Essential Oils

Essential oils healing powers are extraordinary.
Healing Powers

It was not until I became exposed to Zoopharmacognosy did I truly comprehend the power of these oils. I used to associate them with aromatherapy, which of course has its calming affects but I did not understand the impact the oils can have at cellular level. Really the healing the body. I did not understand their true power.

But I do now! They are unbelievably effective in so many ways. And their healing capacity is tremendous. I extend much gratitude to these wonderful plants daily for all they offer.

The “real deal” oils are powerful. They are not for diffusing and making your house smell better. The “real deal” oils are healers, deep powerful healers. This is why sourcing is everything as there is so much on the market which is marketed very well but not the real deal. This is why I only use two companies in the world.

Sourcing Matters

There are only a few places in the world I source my essential oils, and Zoopharmacognosey supplies from, to work with the animals. The oils MUST be food grade and organic.

Part of the Plant Matters
It is important to note when using essential oils, one is using the right part of the plant when it comes to our animals selecting, there are many different types of extractions from the same plant. Therefore, please pay attention to the Latin name for distinction.

Using the Oils with Your Animals

If you do not know how to use the oils with animals please reach out or purchase Caroline Ingraham’s book. It is a specific process, a little bit of a dance actually to get the body healed. It is all about the animal dictating the process. It is not about HUMAN knows best and pushing the process.

Loss of trust, and potential damage to the body may occur if the animal is not followed, and respected. And ultimately, the potential of the healing process will not be supported. Please take this very seriously.

medicating in the wild
About Cats and Essential Oils

There is so much fear around this topic. I would imagine has to do with people using adulterated products, and not following the animal’s lead.

When you follow the animal’s lead, you cannot do harm, as they are telling you what to do. All of my cats have actively participated heavily with essential oils, sitting right beside them to breathe in the full healing benefits of all the oils. They are very clear, when they have had enough. And they have licked them, ingested them too.

A lot of the time when I am working with the dogs, the cats will come and sit in on the session, usually above the oils so they can power up inhaling heavily. Again, it is always their choice. Caroline Ingraham, the guru of Zoopharmacognosey, has been doing this for years. She has never ever had a cat who was harmed by the process. Only healed.

Some research for those of you interested: The Science Behind Cats and  Essential Oils

Above Image | Simba

Our beautiful, amazing tigress, “Simba”, who adopted us one stormy, snowy night in Denmark. She is working with her selection of oils. At the time she was around 8 years of age. So many fabulous stories about her settling into a domestic life. An amazing, amazing soul, and one of the many loves of my life!


The Animal Desk Reference II, Essential Oils for Animals by Melissa Shelton DVM
Melissa’s journey into essential oils is very interesting.  It started with her kids not being well due to corn syrup, helping them heal with essential oils and then transferring this information years later to animals, as she was a young veterinarian at the time.  This book contains a lot of great information where she also explains heavily about the use of essential oils and cats and never experiencing any harm done.  She uses diffuses and sprays etc.

It is important to note, Dr. Shelton does not practise self-selection, so the animals are not dictating quantities and their “own medicine” and the sequence which it is taken.  This is why Zoopharmacognosey is so special, because we are following the animal’s lead, their intelligence.  We are not thinking we know best.

Animal Self-Medication by Caroline Ingraham
This is a MUST HAVE for all homes with animals.  Caroline’s work is amazing as it is all about honouring he being and following their direction.  Quality of oils is crucial for working with animals, not every company produces quality.  The companies below are the only companies I currently source from.

Gut Health Guide and Essential Oil Protocol by Dr. Eric Zielinski
Really great information about leaky gut, stomach acid, diet and essential oil use for humans.  Diffusing is mentioned a lot – careful this is not good around animals where they cannot escape the smell, you could do damage to their systems as they would be forced to process “medicine” they do not need.

Holistic Aromatherapy for Animals by Kristen Leigh Bell
This book provides fabulous information about the oils.  However, the author does not practise allowing the animals to SELECT the oils.  This is very important to understand.  All the recipes are not required as the animals will direct you how to use the oils on their terms, what oil and where on the body, as spelt out in Caroline Ingraham’s book above.  Diet is also a crucial component too when focusing on healing.

The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy by Valerie Ann Woodward
This is the encyclopedia of essential oils for humans.  Fabulous information.


Caroline Ingraham, United Kingdom
I source oils from here.

Dr. Christopher’s Herb Shop, USA
I am a huge fan of the Bone and Tissue formula.

Florihana, France
I source oils from here.

Mountain Rose Herbs, USA
I source a lot of powders, and minerals from here.

Melissa Shelton DVM, USA
I have not ordered oils from Dr. Shelton’s site.  Dr. Shelton uses a lot of mixtures which is not how I practise with Zoopharmacognosey as the animals cannot choose their specific remedy.  She also places them in the air and in their food and water.  On her website, there is a dog being held with a bottle of oil being dripped on them.  All of this goes against Zoopharmacognosey principles. All animals should choose to participate.  Not have people “doing” to them.

Apart from these differences, Dr. Shelton has been practising a very long time, promoting non-toxic methods of healing, so her information about the effectiveness of essential oils and their healing powers on the animals is, of course, invaluable.

Healing is always on the individual’s terms,
it is not to be rushed or determined by another.
Below Image | Yantha

Image below, our Yantha, processing her oils, selected by her, on her terms always.  She is a master healer.  Years ago, she could barely process an oil for a second much less have them this close to her, and be so relaxed.

How magical is this?