Universal Laws

Universal Laws

We are all energy. Everything is energy. And we are a part of this expansive energetic universe. Some say, part of this universe, as there is thought to be more than one. This universe is managed by universal laws. So, while we may come from the perspective we have no power, life just is, this is just not how the universe works. Everything a being THINKS is subject to, a universal law which governs this flow of energy, as thought is energy and will manifest into the physical third dimensional world as an experience / lesson. The experience / lesson may be positive or negative, it depends on how we are participating, how we are utilizing our free will via thought.

It is important to understand, universal law supercedes all third dimensional man-made religions.

Every being on this planet is “on assignment” or perhaps mission is a better word, to learn, grow and manifest into a higher dimensional reality. The laws, when understood, will help manifest this pathway. Going against the laws, one will manifest a life of challenge, as this is what the beings thought processes have created, and the information will be provided via these laws to recorrect. How humans, whether a pet owner or not, participate affect all life forms.

I have listed some of the laws below, based on the sources I have referenced below. When dowsing, and asking the question “how many universal laws govern the universe we inhabit?” I receive the answer 1,200+. I invite the reader to delve into all of this, as this is what truly governs our existence, this is who we are, energy, in this vast universe. Namaste’.


The Law of Absolute

The Law of Abundance

  • Give thanks to the Spirit of Abundance daily

The Law of Action

The Law of Akasha

  • Aka Law of Ether, akasha is the Hindu word for ether; records of all life located in etheric level

The Law of Analogy

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction and Repulsion

  • One of the 3 Cosmic Laws

The Law of Balance

  • Linked to Law of Addiction

The Law of Being

The Law of Believing and Knowing

  • Believing from emotional heart
  • Knowing beyond any doubt with every cell and fiber of one’s being

The Law of Challenge

The Law of Change

The Law of Chemical Affinity

  • o Serves to protect the mineral kingdom and preserve its integrity

The Law of Circulation

  • All energy moves in a circle
  • We will be presented with the same lessons over and over again until learned
  • The quality of energy sent out by you will circle back to you

The Law of Coalescence

  • Controls primal gathering of molecular matter beneath the atomic sub plane
  • The sub atomic plane sets the rate of vibration

The Law of Cohesion

  • One of 7 laws of the Solar System under the 3 Cosmic laws
  • Aka Law of Birth
  • Branch of Law of Attraction
  • Aim of all things to unite
  • Fixes the colouring of each plane

The Law of Color

The Law of Common Ground

  • Area can be cleansed of negative energy. This is done by two or more sending loving energy to the area for a specified period of time. Surround the area with a gold net and it will stay cleansed of other’s energy.

The Law of Consciousness

The Law of Continuity & Consciousness

The Law of Cycles

The Law of Cyclic Return

  • Aka Reincarnation | The soul no longer experiences this cycle once all lessons have been learned and karma healed.

The Law or Right to Decree

  • Very important law to understand and invoke

The Law of Discipline

The Law of Disintegration

  • One of 7 laws of the Solar System under the 3 Cosmic laws

The Law of Divine Flow

The Law of Divine Love and Oneness


The Law of Economy

The Law of Economy of Force

  • One of the 3 Cosmic Laws

The Law of Equalities

  • Aka Principle of Correspondence or Essential Divinity
  • Our outer world is a reflection of inner world; we each create our own reality

The Law of Essential Integrity

  • Has 10 subsidiary laws
  • Healer must gain magnetic purity
  • Magnetic field, radiation field established which heals
  • Must link soul, heart, brain and hands; only then can healer pour vital healing force; this is known as magnetic work
  • When a healer has linked soul, heart, brain and auric field, mere presence of healer can feed the soul life of the patient. This is the work of radiation, as the soul emanates the power.

The Law of Expansion

The Law of Expansion

  • This law highlights limited thinking

The Law of Fixation

  • One of 7 laws of the Solar System under the 3 Cosmic laws
  • Whatever we focus on, we energize and bring to form
  • Hence, capacity of thinker to shape own destiny

The Law of Flexibility

The Law of Forgiveness

  • Give thanks to the Spirit of Forgiveness daily

The Law of Free Will


The Law of Gender

  • Male and female for procreation in the physical; yin and yang, male and female energy aspect within every life form also, yin and yang life contributing to life-force

The Law of Good Will

The Law of Goodness

The Law of Grace

The Law of Gratitude

  • Give thanks to the Spirit of Gratitude daily

The Law of Group Endeavor

  • Shows the power of coming together with single intention

The Law of Group Life

The Law of Group Progress

  • Aka Law of Elevation

The Law of Happiness

  • Give thanks to the Spirit of Happiness daily

The Law of Harmony

The Law of Healing

  • Ability to channel life force through one’s being
  • Healers brain waves are 7.8 Hz – same as the Earths heart beat
  • “Dis-ease, the result of inhibited soul life”
  • Healer releases the soul so that life form can flow freely through the form
  • “Dis-ease differs in humanity depending on the point of evolution of the individual”
  • The more advanced healers automatically heal whoever is in their aura

The Law of Higher Will

The Law of Honesty

The Law of Humility


The Law of Identity

The Law of Intention

  • Very important as contributes to karma when not honoured

The Law of Intuition

  • Are we using our power? Or are we handing our power over to others?

