

What has happened though, is the body is more toxic with the pharmaceuticals added to the already compromised system.

This is ALL “pet healthcare induced”. If the animal was left alone, it would be healthy, it would not be sick.

And now we have a very, very sick animal, and the cycle begins. More symptoms, more vet visits, more drugs. Vaccinations are still routinely given throughout this period, which is pure insanity. The cycle keeps going on and on until the body cannot take it anymore. And the once little being, dies at 8 to 10 years of age, when their lifespan should have been around the 22 mark.

And let’s not forget that for the majority of this time, for this very short life span, this animal has been in pain, spent a lot of his time here on Earth at the vet, all in the name of “pet healthcare.”

This is a system “out of control.”
Toxicity | How is this Impacting Our Cells? Our Animal’s Cells?

Dr. Bruce Lipton explains how the body works when it is exposed to toxicity including stress. Our cells know the difference between the good and the bad inside the body. All this toxicity literally impedes the growth and maintenance of the body. The Biology of Belief Full Lecture by Bruce Lipton. A must watch for everyone.

How Can We Do Better?

The good news is that with the right knowledge, you can take the care of your pet into your own hands, and dramatically change the trajectory of your pet’s life.

Your animal needs:

1. A fresh food diet (some RAW, some cooked). Human grade, unprocessed, organic, whole foods.

2. Core vaccinations only as a puppy AFTER 16 WEEKS OF AGE are to be spaced out over time, NEVER any combo’s, with the health of the system watched carefully. One vaccination per CORE virus is all the animal needs for its lifetime, like us. One set only.

If the health of the animal is at all compromised – no vaccinations are to be given. This is a direct directive from the vaccination manufacturers!

And some forward-thinking vets believe no vaccinations are required at all as immunity has come through from the mom. So please do your homework.

3. No drugs or chemicals ever in the body; the only exception is if it is a trauma “do-or-die” situation.

4. Daily fun, play, and exercise.

5. A non-toxic environment, free of chemicals.

6. An emotionally balanced family to live with.

Wouldn’t it be heaven to see this for all our animals?

This is how my animals live, and this is my goal for your animal. All this is spelt out in the Nature | Our Healer section of this website.

My Main Message on All of This

Please stop paying huge amounts of money to make your animal ill.  Go back to nature. Your animal is part of this divine planet, and this does not come in the form of all these vaccines, the pet food industry, and big pharma’s creations, which shareholder’s and the top executives are ALL making billions from.

What Is This System Costing Us Financially?

As illness has escalated based on what is sold to us as “pet health care”, the costs associated have also risen. This is a result of two things:

1. Vets and vet care are cashing in. Vets never existed in the numbers they do today in the 1950’s. It used to be a single person job. When you see all this staff in vet offices, you are paying for all of this. It should not be necessary but the “toxic pet healthcare cycle” which is propagated supports this business model.

2. Pharma is driving a lot of the “solutions” which are not solutions but damage the body more; hence the more vet visits, vets, vet people, costing you the pet parent a tonne of money.

3. With the introduction of Pet Insurance, costs can now be escalated beyond reasonable, because they are being funneled through this industry.
So, what used to cost 10.00 USD is now costing you 60.00 USD, and this is all profit!!! Vets and all the associated industries are getting rich. This should not be. And now you, as a pet owner, have a “new” cost of approximately 600.00 USD per pet, per year as a “just in case”. This never existed before and was NOT needed. This is a massive cost.

About Pet Insurance | Already a Billion Dollar Industry

Below is an example of a Pet Insurance advertisement. The company has advertised that these amounts are what they are processing for claims. They do not say over what time span but they indicate that this is costing you and you should purchase their coverage, of course. They will save you!

What I want to highlight, is everything your animal is experiencing in “health breakdown” is “man-made driven”. We are making our animals ill by not questioning and by following pet health care standards that are extremely toxic to the body and are therefore, causing all these physical ailments. This is all relatively new. Our animals bodies were never this sick 30+ years ago.

Everything except for car accidents, is a result of toxicity we are putting into these beautiful being’s bodies. We are making their body’s sick. We MUST question, educate ourselves and go back to NATURE. Our animals’ bodies were not designed to fall apart. But this is what is happening.

 “Do No Harm” | No Longer Practised
Everyone affiliated with “pet wellness” is getting rich.

Your animal should not be sick. The body should not break down. Old age should not mean one gets “sick”. Plenty of canines used to live until they were 20+ and cats over 25 easily. The system is rigged. It is Pharma and Pet Food driven and the vets are under their “control”, their umbrella.
We, therefore, do not have “do no harm” being practised because it is not about the “being” it is all about the almighty “dollar”. You would think systems would be in place to ensure your animal was safe and looked after, but again “do no harm” is no longer practised. It is no longer a function of the vet industry protocols, emphasis on “industry”.

our animal should not be sick. The body should not break down. Old age should not mean one gets “sick”. Plenty of canines used to live until they were 20+ and cats over 25 easily.  The system is rigged. It is Pharma and Pet Food driven and the vets are under their “control”, their umbrella. We, therefore, do not have “do no harm” being practised because it is not about the “being” it is all about the almighty “dollar”. You would think systems would be in place to ensure your animal was safe and looked after, but again “do no harm” is no longer practised. It is no longer a function of the vet industry protocols, emphasis on “industry”.

And the damage being done to our animals, it is just – unimaginable.

Please question everything. Protect your pet!

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