by Nicola Richardson, Animal Healer


how can I help your beautiful being?


Digging Deep

Our bodies are MAGNIFICENT entities which are designed to be in balance. When a being’s body is not running optimally—where an imbalance is present—either showing up as illness and/or behaviour, we must look into the following:

history, diet, toxicity and lifestyle
Together we dig deep into all the areas of your animal’s life, since birth, to establish a clear and total picture of how your animal has been living and what has been and is currently going into his or her body. We also look at what the animal’s home life is like. Once I have this information, I formulate a plan to re-balance your beautiful being. Applied Zoopharmacognosey and energy healing are a few modalities I work with to accomplish balance.

My Code
I believe in working WITH your animal; they are a participant in their own healing, of course. Your animal is always listened to. I always follow their direction, and permission is always asked and obtained prior to engaging with them. Information is always provided to them so they are informed fully. By doing so, their wishes are always respected, and this means they are honoured every step of their healing journey. How else could it possibly be? The process is about all of us working together to help your animal heal itself.

Client Scope
I am honoured to service all small animals, birds, and horses, too. Energy work and Applied Zoopharmacognosey encompasses all the earth’s amazing creatures.


The information I will provide may be overwhelming for some. It will most likely be a lot of change for your animal and for you, the caregiver. However, this is a journey, not an overnight fix. Depending on the issue, your animal’s body will have to heal, and this takes time.

Feedback and communication are a CRUCIAL part of the process. When I say feedback, I mean sometimes we talk daily and sometimes it is weekly. We communicate until balance is present. Again, this is crucial to the healing process.

Therefore, I welcome clients to ask as many questions as possible, so they feel comfortable with their animal’s healing journey. No question is too small. Please do not assume anything – always ask. I cannot stress this enough. Email, or phone anytime during the day and early evening. Often people do not reach out, only to communicate later that they did not understand something.

Please communicate.


My background is in Corporate Finance and Logistics, so how did I become an Animal Healer? Kayly. She was my first dog, and she died a horrible death at 12.5 years old in 2008. I thought this was too young and I did not understand why she died the way she did, especially since I had followed all the professional’s instructions. Something told me that what was going on and why she died was just NOT okay.

This started me on a new journey and one I continue to be on.

The more I dug into vet’s protocols, vet’s training, the pet food industry, pharma, and everything that is marketed to us to make our animal’s lives “better,” I became more and more horrified at what I uncovered, what I learned.

It is unconscionable what is happening.

Between the pet industry and pharma, the majority of vets are trained and “owned” by these industries. The damage being done to all animals is unnecessary, not to mention the crazy, crazy costs people are paying to make their animals sicker. This is all so avoidable. This does not mean vets do not have an indispensable place in trauma care. Here, we salute them, but in everyday healing and maintenance of a healthy body, their protocols are not supportive. They just have no training in this area.

The body is designed to heal.

If an animal’s body is not balanced, please look at what you are putting on and, in the body, as well as the products you are using in your household, and what is going on in your life. All this matters to our animals, and the lack of awareness is dramatically decreasing our animals’ life spans.

Unnecessarily so.


My animals have been my teachers, as well as my homeopathic vet based in Belgium, Dr. Eric Vanden Eynde, who taught me about how we are all connected to the planet, her rhythms, and her abundant resources. There have been many amazing teachers I have been lucky enough to encounter living around the world.

For years, I have had to open my mind and question everything. This journey changed my views, everything I thought I knew became undone. And through my animals I have learned that the body heals with the right support. Healing Sienna’s heart (6 year-old Labrador with DCM) in 9 months was an amazing journey. This was a massive sign to me to become invested in this mission, this journey, to heal animals honouring them, their caretakers, and the planet in the process. It is about questioning everything, changing everything by finding the information to solve the problem. These lovely teachers have also helped me expand my wings:

2014 – Margrit Coates –Learning How to Energetically Work with Horses, The Netherlands

2014 – Pea Horsley – Animal Communication Workshop, The Netherlands

2014-2015 – Elizabeth Whiter, Healing Animals Organization, Diploma in Small Animal Healing, United Kingdom

2017 – Caroline Ingraham –Applied Zoopharmacognosey with Cats, Dogs and Horses, Wyoming, USA I had been using Caroline’s methods for years through her books, so it was amazing to work with her in person, as she is constantly refining her methods.

