5G Radiation

The Global Experiment on All Planet Life

Calling All Humans, All Pet Parents, All Animal Lovers – Get Active!!

Radiation is being rolled out to be delivered anywhere from 24 to 600 GHz directly to every living thing on the planet 24/7.

The organic body can only handle 0.4 GHz / 200 MHz MAXIMUM.

Please educate yourself quickly, and block 5G coming into your community, your city. Pass the message along to everyone you meet, protect all beings, all life on our planet.
Get Informed | The 5G Summit

This is what the experts have been saying for a long time but as the main stream media is no longer about reporting facts, and information to the public about what is really going on, people are in the dark.

Decades of research by highly qualified researchers, scientists, doctors and activists having been trying to get the word out.  This information is coming from all areas of expertise and this is what is being reported with alarm bells.   www.the 5gsummit.com

Weapons System

This is a military grade weapons system, being launched around the world under the guise of “providing the consumer faster downloads”.

This is another example of industry running government.  We are witnessing literally the loss of democracy I believe.  This a HUGE deal because of the insurmountable damage it will cause if the industry is allowed to implement their plans.  The industry is so very powerful, so politically connected, it is all about collecting data and revenues.

Not about safety.  Not about humanity, or life on the planet, but about greed and destruction of all life.

If this goes forward where satellites are to be placed in our ionosphere, no being – human, plant, animal will be able to escape the radiation.  Massive Radiation.  What will happen to our food supply? Everything will be wiped out.

Installations Blocked, Please Get Involved

Medical doctors are supporting their patients in pockets of the world right now exposing the damage this could have. Installations blocked so far:

Belgium:  Health Minister for Environmental & Housing blocked 5G stating “the Belgians were NOT to be used as guinea pigs”.

Tasmania:  Raymond Broomhaul, blocked 2500 installations with the support of the people and medical professionals. He is a lawyer and has spelt out the process for blocking installations legally as a criminal act.  All one needs is a medical professional to look at the data to support the case.  It is not as hard as one might think because ALL parties involved in the telecommunications company are liable criminally.  Very cool, very interesting.  All of us can follow his lead.

Colorado:  Promoting fibre optics heavily throughout the state, moving completely away from Wi-Fi platforms.


Safety not Studied or Planned to be Studied by Industry

We are test subjects.  All life is about to be tested on.

Have you heard of the experiment by some young children where they placed two plants in separate spaces with one having a cell phone beside it?  The one plant grew healthy, the one with cell phone struggled to survive.  The kids were amazed, enough so, they stopped sleeping with their cell phone beside their beds at night.

There are no safety checks / data on any of this technology by the companies producing it.  And nothing planned. No SAFETY STUDIES. The only protection we have is our VOICE. Please use it. 

If one visits the FCC website you will be able to see a statement saying “there is no federally mandated radio frequency exposure standard”.

Industry not Insurable

This is a BIG RED FLAG to all.  There is enough data via third party sources that insurance companies refuse to insure damage as they know there would be no money made from the coverage, the liability long term would be too great.

This technology and nuclear technology uninsurable industries.  This Wall Street saying this.  

EMF, microwaves, are classified as a pollutant.

Propaganda Pushed

Radiation to Energy to Radio Waves:  The industry is now trying to change the terminology from EMF Radiation to EMF Energy even going as far as using the term radio waves.

Why?  Because they know what they are doing is dangerous.

Beware, this is all propaganda to provide false safety.  There is no doubt all of these fields are radiating the organic body. These waves are “microwave radiation”.

People need to wake up and start questioning how these “fast promised downloads” are being delivered.  At what cost to life on the planet? What exactly is industry doing? And not doing?

No Human Effects vs the term Biological Effects:  The term “no human effects” is being used because no humans were tested on.

However, animals were and showed cancer, neuro problems, you name it.  So, the industry is dancing around this by using the terminology “no human effects”.

But this is radiation, military grade radiation.

Main Purpose of 5G

Data harvesting. To push advertising and gain data from us. We are a product and they want to know each of us inside and out, literally.

Our phones are the delivery system.

