Chakras, Wheels of Light

We are all energy in physical bodies. We have a minimum of three energetic bodies, the emotional, mental and spiritual body, and one physical body, bringing our focus here to the four bodies. Yet all our attention goes to the physical, in most cases ignoring our energetic bodies, which is who we really are. Energy. All life forms are structured on this planet in this manner, trees, plants, rocks, everything including our wonderful animals.


Our chakras, help move our energy. When they are healthy they are circular, vibrant, full of beautiful colour, spin clockwise providing energy to each of our body’s organs, glands and body parts. They send the energy, the life force, constantly through our body up to the universe and back down again to the planet. This is the cycle. All life to my knowledge operates this way, on Earth. This is our connection to all that is while we are here on this planet. Each chakra has a specific colour, which in turn represent the colours of the rainbow. Cumulatively, these colours are white light when viewed through a prism.

Care & Understanding

The physical body is connected via the chakras to the energetic bodies, the emotional, mental and spiritual, the first few layers of our aura. We experience all life through our energy bodies before this enters our physical, exclusive of direct trauma to the body. Therefore, any disturbance in how we are perceiving or experiencing life is recorded here first. And if this disturbance is not cleared or healed then this affects the physical body telling us to stop what we are doing, how we may be living, redirect and clear our energy fields. Most of us do not understand the sophistication of our design as only the physical is constantly presented to us in our third dimensional, 3D world. But this again, is not how any of the life forms here on earth are designed. We are energy, expressed in the physical which then helps us all navigate our experiences.

Therefore, all our efforts should be focused on caring and nurturing our energy systems to make sure the physical body is not blocked, hurt or damaged with our life force flowing freely.

Vibration & Frequency

To expand on this everything has a vibration, and a frequency. Those things connected to nature, and connected to love and possibility vibrate at a high vibration, maintain their innate healthy frequency. Those things connected to worry, greed, self, often at the cost of the planet and her species, vibrate low on the scale and usually have a negative frequency. This low frequency messes with all energetic bodies on this planet, where there is a lack of consciousness in the being. The cumulation of all life’s vibration is the collective consciousness being expressed.

While we may wish to heal, if the vibration of what we are doing, giving our attention to, taking internally or applying to our bodies is not in alignment with our frequency, then the energy bodies will not heal and the physical body will begin to show signs of this. Not owning our power, is reflected in these actions, as the lessons have yet to be learned regarding awareness, intention, consciousness, ultimately honouring who we are.

The chakras and energetic bodies record all these imbalances, and must be cleared, cleaned and healed to ensure proper energy flow. All life is the same.

Our Animals & Their Humans

Our animals have tricky assignments on Earth as they are within human energy fields most of the time. They always wish to be in balance. It is their nature. It is only when humans are involved that we seem to create massive imbalance in their systems. They are exposed to human vibrations, emanating usually negative thought patterns, negative emotionsworry a huge one, with belief systems not in alignment with their higher self and thus, participating in all kinds of toxins which include food and water and debilitating tech. This has a direct impact on the animals on all levels of their being. In addition, when animals are not listened to, nor understood and treated with a “human knows best belief system” their chakras take a massive hit which then humans try and medicate! Basically, when their humans are completely disconnected from nature’s frequency which is their own.

Location of the Chakras

Most of the chakras in animals, have a top and bottom chakra. In humans, they are in the front and the back, with the Root and Crown being the exceptions. The Root and Crown are single chakras only, as they connect to the Planet and the Universe respectively for all species, as far as I know. Larger animals have additional chakras in the solar plexus, along their sides, and in their hind quarters, such as horses, as they have more mass to send energy to.

How the Chakras Are Hurt

What hurts the Chakra system? Where they may become, damaged, stuck, spin the wrong direction, full of gunk energy, and energetically interfered with? The following:

Healing the Chakras

When working on each of the chakras during a hands on or remote healing, love, peace and the appropriate messaging is energetically provided to each of the chakras to help the being heal. They are opened, turned clockwise, repaired and healed, with the optimal colour of energy sent into each. This healing is also supported with energy flowing from the universe through the system to the planet and back up through the being. Energy blasts in the energy systems are also sealed and healed. These are holes created in the fields by the items listed above allowing the dark side in as the being is no longer whole, protected nor strong, and therefore, literally becomes a host. This is not something to fear, but to understand, the energies on this planet and how it all works.

