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Digging Deep

If your animal is exhibiting symptoms of any kind, it is important you, the pet parent/caregiver understand your animal’s whole body is under stress, and it is sending the message via “this symptom”. This is the body intelligently indicating something is brewing.

So, what happens now? We dig deep. We look into -

history, diet, toxicity and lifestyle
Together we dig deep into all the areas of your animal’s life, and then I formulate a plan to re-balance your beautiful being. Fresh food, zoopharmacognosey, and energy healing are a few modalities I work with to accomplish balance. I work differently than most as I work with your animal, I follow their direction, always. The process is not about doing to them.

They are honoured every step of their healing journey.
My goal is to heal your animal. During this process, I also help pet parents understand what has happened, while fully explaining the healing process during the healing cycles, adjusting the program where required, and supporting you fully to help your animal heal.


It is important to note, the information I will provide may be overwhelming for some. It will most likely be a lot of change for your animal and for you, the caregiver. However, this is a journey, not an overnight fix. Depending on the issue, your animal’s body will have to heal, and for some, this takes time. Therefore, consistent feedback and communication are a CRUCIAL part of this healing process.

Your animal will constantly message us through their behaviour, physical and emotional signals, the support they require, to heal themselves. Animals are very clear when they know they are being listened to.

What you witness, will help me, help you, help your animal heal.


  • Nicola works wonders with animals that are suffering in any way. She has helped our cats with behavioural, health, and deep trauma issues we didn't even know they had. To say our cats are aloof with strangers is an understatement so it was surprising to see how quickly they trusted her. We’ve always loved animals in our lives yet continue to learn a lot from Nicola. She has a great depth of knowledge and is completely dedicated to helping animals achieve a more natural healthy state.

    When we brought home our ‘rescue’ dog, Charlie, much of the hair on his back had been shaved, as all his hair was falling out, and his skin underneath his golden fur was black from toxins (over-vaccination, bad food, questionable supplements). It was amazing to see his transformation as Nicola worked with him, changing diet, offering essential oils and natural remedies. His skin is pink, fur healthy, and he’s one very happy boy.

    Nicola’s passion for helping animals is possibly equal to Charlie’s super excitement whenever he sees her.
    Alex, Britannia Beach, BC, Canada
  • Nicola’s love and admiration for animals shines through in everything she does along with her experience and vast knowledge. When my Mastif/Lab stopped eating his kibble, for two days, I called Nicola. Nicola patiently assessed him and his situation, immediately preparing him a meal which was devoured in seconds. She then came up with workable alternatives to help his digestive system heal and consistently followed up on his progress. Now Baxter exhibits better energy, a softer, shiny coat and even slobbers less! Thanks Nicola! You ROCK! :)
    Jane, Squamish, BC, Canada
  • When we first met 3 year-old rescue, Bozley, (Pitbull) he was a mess. He was emaciated and constantly scratching. He had such severe allergies with vomiting and diarrhea. The vet had him on prednisone, antibiotics, and an allergenic dry dog food. We tried everything that multiple vets recommended. It all resulted in medications on and off for two years, with no change. Besides the cost to Bozley’s health from taking all this medication, the financial cost was enormous.

    Nicola came into our lives and changed all that. With natural remedy self-selection (zoopharmacognosey), intuitive attention, and natural foods, Bozley is now a healthy, and much happier dog. He eats raw food, select natural proteins, and natural supplements and is medication-free. His skin has cleared up, he has put on weight, stopped vomiting and having diarrhea, and is more canine sociable. While he still gets the occasional flare up, we can treat him naturally, and much more cost effectively.

    Nicola has completely changed both ours and Bozleys' lives. And this was achieved in just in one session.
    Dee, Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Nicola has been helping me with my 6-year-old Newfoundland (140lbs) who has been suffering from serious skin issues for a few years. We have tried many of the obvious treatments through our vet and canine dermatologist but nothing was stopping her horrible breakouts.

    Then, I met Nicola and everything changed. I am so grateful she agreed to work with Maya. First, she took so much of her time to read Maya’s entire medical history. (We are talking files and files.) Next, she met with Maya at our home, where our sessions began and the treatment plan was developed for our dog’s needs.

    Initially, Nicola used an Applied Zoopharmacognosey Session and the results were shocking! I couldn’t believe how a dog was able to zoom in on what nutrients she needed to self-heal and help her body fight the toxicity and help her immune system. Nicola’s total wellness approach is a process that takes time, effort & commitment on our part, but is SO WORTH IT in the end.