This data collection will mean a complete loss of freedoms and privacy.  I believe we will be owned as the experts are saying this is all about potentially predicting our behaviour.  Predicting your thought patterns.  Humanity will be “MIND MAPPED”.

I believe, based on everything I have read and listened to, this ultimately is about controlling humanity.  This military weapons system can be used to manage, radiate, and control humans with ease.  Total global surveillance.

How else was the SMART meter GLOGALLY rolled out to every country on the planet?  Creepy.

Already in Motion:  Australia already being a test site for Mind Mapping, Mind Control.

Radiation Exposure Levels

0.0 GHz: Our bees, insects, planet life.
0.4 GHz:  Level an organic body can tolerate before symptoms develop.
1 – 6 GHz:  Previous exposure
2.45 GHz:  A microwave cooks your food, same as your Wi-Fi Router
24-300 GHz:  5G Cell Towers range. In some countries, exposure may be as high as 600-700 GHz

This is radiation of all planet life.

In order to service our phones with rapid speed, cell stations need to be placed every few hundred feet or so.  This is a radiation grid they are proposing.  This is all about sending a strong, massive constant cell signal to our phones,

potentially 300 times stronger than what we are exposed to now.  People already report having brain tumors at 6 GHz.

This will NOT provide voice service and will still require the 4G platform to run on.  The satellites which are going up by the hundreds cannot locate us accurately, hence the need for these cell stations to be placed ever 300m in neighbourhoods.

Make no mistake, this signal will be radiating all life around us to get to our phones, through the walls of our houses, through our animals, maybe even through our kids to get to service all the phones in the house.

This is a medical nightmare, and also the demise of humanity.
Implications on Our Planet Life | 5G Licensed to Kill. The Insect Inspector investigates what you are not being told about the 5G grid


University of California:  Radio Frequency Radiation Health Risks: Implications for 5G https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fFwpUJdEmpRwEkt2sBqSBjw_4SQIwfZ_/view

Radiation Exposure Current Guidelines

These are the current exposure guidelines:

They were established in the 1940’s during military times.  They have not been updated since.  Please note, even at that time, it is reported the men on the ships with radar or anyone using radar were being “micro-waved” even back then. These guidelines do not allow for “cell” stations in neighbourhoods much less full satellite coverage in our ionosphere.

So, this is not new, the radiation and its impact.  This is just NOT being managed at all by government health bodies, any government organization, whatsoever.  Laws need to go in place to protect life on the planet and industry needs to be held accountable.

Where is Democracy?

Industry has actually pushed laws through so taxpayers pay for the installations as they could not afford the platform they are proposing to install 5G on.   Resource:  https://www.globalresearch.ca/not-forfeit-local-power-trapped-surveillance/5728514?utm_campaign=magnet&utm_source=article_page&utm_medium=related_articles

Taxpayers are literally subsidizing this industry.  We are literally funding industry to radiate ourselves, animals, wildlife for their profit.  Where is democracy?

The balance of power is so out of whack which I believe we are all beginning to see and feel.  Everyone was asleep.

All laws negating industry of accountability MUST be reversed now across the globe.
Please take the time to watch these videos below.  It truly is incredible what is going on, already in the works.
5G, Wireless Tech and Safety | Frank Clegg, Former Microsoft Canada President


42,000+ Satellites are planned to be launched into the Planet’s Ionosphere. Space X is currently launching in groups of 60 at a time. Amazon, OneWeb, and other companies are also targeting launches.
What Elon Musk’s 42,000 Satellites Could Do to Earth

And what about the radiation exposure?  No mention of this whatsoever.

There are two things at play here:

1. This is about Military Control of Humanity via satellites, to your phone. Get rid of your phone!

2. The planet will have a heart attack. We will destroy the heartbeat of the planet, upsetting her magnetic fields and frequency which all life on the planet is connected to. Our hearts.

We already have proof this is happening to all wildlife.  We are in the process of annihilating ourselves through our lack of awakening.

Humanity Must Wake Up!
The Real Dangers of 5G and Wi-Fi Technologies | Barrie Trower

Barrie Trower is a military microwave radiation expert. Incredible information and also alarming how much the general public is kept in the dark.