The Law of Inverse Proportions

  • Interesting, span of life related to rate of breathing

The Law of Karma

  • Law of cause and effect operates heavily here
  • Fear is a result of lack of knowledge
  • We are responsible for the thoughts we produce
  • 7 dimensions of reality where cause and effect occur
  • Learn to operate in grace versus accumulating karma The Law of Knowledge

The Law of Intuition

  • Are we using our power? Or are we handing our power over to others?

The Law of Inverse Proportions

  • Interesting, span of life related to rate of breathing

The Law of Lotus

The Law of Love

  • One of 7 laws of the Solar System under the 3 Cosmic laws
  • Law of the Astral Plane
  • Three points | Personality > Triad; Triad to Monad; Monad to Source
  • Love has the highest frequency and is the best cure for healing
  • Give thanks to the Spirit of Love daily

The Law of Lower Four

  • Aka Law of Etheric Union; symbol male and female form placed back-to-back

The Law of Magnetic Control

  • One of 7 laws of the Solar System under the 3 Cosmic laws
  • Law which holds atoms together

The Law of Magnetic Impulse

  • Aka Law of Polar Union

The Law of Magnetism

The Law of Manifestation

  • Pure thought when held intently and solely = manifestation

The Law of Mantras

The Law of Meditation

The Law of Mentalism

The Law of Miracles

  • Projection determined by power of will and visualization

The Law of Monadic Return

  • Force of evolution and sum of three influences

The Law of No Judgements

The Law of Non-Attachment

  • Attachment to self creates karma
  • Love is appreciation not possession

The Law of Non-Intervention


The Law of One

The Law of Order of Creation


The Law of Paradox

  • Recognizes the movement of energies in 4 dimensions simultaneously
  • All spiritual answers are found in the opposite perception than that which manifests in the physical
  • Physical = control; while spiritual = surrender; ego is healthy and well-developed

The Law of Patience

The Law of Patterns

The Law of Peace

  • Give thanks to the Spirit of Peace daily

The Law of Perception

  • Our ability to discern truth is proportionate to our desire to know

The Law of Perfection

The Law of Periodicity

The Law of Planetary Affinity

The Law of Polarity

The Law of Poverty

  • Applies to spirit

The Law of Praise

The Law of Prayer and Meditation

The Law of Present Moment

  • Time is a concept; we only have now

The Law of Process

The Law of Progress

The Law of Prophecy

  • Be careful what you listen to – as processing the thought can manifest; as energy follows thought

The Law of Radiation

The Law of Rebirth

The Law of Rebound

The Law of Reconciliation

  • Finding common ground from which to have a relationship versus focusing on the differences

The Law of Repulse

The Law of Responsibility

The Law of Rhythm

  • Law of compensation and maintains equilibrium
  • Either use the law or become subjected to it
  • Very important to understand as belief systems play a heavy role here

The Law of Right Human Relations

The Law of Right to One’s Own Space


The Law of Sacrifice

  • One of 7 laws of the Solar System under the 3 Cosmic laws
  • How growth from all elements and beings are sacrificing in terms of evolution; this is not blood sacrifice

The Law of Sacrifice and Death

  • Linked to Law of Disintegration; gradual disintegration of form

The Law of Schools

  • Aka the Law of Love and Light
  • Unites two aspects of oneself, personal self and higher self
  • Law that governs transition into higher dimension/kingdom

The Law of Service

  • Aka the Law of Water and the Fishes
  • Symbol | Man with pitcher on head who stands in the form of a cross
  • Governing factor of Age of Aquarius

The Law of Sex

The Law of Silence

The Law of Solar Evolution

The Law of Solar Union

The Law of Sound

  • Every living thing has sound
  • Release of energy from atom linked to sound
  • Most powerful mantra known to man “Om mani Padme hum”
  • Did you know plants cry for water? And so do rocks and stones.

The Law of Spirit

The Law of Spiritual Approach

The Law of Spiritual Awakening

The Law of Spiritual Movement

  • Movement, change, growth is circular, a spiral motion

The Law of Subconscious Mind

  • Does not distinguish between fact and fiction

The Law of Summons

The Law of Surrender

The Law of Synthesis

  • One of the 3 Cosmic laws

The Law of Teaching

The Law of Telepathy

  • Third eye communication when focusing on the heart

The Law of Tenfold Return

The Law of Thought

  • Must be aided by visualization, ability to work with forces and ability to handle light substances The Law of Three
  • Positive, active
  • Negative, passive
  • Neutral, reconciling

The Law of Three Requests

  • Request must come in threes

The Law of Time

  • As one’s vibration raises, concept and reality of time diminishes

The Law of Truth


The Law of Unconditional Love

The Law of Unity

The Law of Universal Sympathy


The Law of Vibration

  • One of 7 laws in our Solar System under 3 Cosmic laws
  • All that exists is in constant motion and vibration

The Law of Will of God

The Law of Will Power



Flowing with Universal Laws, Cosmic Laws, Universal Laws, Subsidiary Laws by Margo Kirtikar PhD

The Light Shall Set Your Free by Dr. Norma Milanovich and Dr Shirley McCune