Everything is energy. Raymon Grace is an amazing healer using intention with dowsing. He has been doing this for 47+ years. I invite the reader to investigate his website and listen to all his YouTube videos. You will be able to not only help heal your pet, but your family, and the planet, especially where quality of water is concerned. Yes, you can clean it through intention, raising its vibration, and have nutrient dense water flowing through your tap which then flows into other water ways impacting the planet as a whole. The following videos Raymon has kindly posted for free for us all to learn what is possible.

Raymon Grace’s Presentation to the Ozark Research Institute Conference 2020
This is a very important video to watch. The power of our intention, and thoughts.

2019 Holistic Health for Animals | Using Dowsing
Fabulous information about how to dowse. Cleaning water. Lowering brain frequency, so adding power to the thoughts. Each living species has their own ideal frequency, is there anything affecting their frequency?

2021 Right Place at the Right Time
Learn how to use the Law of Attraction and one’s power of intention to be at the right place at the right time.

Daily Gratitude | Raymon Grace’s Problem Package to Help Heal People and the Planet

Raymon has established this package to help neutralize the following negative energies around you, your family, and your home, of mass consciousness, of the Schumann effect, of 5G, of any riots, of radiation, and of the current “news” narrative. This saves each of us a lot of time doing this ourselves, in an instant with our intention we are all protected at the start of each day by doing the following. Each morning, when you wake up, give thanks for neutralizing Raymon Grace’s problem package on you, your family, and your home. This is an unbelievable kindness indeed extended to us all from an amazing healer.

How I Use Dowsing to Help the Animals Heal

Where energy is concerned, anything is possible. It is about expanding one’s mind and letting go of old belief systems, and usually deeply entrenched patterns. What is crucial to check is dark forces around the animal, people, home, and land. The vibration, and energy intensity is impacting us all immensely especially since the energy on the planet is increasing daily. Neutralizing negative effects on the being’s energy fields, and the body of the being is critical for healing. Dowsing helps highlight where these imbalances are located.

It is important to know, any animal who has been under anesthesia or has experienced some sort of shock may very well be susceptible to dark forces, attachments especially psychic cording. Or where they are living with humans who are unstable. It may interest the reader, that not one client has come up “clean” since I began checking for such forces using Raymon’s “checks”.

For me, it is very close to muscle testing, however, using the dowsing system to clear and scramble frequencies is invaluable.


Fabulous Hand-Crafted Pendulums |

Raymon’s Dowsing Chart |

The Future Is Yours: True Stories about Dowsing, Spontaneous Healing, Ghost Busting, and the Incredible Power of the Mind by Raymon Grace

With immense gratitude to Raymon Grace for sharing his wisdom and for raising the vibration for all.