Pet Insurance

The Pet Owner’s “Created” Industry
The issue I have with pet insurance is that it has allowed the vet industry to increase their costs exponentially. This is all about greed.

When we arrived in Canada in 2015, I discovered people were paying 5-6,000 Canadian dollars for a canine ligament surgery.  I know In Belgium we paid 1,000 Euro (1,500 CAD) in 2008.  Why the difference in cost? Pet insurance.

In Belgium, it was a single vet in a small office.  Here, in Canada, it is a team, in a big building. Why? Pet insurance.

People will say they cannot afford to live without it, but the reality is – pet owners are driving the costs up through their purchasing power. Pet owners through their lack of questioning all protocols sold to them, have been gently “rolled” into this industry for profit. This is all now a large part of the pet industry profit machine.

Everything pet owners are “buying” to make their animals lives “better” – is literally killing the very being they are so wanting to protect. This is the “created illness” cycle most are participating in.

How Consumer Choices are Driving Illness and Cost
Below is an example of a pet insurance advertisement. The company has advertised that these amounts are what they are processing for claims. They do not say over what time span, but they indicate that these symptoms are costing the pet owner, and the pet owner should purchase their coverage, of course! They will save you! What I am showing in red, is why these costs exist. These costs and the symptoms presented by all beautiful beings are “created illness” – for profit.

Our animals’ bodies were not designed to fall apart, to age out at eight years of age regardless of size.  But this is what is happening.  By not participating in the “Pet Healthcare Created Illness Cycle”, pet insurance is not needed, and the industry would not have anything to “run” on. The questions therefore, must be:

What do you wish for your pet? the animals? the planet? What is your purchasing power propagating?