2018 –Dr. Will Falconer, Vital Animal - Vaccinations, and Rabies

2020 – Anna Twinney, Reach Out to Horses – Animal Communication Live Training Mentorship Program, Colorado, USA

I am a forever student. Every animal I am honoured to work with teaches me something for which I am so very grateful.


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In-Person Geographic Scope: I am located along the Sea to Sky Corridor and am happy to service Greater Vancouver Area, Squamish, Whistler and Pemberton in person. If you do not live within this geographic scope, please reach out, there is always a workable solution to support your animal. For new clients to this world: such as new puppies and kittens under a year, booking the half hour consultation may be a better route. Please email me if at all unsure. My goal is to help support your animal have a pain free, toxic-free, long, happy life.


I offer this TOPIC TOOLBOX as a way to inform and empower all caretakers of animals. My hope is that it will inspire new thought and awareness about healing, open up honest dialogues about what toxic substances our animals may be exposed to, and what natural supports will bring them the greatest benefit.

Together, as we offer our animals a higher level of care, we not only honour the planet’s beautiful creatures, but in doing so, we also honour ourselves and the wonderous planet, herself, in choosing to be more connected to all she offers us.



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When we first met 3 year-old rescue, Bozley, (Pitbull) he was a mess. He was emaciated and constantly scratching. He had such severe allergies with vomiting and diarrhea. The vet had him on prednisone, antibiotics, and an allergenic dry dog food. We tried everything that multiple vets recommended. It all resulted in medications on and off for two years, with no change. Besides the cost to Bozley’s health from taking all this medication, the financial cost was enormous.

Nicola came into our lives and changed all that. With natural remedy self-selection (zoopharmacognosey), intuitive attention, and natural foods, Bozley is now a healthy, and much happier dog. He eats raw food, select natural proteins, and natural supplements and is medication-free. His skin has cleared up, he has put on weight, stopped vomiting and having diarrhea, and is more canine sociable. While he still gets the occasional flare up, we can treat him naturally, and much more cost effectively.

Nicola has completely changed both ours and Bozleys' lives. And this was achieved in just in one session.
Dee, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Nicola works wonders with animals that are suffering in any way. She has helped our cats with behavioural, health, and deep trauma issues we didn't even know they had. To say our cats are aloof with strangers is an understatement so it was surprising to see how quickly they trusted her. We’ve always loved animals in our lives yet continue to learn a lot from Nicola. She has a great depth of knowledge and is completely dedicated to helping animals achieve a more natural healthy state.

When we brought home our ‘rescue’ dog, Charlie, much of the hair on his back had been shaved, as all his hair was falling out, and his skin underneath his golden fur was black from toxins (over-vaccination, bad food, questionable supplements). It was amazing to see his transformation as Nicola worked with him, changing diet, offering essential oils and natural remedies. His skin is pink, fur healthy, and he’s one very happy boy.

Nicola’s passion for helping animals is possibly equal to Charlie’s super excitement whenever he sees her.
Alex, Britannia Beach, BC, Canada

Nicola’s love and admiration for animals shines through in everything she does along with her experience and vast knowledge. When my Mastif/Lab stopped eating his kibble, for two days, I called Nicola. Nicola patiently assessed him and his situation, immediately preparing him a meal which was devoured in seconds. She then came up with workable alternatives to help his digestive system heal and consistently followed up on his progress. Now Baxter exhibits better energy, a softer, shiny coat and even slobbers less! Thanks Nicola! You ROCK! :)
Jane, Squamish, BC, Canada


Please reach out. It would be an honour to help.

For many caretakers, by the time you find me, I imagine you may have been through a lot of vets and bills. Please do not give up.

We are our animals’ ONLY advocates when it comes to health and safety.

Never stop investigating and questioning. The answer is out there, hopefully it is here.

Blessings to you all, and always excellent health to your animal’s body, mind, and spirit,





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