I use dowsing more so now to clear the unwanted throughout the physical and energetic bodies as it can be more thorough especially when dealing with the dark stuff. I am healing and clearing much more than I would be I feel versus just sending energy in. It depends on what the animal prefers, and their owner, as the hands on is more personal I find when working from a distance, but it is not more effective from my perspective.

Sometimes, I meditate with animal clients remotely too when I find there is a huge disconnect with the human race. Trust has been so broken that they just need to go into a safe space to feel what this is like to feel warmth, love, and chat as there is so much they do not understand about why humans do what they do.

Meditating on one’s chakras, using a pre-recorded meditation is a fabulous thing to do with your animals, so you all benefit. Try to download though so no streaming around them as this would be countering the healing process with radiation. Wholetones, the animals love to stretch out and recalibrate to.

Chakras may be assigned to planets, gem stones, there is a lot of intricacy to each so I invite the reader to explore. On this page, I have shown the element, the location on an animal’s body, and the impact on the being when there is disturbance in their third dimensional chakra system, and in the first two layers of their aura, the emotional and mental. The planet has her own chakra system too with the chakras being specific places around the planet shown below.

When you see physical symptoms think chakras – what has stopped and hurt the energy flow in the body, the life force flow, where the energetic bodies have been hurt so much that this has now manifested in the physical body.


MULADHARA | Beingness, Security

Element | Earth

Location | Base of tail, where connected to body

Physical | Anal glands, violet gland, kidneys, spine, colon (large intestine), hips, hind legs and paws, bones, blood, elimination system

Emotional Insecurity, fear, lack of trust, incontinence, blood disorders, bone disorders, fight or flight

Mental | Lack of grounding to the planet, survival, status, individuality, security / safety, stability, protection, health, courage, patience, strength, belonging, one's right to their own space

If this chakra is blocked in any way then the whole being’s life force is impacted. Very important to look after this chakra. Constipation is a HUGE indicator this is closed and no energy flow is moving as well as urination symptoms.


SWADHISHTANA | Power, Growth & Movement

Element | Water

Location | Center of hip region of spine; top and bottom of body

Physical | Adrenal glands, ovaries, testicles, prostate, genitals, intestines, womb, bladder, lower back, kidneys, lymphatic system

Emotional | Hormones, spay & neuter issues, low confidence, weakness, low energy, low back pain, SHOCK stored here

Mental | Procreation, food assimilation, physical force & vitality, sexuality & creativity, security, sense of others, balance, internal equilibrium, pleasure, one-to-one relationships in household


MANIPURA | Self-Worth, Self-Awareness & Choice

Element | Fire

Location | Middle of spine; top and bottom of body; Horses & Larger Animals also have a Balancer Chakra located on each side of their ribcage

Physical | Whole body, stomach, digestive system, gallbladder, pancreas, liver, spleen, diaphragm, kidneys, nervous system, muscles

Emotional | Diabetes, digestive problems, depression, lack of power and confidence, immune system, obsessive behaviour, training issues, nervousness

Mental | Self-preservation, self-worth, esteem, confidence, freedom to choose, personal power & will, key center for humans and animals to communicate physically, sympathetic nervous system, digestive system, metabolism & emotions


ANAHATA | Love & Understanding | Seat of the Soul

Element | Air

Location | Heart center, base of front of chest, and top of chest along spine; Horses & Larger Animals also have a second Heart Chakra located on each of their flanks. Holly Davis explains in her book, Energy Healing for Horses, this is opened when the animal is ready to do so, it is not for a healer to open. It is an extremely sensitive chakra. The animal must heal their own trauma before this is activated else the heightened sensitivity could cause emotional and mental distress. I often find this chakra damaged in older horses.

