Saving Our Birds

How Our Birds Are Dying from Lack of Human Awareness

Our decisions, our choices are impacting all birds, and they are dying needlessly. The Washington Post reported in 2019, that North America has lost a billion birds in 50 years. Please take the time to read the content below. Everything we do matters. By just installing a Smart Meter Guard I have stopped birds crashing into the house. I had no idea this was impacting the wildlife so much. The more we pay attention to things, really question, the more we see, and learn, and hopefully, do better.

EMF’s and Migration patterns

EMF’s are causing a massive issue with the birds and their migration patterns.Just like all the sonar emissions in the oceans with the whales and other aquatic life. We are disturbing nature’s communication pathways, the earth’s energetic pathways with all these toxic emissions.

Every device radiates radiation.

And the majority of people think, as this is what is marketed to them, the SMARTER the device the better. What people do not realize is the SMARTER the device the more DAMAGING the device is, to themselves, their loved ones and the planet’s inhabitants. This is known to the manufacturer’s – why do you think Terms and Conditions of Use are becoming harder and harder to find and more complicated to read? In addition, to support all these devices, towers are erected, some directly next to each as they are competitors (this is one of a zillion examples of how we are no longer a critical-thinking species, where industry/money is running us all) without any concern to safety for any life-form. I invite the reader to explore the EMF and 5G sections of this website about how to protect yourself, your animals, and the planet.


Millions and millions of birds die annually from flying into glass windows, and deck glass. If at all possible, if you are building or renovating or know someone who is – please think about and/or share the possibility of installing bird proof glass which has miniscule lines through it. I wish I had known about this years ago. These lines cannot be seen by the human eye, but they are definitely seen by the birds.   Decals may also be used which are less expensive but perhaps not as appealing to the human eye or building structure.  These sites referenced below also explain in depth how we are all impacting our bird population based on where we choose to place our structures, and the building materials selected.

Amber Bead Strings

What we have used actually, is strings of amber (orange) beads hooked onto the window by self-adhesive plastic suction cups. They look fabulous to the eye and can be taken down in the Winter time. We have placed the strings 5cm apart. Very effective – no more bird strikes I am very thankful to be able to report.


Something I was not aware of was the amount of damage being done by people using lead bullets [I wish I did not have to write this word], lead sinkers, hooks etc.  This debris which is left in our waterways from fishermen and in carcasses left by humans is being ingested by our birds, specifically the eagles and the owls.  It is said on the website that, “It only takes a fragment the size of rice to poison or kill an eagle”. So much damage being done which could be easily avoided.

Please read more here: 

And some other websites educating people about hunting without lead: 

Rat Poison

All poison kills more than the targeted species.  It also leaches into our water systems and destroys other wildlife.  It is toxic for all of us. We all should all be looking after the planet and its creatures. It also does not work. If you have a problem, there is always a non- toxic solution which does not mean hurting another being or poisoning us all.  Animals and insects come across our path for a reason – nature is NEVER just appearing. It is very intentional. If one sits and listens and asks the questions WHY they are around, the answers will come. Nothing is as it seems. Take the time to ask the questions – you are not separate from them as much as you would perhaps like to think. Please take the time to see more than just what is in front of you.

Smart meter radiation
This is two-wave microwave radiation.

These are a big deal. Because they are emitting EMF Waves constantly – sometimes 3-4 x per second. These waves have been measured way above acceptable radiation levels. Not only are they affecting us, and our animals, but also our birds, our wildlife. I know this first hand as I have had a lot of birds hit the house around this meter. At first, I thought it was the glass, but it is in just one spot along the house near this meter. We do have a lot of glass on the deck unfortunately, but nowhere else is this happening. And I know this is not a migration path – it appears to me the birds are losing their radar, being radiating literally, crashing, and dying.

Just because you cannot see the waves, does not mean they are not there and are not harmful. It is scientifically proven that our cell walls totally fall apart if one stands one meter directly in front of a Smart Meter

Please protect yourselves and the wildlife by installing a Smart Meter Guard, shown in the image above, to stop the radiation. Or if possible, have the meter removed. This is a big deal. Most of humanity has been duped into not questioning, assuming these are safe as the electric companies have been allowed to roll this out via General Electric. But these meters should never have been installed the way they were without proper testing and accountability to all of the planet’s beings. To understand more about this process, and how this is tied into smart-track-your-every-move-technology please read the smart meter and smart home pages on this website.

Please help protect our beautiful birds.
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