5G Damage, Proven with Heaps of Independent Research
Symptomology of EMF Radiation

Scientists and physicists have studied EMF radiation against the safety guidelines and each guideline fails massively. So, it is well known, these are some of the effects on the organic being, your animal, and wildlife, too of course.

  1. Reproductive Effects:  Lowered Fertility
  2. Neurological / Neuropsychiatric
  3. Intercellular Calcium Increases; affects the Calcium Gate of the cell
  4. Oxidative Stress & Free Radical Damage Increases
  5. Apoptosis (Programmed Cell Death)
  6. Cellular DNA Damage
  7. Cancer
  8. Endocrine Effects
  9. Cardiac Effects

More data:

  • Brain Cancer:  more than 1.9 B USD has been paid out in the US since 2001 for brain cancer
  • Smart metersare extremely dangerous to one’s health.  As they pulse high EMF waves between them in the neighbourhoods, and then send a host of dirty electricity into the house via all the electrical wiring and through the ground and wires for miles and miles.  Therefore, people are constantly living in electrical fields which was never the case before.
  • Microwave sicknessis being reported in some embassies.  It is believed that these embassies are being targeted for information collection and hence, people working inside the buildings are getting sick.  Just this terminology alone should spark everyone’s awareness.
Thirty-eight different independent reviews exist that EMF exposure is not safe and causes damage.
  • 197+ Bodies of Evidence:  Over 197 bodies of evidence show EMF’s are having an impact on all of the above.
Doctors call for delaying Deployment of 5G due to Health Risks


CIA-Declassified Research Reveals Massive Bio-Effects from 5G MM-Wave Radiation


Doctors for Safe Technology

These doctors are speaking up about the dangerous implications of our 5G.

Power Up People

This is a real wake up call for humanity.  There is a lot people can do to change the direction of this implementation. Not necessarily in this order.

1. Educate: Educate yourself and your family about Wi-Fi and about all the products you are all using in your home. The Smart Home page on this website has been designed to supply a simplistic view of what is going on, and perhaps you are all “buying into”.

Please listen to the 5G Summit by Josh del Sol and Sayer Ji.  This is amazing information for all the family.  All these wonderful people have information from not only a historical perspective but also a scientific and spiritual perceptive.  How did we get to this point and time?

These are extremely informative sites:  https://safeg.net/home/ and https://mdsafetech.org/

2. Local MP: Get a hold of your MP, your local government official and talk to them. Are they informed? Do they know what is going on?  Be positive not negative.  In order for conversation to be heard, the message has to be about discussion not about making another “wrong”.  This is vital for creating and engaging change.

3. Research: Research what other cities are doing to block this coming into their neighbourhoods.

4. Share: Please pass the message along. We need everyone to participate and get active.

5. Protect: Protect your home with Wi-Fi blockers and invest in meters to measure your current exposures. Don’t forget to go outside and see what is coming into your home.  Review the Smart Meter and EMF pages of website here:  https://animalsbodymindspirit.com/electromagnetic-field-radiation/

6. Raise Your Vibration: Have no fear. Please raise your vibration and use your energy in a positive non-fearful way.  Fear does not attract action.  It actually pushes people away.  What we wish to create for the planet is a better world for all to thrive. And no being can thrive and change the world for a the better in a fearful state.

Besides fear attracts fear and we wish to attract positive change.  Good vibrations for all.  Law of attraction at work here.

Fiber Optics is a Much Safer and Dependable Option

It is reported the 5G Industry hopes to be as fast as land lines. This is not possible.  Hence, why Google has “Fiberhood” for all their communications and why all the cell towers are fiber optics.

Fiber optics is a much safer, faster and dependable method.  This is being adopted by a lot of cities.   We do not need to be radiating all planet life to stay connected and be subservient to an industry that can turn off service / block anything at any time.

Papers worth reading by Dr. Timothy Schoechle:  “Reinventing Wires”, “Getting Smarter About the Smart Grid”, and “Reinventing Landlines and Wire Technologies”.