Physical | Heart, thymus, lungs, respiratory system, circulatory system, chest, immune system, front legs and paws, shoulders - huge if carrying back end

Emotional | Anger, aggression, arthritis, blood disorders, emotional issues, inability to bond, feral cats, abuse, rescued animals, stress related asthma, colic

Mental | Divine, unconditional love, energizes the blood and physical body with life force, releasing pain, boredom, hospitalization, loneliness, stress, mental and physical abuse and lack of love


Love & Safety

Element | Universe

Location | On both sides of body, in front of the shoulder blade

Physical | Heart, thymus, lungs, respiratory system, circulatory system, head, neck, chest, front legs and paws

Emotional | May potentially encompass imbalances in all other chakras; HUGE emotional release center; relationship with humans, natural instincts, awareness, transformation, darkness to light, revelation, healer, release

Mental | Control center accessing all the chakras of the body; very powerful. Please note: The Brachial Major is animal specific. This chakra was founded by Margrit Coates.

When I ask questions about this chakra, I receive this is all encompassed in the heart chakra. The heart chakra is so important, apart from the obvious, because the thymus sits here which is the controller of the life force in the body.


VISHIDDHA | Expression, & Wisdom

Element | Spirit, The Heavens

Location | Lower jaw across throat; and back of neck

Physical | Throat, thyroid, parathyroid, mouth, teeth, vocal cords, ears, shoulders, forearms

Emotional | Depression, excessive or lack of vocalization, vocal problems, "not being heard", metabolism, teething, thyroid issues, lack of discernment, knowledge used unwisely

Mental | Communication and self -expression, esp. conscious communication with intent, truth, knowledge and wisdom, freedom and release

The Throat Chakra is extremely important as so many humans do not speak their truth and the animals are just not heard. I also equate this to TRUST. If one does not speak, can they be trusted? As this silent energy has to play out somewhere and I find there is a correlation between lack of speech and trust.

Being controlled, and harassed will show up as physical imbalances in the body here. Many animals do not have a voice so this becomes a major blockage in energy flow showing up as flu-like symptoms, congestion, and mucous. And they do not trust when they do have a voice so much. Important glands are here too. Often phones impact these glands from their humans being around the animal’s neck while petting etc. The emotional body is usually heavily impacted too when this is a chronic lifestyle choice.


AJUNA | Universe & Balance

Element | Silver

Location | Brow, center of forehead above eyes; and back of head

Physical | Brain, pineal gland, ears, left eye, nose, fur, hair, skin, endocrine system which encompasses breast milk, ovaries, testes, adrenal glands

Emotional | Headaches, depression, concentration issues, hair loss, hearing loss, hyperactivity, post-traumatic pain, skin allergies

Mental | Psychic insight and telepathy, the way all animals communicate. Very developed in most animals. Intuition, knowledge, understanding, insight, imagination, sense of belonging, teacher, to choose life, health & joy in all aspects of living

Working here, when the animal allows, is an honour I find. As a lot of emotion may sit here as a result of their life on the planet. It is like being allowed to go a deeper level, where they show you who they are.


SAHASARA | Intuition & Gateway

Element | Gold

Location | Top of head between ears

Physical | Cerebral cortex, pituitary gland, skull, brain, central nervous system, cranio-spinal system, hypothalamus gland, thalamus gland, spine, skin, fur or feathers, right eye, ears

Emotional | Grief, depression, disorientation, eyesight, hearing, fear, headaches, panic attacks, pining, senility, separation anxiety, stress, tension, training issues, making poor decisions

Mental | Life force connection, and oneness with the infinite. Divine wisdom, understanding, selfless service, perception beyond space and time, grace, beauty

With much love and gratitude extended to Gillian, for allowing me to use her beautiful image to show you all.

The Stars

The stars, from my experience, are the beings connection to the planet, the universe, to their collective species, and their assigned journey. They may be shut down and even damaged depending on what an animal has experienced.


Location | Behind back feet

Mental | Anchored to the Earth; grounded to the planet


Location | Just above hind quarters, between hips and tail

Mental | Connects to origins, to the species collective. Helps them navigate purpose on this journey.


