Fresh Air

Air quality and humidity in your home

Air Quality

Air quality is extremely important. On average – when I look around neighbourhoods, no one is airing their house out. Regardless if you have an air exchanger in your house, open your windows and get the air circulating through your house. Get a flow going through to clean out all the stagnant energy and potential toxicity sitting in the atmosphere within each room. It is very important to bring new energy in and clear out old.

Air Purifiers

I am a BIG fan of these in cities. Our lab was coughing at night, couldn’t sleep – we invested in one of these on every level of the house and all that ended. And the filters said it all. So please do not underestimate how much the air quality is impacting your beautiful beings. And your family.

Air Purifier:


This is a HUGE issue too. Most of our houses are too dry. I can hear the furniture creaking sometimes due to the dryness. We run two humidifiers around the clock in our living area and one in our bedroom at night. It never feels too damp and the settings are at 60% humidity. We all sleep really well and feel so much better as the humidifiers are also cleaning air during the process.

Our canines used to cough at night and sleep restlessly as we moved to a drier climate. Once the humidifier was installed in the bedroom, all this ceased.


Important to note about humidifier placement in the house

Please be careful where these are placed in the house.  Please make sure no being sleeps in the pathway of the air if it is being projected outwards versus upwards.  This will create dampness in the body, and heavy illness.  I have worked on one case where this was the source of the imbalance for an animal as their bed was in the humidifier’s pathway.

Sleeping in Drafts

This is never really mentioned much, but sleeping in a draft has been reported to impact an organic body so much that death can occur.

So, I am placing this section here so people have a good look at where their pet sleeping places are situated so no animal is being subjected to a constant draft of any kind – hot, cold, damp, anything.  This will cause major imbalances in the body.