    Nicola is extremely kind, understanding and unbelievably easy to work with. She sends us massive reports via email after our sessions and keeps in touch with us via phone, text and email to answer all our questions throughout the process. She is highly trained, knowledgeable about herbs, oils, and this specific therapy… I feel so lucky we found her. She truly has our pet’s best interest at heart and I can say from beginning-to-end, I couldn’t have imagined a better experience! I highly recommend her.
    Stephanie, Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Nicola was amazing! I had my 5 yr old dog at the vet who said that for approximately $500.00 I had to take my dog in to the hospital at which time she would be given anesthetics and her teeth will be cleaned. I looked into different options and consulted Nicola adapting my dog's food then gave her a raw bone. ONE raw BONE was all it took and my dog's teeth were pearl-white again. Thanks to Nicola I saved my dog from drugs she didn't need and saved my purse $500.00. Unbelievable - thank you Nicola! G.R., Toronto, Ontario, Canada


I just LOVE animals.

I believe they are here to bring us to a more conscious state. My transition from the Corporate arena to what I do now, helping animals heal in their natural way, has been a journey which commenced with the departing of my first dog, Kayly.


I just did not understand why she died the way she did, and my intuition led me to my first teacher, our homeopathic vet in Belgium.

It was he who kept asking me questions about my animals. The questions were more than just about the physical. The questions entailed everything about the animal’s life, such as how they were perceiving their life, and what chemicals they had been exposed to. So many questions, and the more he asked, the more I then began questioning everything I thought I "knew", as everything began to feel very uncomfortable.

With discomfort, comes growth.

And this is the journey I embarked on. Massive discomfort! This has made me question everything that is marketed to us to make our animal’s lives “better,” and I experienced the same feeling as this gorgeous polar bear below! Utter despair.

The question then became what are we all doing to our animals? in the name of healthcare?

I became thirsty for knowledge after helping our Labrador heal her heart failure with herbs and tonics and supporting her with zoopharmacognosey. She directed me specifically on what she needed to heal. And in nine months her heart was back on track. She is one of my great teachers indeed, for whom I will be forever in debt to.

This led me into equine energy healing with the world-renowned Margrit Coates. As we are all energy, this was expanded to service all species, where pet parents would say "my animal will never sit still for this", and in 10 minutes they were out cold, enjoying their session, and healing their bodies. Especially the puppies. With all sessions there is always the connection to their people and what they may be going through. As we are all connected.

Expanding on energy, I delved into Elizabeth Whiter's courses, founder of the Healing Animals Organization, an amazing healer, for healing small animals learning about anatomy and deepening my healing knowledge, being exposed to so many creatures and situations.

This contributed to my expansion of learning zoopharmacognosey via the wondrous world sought-after Caroline Ingraham where I support the animals to guide me to help them heal. Caroline teaches how animals have this innate intelligence inside them, and it is about respecting and following their lead. They know what they need, they just need access to it, and they are so very clear.

Learning slowly but steadily, I have learned the body is designed to heal. Naturally. Everything we do impacts the body, and spirit of a being. Everything we give attention to, and participate in, matters. As we are all energy and very much a part of this magnificent planet. Everything is connected.

My hope is by healing one animal at a time, a ripple effect is created, healing the planet, and all her occupants.

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Animals have their own soul journey, like all of us beings I believe. Some of us do not like our photo being taken, while others relish the attention. With each animal client, once their human(s) have granted permission to share the case details, I ask if they mind sharing their image. It is not for me to take personal images of their body and pass around to the world for all to see. This request must be granted by them, the client, as for some they in dire straits, feeling very vulnerable.

Prior to reading these healing journeys, I ask you take a moment to send each animal and their humans, much love and gratitude for sharing their story with you. Many of the animals have suffered much pain during the process of healing their body, mind and spirit. It is with much pride they share their journey. More case studies will continue to be loaded monthly.

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Geographic Scope: I am located along the Sea to Sky Corridor and am happy to service Greater Vancouver Area, Squamish, Whistler and Pemberton in person. Beyond this, consultations are possible over the phone and via zoom.

For new clients to this world: such as new puppies and kittens under a year, booking the half hour consultation may be a better route. Please email me if at all unsure. My goal is to help support your animal have a pain free, toxic-free, long, happy life.

Client Scope: I am honoured to service all small animals, birds, and horses too. Energy work and zoopharmacognosey encompasses all the earth's amazing creatures.


Please reach out. It would be an honour to help.




    Each month, a short e-mail will inform you of real-life case studies which have been loaded on the website. Each will include: the species, the breed, and the issue, description of the healing journey, with before and after commentary from the pet parent or animal care giver.

    My vision is to provide perspective and understanding about the body’s amazing ability to heal with nature’s support. That animals know what they need. And that this message is shared broadly by the ABMS Community, creating a ripple effect where the planet’s beautiful animals start living longer non-toxic, pain-free lives once again, honoured and listened to. They are all waiting.

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