The toxic dog is our creation. Literally.

Everything sold to the pet parent in the conventional stream, in the name of “Pet Healthcare”, is toxic. What pet parents do not understand, is this is all about money, it has nothing to do with the life and longevity of your animal.  These corporations pushing these products through veterinarians, only see money.  Not health.

For an animal to be over ridden with any dis-ease, imbalance, whether parasites or failing health, this is a body with a TOXIC load so great it is causing the body to break down and die.  Most of pet parents are unknowingly driving this cycle demonstrated below.  For an animal to thrive, we must stay as connected to nature as possible.  I invite the reader to explore his page here.

This is happening to all species under “our care”.

Question current protocols. They are not protecting your animal. Quite the opposite.