Technology is wonderful, but it needs to be responsible,  and safe for all planet life.

2023 January Update | Apparently, there is something safer than fiber optics available. Please do your homework as new energy and safer technology are surfacing

What Do We Wish for Us All?

And what about our lives? What are we creating for our animals and us? For humanity with our lack of questioning and smart choices? Disconnection. Loneliness. We are being programmed to self-reject. We are allowing ourselves to become an “industry product”.

This is all because we are not going within to find our happiness, connection, and love. We are looking for affirmation from “feeds on devices” and for life to be “easier”. But all this does is promote complete disconnection from all life, everything we are essentially about. We are connection. We are all connected energetically.

Our planet is amazing. Its inhabitants are amazing including our devoted pets. They are love. They are here to help us love ourselves and be present I believe. What do you feel and see when you are truly present with them? I believe connection to all that is.

Please choose life over tech feeds. People are literally missing out on living on this wondrous planet and spending time with their animal companions.

We are all connected on this beautiful planet.
We all love our planet, and all its beings I believe. We need to say “no” to programming of our minds, and choose to be consciously aware of our surroundings and our impact.
We must choose to attract something healthier, technology, which is safe for all.
Stillness is required to grow and nourish our internal being. Do you know you?
We are all one. We are beauty and light.
Please help protect the planet, and all her amazing inhabitants. Love to all!
Animals Body Mind Spirit

EMF*D: 5G, Wi-Fi & Cell Phones: Hidden Harms and How to Protect Yourself by Dr. Joseph Mercola

Zapped: Why Your Cell Phone Shouldn’t Be Your Alarm Clock and 1,268 Ways to Outsmart the Hazards of Electronic Pollution by Ann Louise Gittleman

Radiation Nation: Your Complete Guide to EMF Radiation Safety by Daniel T. DeBaun and Ryan P. Debaun

All EMF*D UP (*Electromagnetic Fields):  My Journey through Wireless Radiation Poisoning Plus How You Can Protect Yourself by Anne Mills

The Invisible Rainbow – A History of Electricity and Life by Arthur Firstenberg

Exposed: The Electronic Sickening of America and How to Protect Yourself – Includes Dangers of 5G & Smart Devices by Bill Cadwallader and Lois Cadwallader MA

Public Health SOS:  The Shadow Side of the Wireless Revolution by Camilla Rees and Dr. Magda Havas

Technocracy Rising:  The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation by Patrick M. Wood


Generation Zapped” by Sabine El Gemayel

“Mobilize – A Film About Cell Phone Radiation” by Kevin Kunze

“Take Back Your Power” – Smart Meter Documentary by Josh del Sol


“5G Summit:  Worldwide Call to Action” by Josh del Sol

This documentary has a massive amount of information.  I have listed the episodes so you may see who and what is covered.

Dangers of 5G to Children’s Health w Robert F. Kennedy, Jr

  • 5G satellite insanity
  • Industry lobbying and captured agencies
  • Violations of human rights and informed consent
  • Follow RFKJ on Children’s Health Defense

How Wireless Causes Harm (Part 1) w Martin Pall, PhD

Extensive Biological Effects of EMFs and 5G w Magda Havas PhD

  • https://magdahavas.com/
  • Rise of “electro hypersensitivity
  • Impact of EMFS on your health
  • Simple solutions to protect your home

Critical Disruption of Mitochondria by EMF’s w Jason Bawden-Smith, BAppSc, MSc

  • Central role of quantum biophysics
  • What are the business benefits of 5G?
  • Healing at the root level

Harmful Effects of 5G and Wireless w Paul Heroux PhD

  • http://www.invitroplus.mcgill.ca/
  • Reactive oxygen species (ROS) and metabolic disturbances
  • Non-thermal effects of wireless radiation
  • Technical problems linked to the internet of things

The Agenda of Total Control w Patrick Wood

  • https://www.technocracy.news/
  • Connection between 5G and Technocracy
  • Economy based energy consumption and surveillance
  • The “social credit” policy and other dangerous agendas

