Ph Balance

pH Balance

The Importance of Maintaining the Ideal pH Balance

pH is the measurement of acidity/alkalinity in the body. The more acidic a being is, the more the body will be out of balance, in a state of dis-ease. If your animal’s pH balance is out of whack, then this is a very big deal. As the cells of the body require a consistent pH balance in the neutral zone. If this is not maintained, this upsets the entire internal environment of the body, and allows for system breakdown, imbalance, and dis-ease. Calcium will automatically be pulled out of the bones to constantly maintain the alkaline state too. It also provides an environment for bad bacteria, and parasites to thrive. It is amazing once this is stabilized, what the body can accomplish through repair, with the energy improvement being substantial. I have witnessed this with myself, and my animals.

How to Test

What I do is muscle test.  I use the O Test method where the thumb and forefinger of both hands are interlocked one circle inside another, like interlocking rings. One may find examples of how to muscle test on YouTube if this is new to you.

I then ask the following:

  1. If I represent the animal, their name – to check it is their system I am checking in on
  2. If the animal requires PH Adjust (the supplement I use to balance PH in the body)
  3. If yes, then I ask what range the pH number is sitting in, and then determine what the number is in the range.
  4. Next, the investigation commences of why?
    • Is anything in the diet throwing the pH out of balance? If the answer is yes, then one must go through each item, and check ratios of food groups in proportion to one another too else the pH issue will never be resolved. If the animal is on processed food – then the answer is switch to real life-force food which is species appropriate.
    • If the animal is on any medications, how are they impacting the pH, and the
      body? Drill down.
  5. What will help the body re-alkaline? Usually apple cider vinegar with the “mother” will do the job if on fresh food. One will then need to ask frequency per week, quantity required. The animals will tell you if you wish to ask them daily. If fed on industry, the answer will be to change their diet to a real-life force food. pH Adjust is also another product people use to help rebalance. Many animals will self-select. Provide a separate water bowl, not stainless steel – glass or ceramic, with the PH Adjust in it for them to choose their required dose.

The other alternative, if you do not feel comfortable muscle testing, is to follow the animal out to pee and use the pH Test Paper to get a reading via their urine output. You will need to do this a few times a day to make sure levels are maintained, the mission is accomplished. The PH Adjust site suggests this brand, Hydrion pH Paper, to be the most beneficial to use.

If you have an animal out of balance, behavior, emotional or physical, then this is one of the first things you MUST check.  

The pH Scale
Ideal pH | Cats: 6.0-6.5; Dogs: 6.5-7.0; Horses: 7.34-7.48
Diet | Acid/Alkaline Food Charts

Below are a few links demonstrating where certain foods sit on the pH scale.
Image below on Left | Baking Soda being one of the most alkalizing substances.

Maintaining the Balance

Once back in balance consistently, then offer a separate water bowl, not stainless steel – glass or ceramic, with PH Adjust added a few times a week to see if they need any. Please make sure they have a separate bowl of fresh water so they may self-select. Else you may add a little organic apple cider vinegar “with the MOTHER” to their food a few times a week. This is fabulous for maintaining good blood sugar levels too.

pH Balance and Chakras

Lora Al-Awar states in her book, Chakra Healing, a happy chakra system provides an alkaline environment in the body. When the chakras are disturbed, and the energy flow is not ideal, an acid environment is produced, which allows dies-ease to manifest. Great book to invest in, as we are all energy, and each of us needs to be looking after our energy systems so nothing has to manifest in our physical bodies to redirect our awareness. Her methods are totally applicable to all life forms.


Healer, The Pioneer Nutritionist & Prophet, Dr. Hazel Parcells, In Her Own Words at Age 106, by Joseph Dispenza | This is a must read for all of us. Dr. Parcells cured many “last resort” people. In some cases, it was simply a PH issue corrected with baking soda.
The pH Miracle: Balance Your Diet and Regain Back Your Health, by Shelley Redford Young and Dr. Robert Young

Restoring Gut Health
PH Adjust:
ION | In addition to balancing the pH, this product ION Gut Health is fabulous for giving the gut back nutrients from the soil required by the body to function optimally. I have used this with my pets, muscle testing them determine the quantity required, and frequency to be given. Very effective and so important.

pH Balance, testing and maintaining:
pH Test Paper | Hydrion pH Paper
pH Adjust |