Location | Above Crown Chakra

Mental | Connection to Self; the physical to the Spiritual aspect


Location | Above the Soul Star

Mental | Direct line to the Divine Source, with access to infinite energy.


Where Attention Goes, Energy Flows by Judith Kusel |

Chakra Charts for Cats, Dogs and Horses

Chakra Healing, Easy-To-Follow Guide to Chakra Clearing: Reclaim Your Health and Feel Great Again by Lora Al-Awar | This is a really important book to have on hand, as it is simple and clear. It explains how the chakra system works, and what is potentially upsetting each energy center. How to correct, repair, heal, and monitor each chakra. Lora also deals with the front of the body, which represents the present, and the back of the body, representing the past, as the Sacral through to the Third Eye have front and back chakras. Anybody can do this, and I feel we all need to be looking after our energy systems.

Energy Medicine for Animals, The Bioenergetics of Animal Healing, by Diane Budd | This is a beautiful book demonstrating wheat Diane is healing in the energy systems of the animals with case studies. The illustrations are very helpful, showing the aura and chakra systems, which need healing. Diane also practises zoopharmacognosey, offering it with the animals to help them rebalance during their communication, and healing sessions.

Hands-on Healing for Pets, The Animals Lover’s Essential Guide to Using Energy Healing by Margrit Coates | Margrit’s books provide a wealth of information, are a wonderful read, and resource, with lots of case studies. I have not listed as there is so many. Her layout of her books, and her explanations are easy to follow. She is a huge inspiration to anyone wishing to learn this craft, and was my first introduction into energy healing for horses in the Netherlands.

The Subtle Body – An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy by Cyndi Dale | This is a beautiful “must-have” book showing all the energy systems around the world, and how they all work in connection with the physical body.

Energy Healing for Horses, by Holly Davis | This is a fabulous read. Holly has been working with horses for 30+ years and provides valuable information about how to help heal them. In her book, a horse’s chakra system is explained in detail showing where the stars and gateway chakras are located and their function. Holly also suggests all equipment be checked energetically which I thought was very important information.

Wheels of Life by Andoea Judith, PHD | | Andoea Judith is world re-known for her life work on the Chakra System.

Energy Healing for Animals, by Joan Ranquet | Fabulous information in Joan’s book about many different modalities of energetic healing, many which are mentioned on this website. Joan is a world-known animal communicator who has written books on the subject.

The Divine Mission of Animals, Understanding and Healing Animals Through Their Chakras by Lynn McKenzie | This is a fabulous document available for free online explaining energy healing, the chakras, associated crystals, planets, and elements, with imbalances exhibited, and the meaning of each pertaining to your animal.

Chakra Healing, Easy-To-Follow Guide to Chakra Clearing: Reclaim Your Health and Feel Great Again by Lora Al-Awar | This is a really important book to have on hand, as it is simple and clear. It explains how the chakra system works, and what is potentially upsetting each energy center. How to correct, repair, heal, and monitor each chakra. Lora also deals with the front of the body, which represents the present, and the back of the body, representing the past, as the Sacral through to the Third Eye have front and back chakras. Anybody can do this, and I feel we all need to be looking after our energy systems.

The Subtle Body – An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy by Cyndi Dale | This is a beautiful “must-have” book showing all the energy systems around the world, and how they all work in connection to the physical body. It is vast amount of information of wonderful which needs to be read over and over again I feel as not everything can be absorbed the first read through.

Wheels of Life by Andoea Judith, PHD | | Andoea Judith is world re-known for her life work on the Chakra System. This video applies to all beings.

The Book of Chakras – Discover the Hidden Forces Within You by Ambika Wauters This is a very detailed book about each chakra, and how one might be off balance within each. It also provides a lot of information about the planet, crystals etc., associated with each chakra. Beautiful book, and easy to navigate.

Empowering the Atomic Body, The Universe Within by Ian Welch | A gem of a book as so much information concisely conveyed. An advanced healer practising for decades, Ian shares his wisdom of our connection to all and just how powerful we are as a species.