Implications of Surveillance Capitalism w James Corbett

  • https://corbettreport.com/
  • 5G, the IoT and total control of humanity
  • Chinese social crediting system in the West?
  • Freedom from socially-engineered propaganda

Addicted Society:  Tech Addiction and 5G w David Greenfield PhD

  • https://virtual-addiction.com/
  • How to protect children from screens, VR and gaming
  • Coming to terms with tech addictions
  • Awareness of “addictive by design” technologies

5G and the War on Consciousness w Sayer Ji

  • https://www.greenmedinfo.com/
  • Satellites and 5H: what are the facts?
  • Propaganda and censorship tactics
  • Threats to freedom of choice and natural medicine

5G and the Spiritual Crisis of Humanity w Max Igan

  • http://thecrowhouse.com/
  • How geopolitical structures use fear and control
  • Legal steps to block and remove 4G/5G installations
  • Embracing the opportunity for awakening

5G and Total Global Surveillance w Paul Seils

  • https://stop5gglobal.org/
  • Military and intelligence surveillance
  • Grassroots campaigns to apply criminal justice
  • How Australians and others are taking action

Best Protection from EMF’s and 5G w Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD

  • http://www.sophiaeducate.com/
  • Metals, mold, autism, Alzheimer’s and autoimmunity
  • Strategies for overcoming EMF trauma
  • Clinical experiences for major recovery and healing

Safeguarding your Home from 5G and EMFs w Larry Gust, BBEC

  • https://gustenviro.com/
  • Types and sources of EMF radiation
  • Best methods for protection
  • Building Biology Institute; EMF safety experts

Eliminating Dirty Electricity in your Home w Terry Sotyn

  • https://www.poweremt.com/
  • Where does it come from?
  • How “dirty power” causes disease
  • 3 benefits of filters in “dirty electricity”

PEMF Technologies for Healing w Wolfgang Jaksch

Solutions for a Toxic Agenda w Dana Ashlie

 “Smart” Meters and Their Hidden Agenda w Jerry Day

  • https://www.emfhelpcenter.com/
  • Link between 5G, “smart” meters and LoT
  • 4 main concerns you should know about
  • Powerful tips in the fight for our rights

“Clear Evidence of Cancer” The $30M NTP Study w Ronald L Melnick

  • Findings of US National Toxicology Study
  • Cancer, tumors, heart problems and DNA damage
  • Why is government ignoring this landmark study?

Regional Governments Standing Against 5G w Raphael Mahaim

  • Why the Swiss are Banning 5G
  • Industry response to Gov’t resolutions
  • Educating government officials

Detoxing and Happiness w Trevor Marshall

  • A powerful process to open your heart and dissolve pain, heartache and emptiness
  • Take a fresh approach to deal with negativity in your mind
  • Take away tips on essential happiness habits to live a life of freedom, joy and ease

Where is the Government? w Kevin Mottus

  • Why isn’t government protecting its people?
  • How the FCC is a captured agency
  • Most effective actions you can take

Local Government and Community Actions w Theodora Scarato

  • Science behind health effects from 5G and wireless
  • Local government pushback strategies

Science About Wireless and 5G w Sharon Goldberg

  • EMF’s, diabetes, mental illness and suicide
  • Refuting industry and government statements
  • Common misconceptions about EMFs

How 5G Sites are Being Blocked and Removed (Part 1) Raymond Broomhall, LLB, GDLP

  • Step by step legal process
  • The “Achilles heel” of the telecom industry
  • Connecting with community and creating change

Emergence of New Technology w Susan A. Manewich, MA

  • Technologies to prevent centralization of control
  • How evolution of consciousness leads to change
  • Lifting the veil of repression

Discerning / Dissolving “Social Engineering Traps” w Joe Martino

  • Role of Trump, Q Anon and other ‘narrative’ storylines
  • How to bring people closer together
  • Empowering meta-shift that’s underway

5G vs Your Inner Authority w Olga Sheean

  • 4 stages of EMF awareness
  • Overcoming what separates you from the power
  • Processing fear and overwhelm

The Inner Challenge of 5G w Steven Whybrow

  • What is the 5G “ultimate end game”?
  • Using natural law to enhance your personal power
  • Embarking on a spiritual journey of self-discovery

