Nanotechnology & AI

Nanotechnology & AI

It is incredible really to be writing this. Nanotechnology is marketed as cool just like everything else that is toxic for all life on this planet, and most humans are not questioning and just going along.

It is designed to interfere and take over the organic body. It is designed to communicate with sophisticated technology which most people I feel have no concept about. The goal is to manage and manipulate the organic structure and eventually take it over.

I feel at present, it is being tested on the public and all life forms to see how the carbon-based structures will survive the “testing”. The nanotechnology invades the organs, perforating linings and walls along the way of the internal structures. Goes all through the brain, nothing is off limits.

It is invasive and deadly. One will of course find lots of information to counter this perspective as there is billions of dollars to be made from manipulating all life on this planet. So critical thinking, investigation, and real discussion is required here. The ascension of the human species is being interfered with purposely I feel.

Please do not put anything nanotech in your animal’s body. The people selling this stuff have no idea what they are selling, the implications on the body, the life form.

But please know, everything is energy and we are at a time in the progression of humanity to understand who we are and what we are truly capable of.  We have the power to neutralize, and make massive change as a species when we decide to become informed, active and use our free will for creating a better life for all, not for just ourselves.  We are one.  And it is about owning our power, our magnificent power of the vehicles we occupy called the physical body and the energy fields to make real change for all life on this planet.  This is done through frequency, our vibration.  I invite everyone reading this to stop thinking small and that what you do, does not matter.  This is so far from the truth.  Everything one does, especially thinks matters and contributes immensely.

Deactivate & Dissolve Nanotechnology & AI

To deactivate and dissolve all nanotechnology and AI in your body – or your pets, and I would say this daily with intention. It depends how active in public the person and animal is and what one is eating. Say each line three times.

I ask all nanoparticles and all nanoparticles attached to chemicals and AI be deactivated in my physical body, all my energetic bodies and on all levels of my existence.

I ask all nanoparticles and all nanoparticles attached to chemicals and AI be dissolved in my physical body, all my energetic bodies and on all levels of my existence.

I do not consent to being manipulated or controlled by any energetic force.

Golden age all food and products in your home, increasing the frequency and vibration of everything including your home.

Repairing the Body | Say Each 3X

Go into deep stillness, sacred space, and ask the following be repaired, each separately and with intention, repeating three times, direct your body or your animal’s body to do the following with gratitude:

  • I ask for any leaking organs, glands and body parts to be repaired and completely healed, completely healed, completely healed
  • I ask for all toxins to be deactivated and dissolved
  • I ask for all damaged cells in my body be repaired and completely healed
  • I ask for damaged nerves in my body to be repaired and completely healed
  • I ask all DNA in my body be repaired and completely healed
  • I ask for hydrogen levels be restored to optimal levels
  • I ask for oxygen levels be restored to optimal levels
  • I ask for body chemistry be come into balance
  • I ask for all body systems to come into alignment, harmony and balance
  • I ask for all hormones to come into alignment, harmony and balance
  • I ask all minerals and vitamins to balance to optimal levels

This is not a “list” this is a request with intention. You are intentionally directing the energy. This will help the body immensely. There is a whole lot more one could be doing with intention to help heal the body and check the energy flows are running well. Please reach out if you would like to book a session and learn all about you and your animal.

Please refer to the Disclaimer on this website with regards to the reader’s responsibility, thank you.


Get Informed | Understand the World We Are Living In

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DIMENSION | When asking what dimensions these bots are from, I receive, the FIRST Dimension which equals a VERY LOW frequency; these will not be able to survive in a 4D-5D being as they will not be able to survive the frequency

2007 | Analysis what is in the needles propagated to the public as “we will save you”.  All tested on our lovely animals.  MRNA supports a WBAN=Wireless Body Area Network

Technocracy Rising, The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation by Patrick M. Wood
Trilaterals Over Washington, Volumes I and II by Patrick M. Wood & Antony C. Sutton
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VIDEO | This video is so gross with regard to violating the organic intelligent structure; testing on animals again | None of this is needed if we ALL stopped the toxicity on the planet, we are turning everything into AI – humans are just so brainwashed and disconnected – This is MEDICAL TRACKING as the video states at 5.17 minutes, this is good-bye carbon-based body hello AI synthetic body, owned and operated | Luciferase-Modified Magnetic Nanoparticles in Medical Imaging |

VIDEO | This is a pharma dream, internal delivery system so you cannot even say no if you choose to say no – The Government of Canada actually showed this on their website in 2019; the state will own and operate your body, good bye human |

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