Changing the World with Inner Resources w Debra Greene PhD

  • Using “internal senses” for power and authority
  • Necessary and transformative role of fear
  • Embodying the courage to speak out about 5G

Informed Consent:  Who Owns your Body w Ty and Charlene Bollinger

  • Link between wireless radiation and cancer
  • How 5G policies violate the Nuremberg Code
  • Rising above strategies “divide-and-conquer”

Effects of Wireless on the Human Biofield w Beverly Rubik

  • Understanding the human biofield
  • How to proceed and protect yourself from 5G
  • EMF effects on live blood cells

Wireless Radiation and Autoimmunity w Tim O’Bryan

  • Link between EMF and Chronic Disease
  • Impact on neurological health and immune system
  • Consequences of industry-controlled regulation

5 Most Critical Areas of Harm (Part 2) w Martin Pall

  • Most startling ways 5G damages your health
  • High urgency to solve this meta-problem
  • Possible role of EMF’s in wildfire ignition

Root Cause of Chronic Disease Epidemics w Richard A. Lear

  • What is the “P-FACTOR”?
  • 7 biological factors behind the healthcare crisis
  • Pivotal roles of EMF and peroxynitrate

EMF and New-Paradigm Physics w Tim Sandars

  • Fundamental laws in traditional physics
  • How EMF radiation causes harm
  • Quantum physics for protection and healing

Building Local Community to Resist 5G w Derrick Broze

  • Connecting to perform intentional actions
  • Educating elected officials
  • How industry has corrupted governing agencies

Keys in the Fight for Justice w Patrick Colbeck

  • Why most elected officials are “tone deaf” to risks
  • Importance of discussing risks and benefits
  • Role of faith in the fight to protect life

Protecting our Children w Cece Doucette

  • How to educate elected and school officials
  • Overcoming communication barriers and fears
  • Connecting with community members and leaders

Communities Using Fiber Optics Instead of 5G w Dr. Timothy Schoechle

  • Pilot cities providing wired solutions
  • 5G, driverless cars and IoT, is the next bubble to burst?
  • Communities and governments working together

Papers by Dr. Timothy Schoechle:  “Reinventing Wires”, “Getting Smarter About the Smart Grid”, and “Reinventing Landlines and Wire Technologies”

Unlocking Hidden Potential of the 5G Crisis w Claire Edwards

  • UN responses and other governing agencies
  • Propaganda programs and how to counter them
  • 5G as a community-catalyzing event in our world

The Legal Action Process (Part 2) w Raymond Broomhall

  • Templates to prevent 5G in your community
  • Step-to-step guide to Ray’s legal action process
  • Organizing your community to fight

Complete Regulatory Failure of 5G w Kevin Mottus

  • 5ginformation.net
  • Why isn’t government protecting people?
  • How the FCC is a “captured” agency
  • Most effective actions you can take

Kevin mentions these sites to look into:

Debunking 7 Myths About 5G w Trevor Marshall

  • Unacceptable risk from 5G transmitters
  • Difference between satellite and local 5G
  • Most important step to protect yourself and family

Quantum Biophysics & EMF w Jack Kruse

  • CEO of Optimized Life
  • Application of quantum bio-physics and EMF
  • Theories of biomolecules and biophysical systems

Science on 5G and Wireless Radiation w Devra Lee Davis

  • Science the industry doesn’t want you to know
  • Impact of millimeter waves on your health
  • Exposing the industry playbook

Being a Warrior Sage:  Next Level Activism w Satyen Raja

  • How to be a warrior sage
  • Reality trans-surfing

Exclusive Bonus Interview:  CIA Declassified Research Reveals Massive Bio Effects from 5G mm-Wave Radiation w Rashid A. Buttar

  • May 2020
  • Analyzes 5-page CIA declassified report summarizing Russian studies from 37-60 GHz
  • Published 40 years ago

The Collective Evolution

The Corbett Report

Living the New Science with Lynne McTaggert

Animals Body Mind Spirit
Choose life for all.